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What happened to UK nuclear veterans’ removed body parts?

What happened to the removed body parts , organs and tissue ? The Redfern Report states they were destroyed .A very convenient destruction of evidence ….the Redfern Inquiry shows the NRPB was explicitly and deeply involved in the process to remove of body parts from the corpses , examining them for radiation damage and then destroying the evidence

What the UK Veterans think – Redfern « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog. 22 Nov 10. “…just when we UK nuc vets needed it , another nail has been hammered into the Ministry of Defence’s cold war policy of excluding nuclear test veterans, our premature widows and genetically damaged children from truth and justice .The Redfern Inquiry Report ( Michael Redgrave QC ) published 16th Nov , together with the refusal of the Ministry of Defence to release 500 documents into the Court should just about destroy the Government’s credibility to any longer defend the indefensible in the Atomic Veterans Group Litigation ,……. Continue reading


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Radioactive poisoining of Mayak, in rural Russia

Mayak means irradiated milk, and a river 1,000 times as radioactive as normal. Genetic defects in people 25 times and cancer incidence four times the Russian average……..

Dumping nuclear waste on defenceless Russians, |Presenter Sonia Seymour Mikich: “……….The CASTOR protests of Gorleben ( ………german-nuke-waste-transportation) have shown yet again how nuclear waste has entrapped us. There’s no final repository anywhere. There are no disposal suggestions that would be suitable for a million years – that’s how long the fuel rods radiate. Continue reading

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Yucca Mountain unsuitable for nuclear wastes, but Republicans don’t care

The science the Bush administration used to try to support the project is, at best, incomplete, and the science there has been called into question time and again. There are significant, unresolved safety concerns about the project, and Yucca Mountain is a terrible site to begin with. It’s a porous volcanic ridge, and studies have shown that it is hardly suitable to contain nuclear waste. …Yucca Mountain was chosen as the proposed site for the nation’s high-level nuclear waste in 1987 over several much more suitable sites because Nevada didn’t have any political clout at the time………

A political meltdown Republicans making desperate attempt to send radioactive waste to Nevada Las Vegas Sun Nov. 21, 2010 Continue reading

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German govt illegally dumping nuclear waste on rural Russians

Berlin breaks German law to dump nuclear waste on Russians, Indymedia NL (Nederland)Diet Simon / MONITOR – 21.11.2010 The German government is ridding itself of highly dangerous nuclear waste by dumping it on rural people in Russia who can’t defend themselves. They’ve already suffered terribly in Mayak, said to be the most radioactively contaminated place on the globe. See, hoping it will be out-of-sight-out-of-mind, German provincial and national authorities plan to send nearly 1,000 spent fuel rods there, probably next month. One of Germany’s leading political television magazines, Monitor, recently showed the horrific lives nuclear waste has caused people in the area. If you understand German, you may want to watch at……… . Indymedia NL (Nederland) – Berlin breaks German law to dump nuclear waste on Russians

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India promoting Iran’s right to nuclear technology

India backs Iran nuclear energy rights, PressTV -22 Nov 10, Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao says the New Delhi government supports Tehran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy.”India’s stand on the Iran nuclear issue has been consistent,” Nirupama Rao said at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) conference on India’s relations with the Persian Gulf littoral states.”We support the right of all states, including Iran, to peaceful uses of nuclear energy consistent with their international obligations,” The Times of India quoted her as saying.Nearly 100 delegates from India and the Persian Gulf region are participating in the two-day conference, inaugurated Saturday by Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari…….. PressTV – India backs Iran nuclear energy rights

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French nuclear company dreams of empire, as nuclear industry slumps in France

numerous problems…….. from industrial action to the company’s growing debt and a fall in nuclear output and capacity usage in France…..

EDF Looks To Build Nuclear Empire Outside U.S. By GéRALDINE AMIEL, NOVEMBER 21, 2010,

PARIS—The future of Électricité de France SA lies primarily in nuclear energy, but probably not in the U.S.—at least according to Henri Proglio, the French power group’s chairman and chief executive……. Continue reading

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Continued fight to stop shipment of radioactive nuclear materials across Great Lakes

“According to BP’s own figures, about 90% of the mass of radioactive material inside the steam generators is plutonium — a highly toxic, long-lived radioactive poison,

Green groups take final shot to block Great Lakes nuclear shipment Carmen Chai ,NATIONAL POST,  Postmedia News · , Nov. 20, 2010 Environmental groups have one last chance to convince Canada’s nuclear-energy watchdog to reject a plan to haul 16 decommissioned radioactive steam generators across the Great Lakes on their way to Sweden for recycling. Continue reading

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Town’s drinking water, and its economy, threatened by uranium milling

“The increased presence of radionuclide particles that will contaminate our surface water bodies, currently used as our municipal drinking water source, is of critical concern to the Town of Telluride.”….it could affect the tourist population, he said, it endangers Telluride’s economy.

(USA) Town of Telluride protests uranium millTown pens letter to CDPHE Telluride Daily Planet, By Katie Klingsporn, November 21, 2010 A group of environmentalists from the Telluride region has been hustling for more than a year to protest a uranium mill proposed to go up in Paradox Valley, a lonely, windswept valley in western Montrose County.
Now, the Telluride Town Council is hopping aboard the opposition movement. Continue reading

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