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Uranium company seeks legal right to pollute groundwater

Powertech Uranium Corp sues Colorado over northwestern Weld County site | Greeley Tribune, 14 Nov 10, A Canadian company seeking to mine uranium in northwestern Weld County has filed suit against the state of Colorado, claiming that recently adopted rules for keeping groundwater clean are unreasonable. Continue reading

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Australia’s hypocritical and unsafe uranium deal with Russia

“Australia cannot hope to be a leader on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament while spreading nuclear risks by trying to become the world’s largest uranium supplier,”

Activists Blast Russian-Australian Uranium Deal, NTI: Global Security Newswire , Nov. 12, 2010 * Activists have sharply criticized a new Russian-Australian uranium export agreement, partly over concerns that nuclear material sent to Russia under the deal could be diverted for weapons production, the Australian Associated Press reported today (see GSN, Nov. 11). Continue reading

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North Korea exporting nuclear technology

The experts write that North Korea is getting around U.N.-imposed sanctions and is masking financial transactions by the use of “overseas entities, shell companies, informal transfer mechanisms, cash couriers and barter arrangements.”

U.N. report alleges North Korea exported nuclear technologyFrom Joe Vaccarello, CNN, November 12, 2010 –  United Nations — A U.N. expert panel alleges that North Korea exported banned nuclear and ballistic missile technology to several rogue nations. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton in Australia faced no hard nuclear questions from a self-censored forum

Here, then, are the questions that weren’t asked of Hillary Clinton, but at least a couple of which should have been: lf the primary justification is ”regional security”, why should Australia agree to even greater military ties with the US when it will make us more of a potential target for terrorism?

Questions Hillary wasn’t asked on her date with Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, Hamish FordNovember 10, 2010 – “………Even closer military and political ties mark the latest hotting up of an old but seriously unequal love story….

..Throughout, no one challenged Clinton on the purpose or impact of her nation’s  unprecedented global power. It beggars belief that your average room of youngish university folk wouldn’t contain at least some who were capable and willing of sterner stuff…. Continue reading

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Germany’s nuclear waste train delivery not the end of the issue

AUDIO Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Swells In Germany,  NPR, by Eric Westervelt November 10, 2010 German police cleared roadblocks and carried off anti-nuclear protesters Tuesday, making way for the delivery of a shipment of nuclear waste to a storage site in northern Germany.The protests are part of a resurgent anti-nuclear movement that has been enlivened by growing opposition to a plan to extend the life span of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants.

Tuesday marked the final leg of a contentious, five-day journey for German nuclear waste that was reprocessed in France and sent back for storage. For the past few days, protesters have tried everything to block the train and trucks — from human chains to herds of sheep and farm tractors.

The annual shipment is always a protest magnet. But this year, there was even wider support as the trainload — which protesters dubbed “Chernobyl on wheels” — drew huge crowds shouting “shut the plants down.” Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Swells In Germany : NPR

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Airline pilots highlight cancer danger of repeated radiation scanning

radiation experts from the University of California, San Francisco, warned President Obama’s science assistant that the machines pose potentially serious health risks…..

World’s largest pilot union shuns full-body scanners The Register Warning cites radiation risk By Dan Goodin  San Francisco , 9th November 2010 The world’s largest independent airline pilot association is warning its members to avoid security screening by full-body scanners out of concern the machines emit dangerous levels of radiation. Continue reading

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World at risk from 27.000 nuclear weapons

27,000 nuclear weapons threaten the world: Iran’s IAEA envoy, Tehran Times , 8 Nov 10, TEHRAN – Today the world is threatened by 27,000 nuclear weapons, Iran’s permanent envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency said during a conference on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) in Vienna on Monday.The bilateral agreements known as START 1 and START 2 distract attention from the need to immediately dismantle all nuclear weapons, Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh stated…….tehran times : 27,000 nuclear weapons threaten the world: Iran’s IAEA envoy

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UK military knew of dangers to soldiers in Australia’s nuclear bomb tests

Lawyers believe the papers could be the “smoking gun” that proves military chiefs knew they were sending servicemen to their deaths when they made them watch atomic blasts 50 years ago.

Release of secret documents that could bring justice to nuclear bomb veterans ordered   –, By Susie Boniface 7/11/2010 A judge has ordered the release of top secret documents that could bring justice to Britain’s nuclear bomb veterans. Continue reading

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Australia’s new big role in USA’s military strategy

the Australian development is part of a new U.S. strategy to step up its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, after reviews of strategic policy concluded that the U.S. government’s attempts to project power from North America were not working.

Australia, U.S. agree to major escalation of military co-operation 06 November 2010   FOCUS News Agency Canberra. Australia has agreed to a major escalation of military co-operation with the U.S., Xinhua informed. According to The Weekend Australian newspaper, the move will include more visits by American ships, aircraft and troops and their forces exercising. Continue reading

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Barack Obama less keen on climate change action, more keen on nuclear power

Leader cools on climate agenda * Brad Norington,   The Australian * November 05, 2010 BARACK Obama has suddenly dumped his ambitious agenda to combat climate change with legislation imposing limits on greenhouse gases……. Continue reading

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USA quietly getting Australia deeply into its military machine

The facility will play a major role in an emerging Cold War in space.

WA joins space race, The Age, October 30, 2010 –  Australia will become a key partner in the international battle for space supremacy, with Western Australia to host a new multimillion-dollar US defence base Continue reading

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3 new ballistic missile tests by Russia

Russian military test-fires 3 ballistic missiles Google hosted news, 29 Oct 10, MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s military on Thursday successfully test-fired three intercontinental ballistic missiles in one day during training of its strategic forces. The Defense Ministry said the Bryansk nuclear submarine of the navy’s Northern Fleet on Thursday launched a Sineva missile from the Barents Sea at a range on the Kamchatka Peninsula.Another nuclear sub, the Georgy Pobedonosets of the Pacific Fleet, test fired an RSM-50 from the Sea of Okhotsk at a testing range in the northwestern Arkhangelsk region…… The Associated Press: Russian military test-fires 3 ballistic missiles

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German DVD blows the whistle on Australia’s Olympic Dam uranium mine

The DVD specializes in the truth of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam (Roxby) uranium mine in northern South Australia–the world’s greatest uranium deposit.

The Reality About The Largest Uranium Mine in Australia, Bukisa, Oct 25th, 2010 by scotmxncmo

Following the 1986 Chernobyl crisis the nuclear industry was once at the ropes. Discredited, grimy, pricey and with no method to its rising stockpiles of prime degree radioactive waste, the business shared the credibility cellar with the tobacco lobby. Continue reading

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Attack on Iran would mean global nuclear war

in particular an attack on Iran by the United States and Israel, would lead to a global nuclear war, bringing an end to humanity.

Use of nuclear weapons means end of humanity – Castro RIA Novosti, 21 Oct 10, The use of nuclear weapons mean the end of humanity, Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro said in a video address released on the Cubadebate website on Thursday.” Continue reading

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Green energy rush to take off in South Africa

Green revolution starts to take root, Mail & Guardian Online, LIONEL FAULL | JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Oct 20 2010 A massive green rush is under way in South Africa, with major energy, construction and finance companies setting up specialised renewable energy units in anticipation of the government finalising the rules of engagement at the end of the year.The government has set a target of 4%, or 1 025MW, of renewable energy installed from private sector suppliers by 20 13, up from less than 0,1% at present…….

Green revolution starts to take root – Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source

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