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Costly electricity in $40 billion Toronto nuclear power expansion

it will also send energy bills skyrocketing, with the average bill expected to double over the next 20 years. Ontarians can expect to see a 3.5 per cent annual increase on their bills over that period.The plan could cost up to $40 billion and will be the largest nuclear improvement project on the continent.

More Money For Nuclear Power, But At What Cost? – CityNews, Toronto, 23 Nov 10, The Ontario government is expanding its nuclear power capacity. It was announced Tuesday the province will refurbish as many as 10 reactors and add two to the Darlington plant over the next 10 years. Continue reading


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Offshore wind farm for Massachusetts

Approval by the Massachusetts DPU comes on the heels of news that Cape Wind project construction will soon bring over 1,000 new manufacturing, staging, assembly, construction, and operations jobs to Massachusetts.

Massachusetts OKs Cape Wind Deal with National Grid  Reuters   Ecopolitology  Nov 23, 2010 by Timothy B. Hurst Cape Wind, the first offshore wind farm ever approved in the U.S., today passed another major milestone with the approval by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities of a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement with the utility, National Grid, to buy Cape Wind’s energy, capacity and renewable energy credits. Continue reading

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Russia planning nuclear powered space engines and nuclear plants on Mars

The Russian space agency also expressed its willingness to design a space-based nuclear power station, which can be deployed on the Mars or the moon for 10-15 years.

Russia To Start Developing Nuclear Space Engines | AHN, 23 Nov 10, Moscow, Russian Federation (AHN) – Russia is considering developing nuclear-powered space engines. Continue reading

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IAEA reports that computer worm stopped Iran’s uranium enrichment program

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency believe the brief stoppage of centrifuges at the Natanz uranium-enrichment site, which started on November 16, was related to the infection of the facility’s control systems by the Stuxnet computer worm,

Report: Computer Worm Stymied Iran Nuclear Sites –, By DAVID CRAWFORD And JAY SOLOMON, 23 Nov 10,

Iran’s nuclear-fuel production facilities were temporarily suspended this month, the United Nations nuclear watchdog said, in the latest sign of the difficulties Tehran is facing in advancing its atomic work. Continue reading

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Europe backs nuclear START treaty, but U.S. Senate doubtful

European Support for New Nuclear Treaty More Certain than Senate Ratification Lincoln Tribune by Robert Raffaele on November 23, 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama’s push for ratification of a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia by the end of the year faces an uncertain future. European leaders at the recent NATO summit in Portugal offered their support. But here in Washington, Mr. Obama faces resistance from opposition Republicans in the U.S. Senate. Continue reading

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Radiation risks for kids in old, and in new, dental scans

Kids are particularly at risk a because they are more sensitive to radiation.

Risks for Kids From Radiation Exposure Through Dental Scans | Strollerder,   by heatherturgeon on November 23rd, 2010 An article in The New York Times yesterday exposed a scary phenomenon taking place at the dentist office — unregulated and scientifically misunderstood doses of radiation being delivered to patients through routine scans. Continue reading

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Speculating on other possible nuclear or uranium targets for Stuxnet computer worm

Dragons, Tigers, Pearls, and Yellowcake: 4 Stuxnet Targeting Scenarios, Forbes, Nov. 22 2010 –  by Jeffrey CarrIn all of the thousands of words that have been printed about Stuxnet, and the many interviews given, there’s been almost no discussion of alternative targeting scenarios for the Stuxnet worm…. Continue reading

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Britsh nuclear “guinea pigs” soldiers will fight on for justice

Many people, including researchers based in Dundee, believe this has led to deteriorating health among the veterans and Mr Malone said he was used as a “guinea pig” during the testing…..

VIDEO of Christmas Islands nuclear tests The Courier – Veterans undeterred by 1950s nuclear test ruling Veterans undeterred by 1950s nuclear test ruling, The Courier UK,  23 Nov 10, Atomic bomb test veterans from Dundee and Kirkcaldy say they will continue their fight for the truth after top judges dashed their hopes of compensation….. Continue reading

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Nuclear domino effect, with North Korea’s latest attacks

…..….there’s a possibility, which is that more and more states will use their nuclear weapons as a back-street mugger might use a handgun. That’s something the world needs to think about real hard, and real soon.

North Korea attacks: Are we skipping towards a nuclear apocalypse?, Daily Telegraph,  By Praveen Swami World  November 23rd, 2010 Eight weeks after 9/11, the Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir sat down for a meal of bread and olives with Osama bin Laden in Kabul. “I wish to declare,” bin Laden told him, “that if America uses chemical or nuclear weapons, then we may retort with chemical and nuclear weapons.” Continue reading

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Safety problems, workers pressured at Knolls nuclear site

WGI managers “created an atmosphere of fear among the work force not to speak up about issues of concern,” according to the DOE report.

Federal probe: Workers felt pressed to ignore safety issues at Knolls nuclear site, Times Union, By BRIAN NEARING , November 23, 2010 NISKAYUNA — A federal investigation into radiation released during demolition of a research building at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory found workers felt pressed by bosses to ignore safety issues and get work done faster. Continue reading

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British nuclear veterans likely to take their case to Britain’s Supreme Court

Ruling on nuclear test damages case, IBB Solicitors, 23rd November 2010Veterans who blame their ill health on Britain’s nuclear tests in the 1950s are likely to attempt to take their case to the Supreme Court following a ruling which has denied them a chance for their complaints to be heard in full trial. Continue reading

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