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Gloomy political future for Merkel’s govt on its pro nuclear decision

The opposition and some of the states are now considering appealing to the country’s constitutional court to overturn the bill, arguing that it should have been brought before the Bundesrat. And around 50 municipally-controlled energy suppliers also intend to campaign against the new law. They are concerned that the refocus on nuclear energy could endanger investment in renewable energy programs…..

The World from Berlin: Extension of Nuclear Lifespans Is ‘Pure Conservatism’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – 29 Oct 10,  “…..lGermany may be facing into a winter of discontent following the dismantling of a plan to phase out nuclear energy in just over a decade. Continue reading

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Nuclear accident a greater danger than nuclear war

Barrasso’s Nuclear Idiocy, Wonk Room, 29 Oct 10, In a sane world, the the malfunction of a squadron of ICBMs would cause great alarm at the instability of the US maintaining so many irrelevant nuclear missiles on a hair trigger alert.

After all, the Cold War ended 20 years ago and the US has no peer nuclear threat. Yet, in the current reality-warped world of tea-party gripped America, the mechanical failure of a squadron of ICBMs has actually prompted demands for more nuclear weapons.

Last week, a mechanical failure caused the Air Force to lose control of 50 ICBMs. This is not the first incident of its kind; a few years ago a B-52 flew across the country with “hot” nuclear weapons aboard, unbeknownst to the pilots and crew. Also, throughout the nuclear age there have been a number of mechanical and human errors that have almost led to absolute catastrophe, making a nuclear accident in many ways a greater and more likely danger than nuclear war…….

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Company’s share plunge due to ‘worthless’ nuclear power investments

its investment in UniStar Nuclear Energy was worthless, given the deteriorating nuclear energy market……….

Constellation Energy swings to 3rd-qtr loss as nuclear investments’ value plunges,  Canadian Business Online, October 29, 2010, BALTIMORE (AP) – Constellation Energy Group Inc. said Friday it swung to a third-quarter loss as it absorbed more than $1 billion in charges related to the drop in value of its nuclear joint ventures Continue reading

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Survey finds Cumbria site wrong for nuclear waste dump

Cumbria not suitable for nuclear waste repository: survey | TopNews United Kingdom, 30 Oct 10, The initial study into the possible dumping grounds for nuclear waste has suggested that West Cumbria is unsuitable for the purpose. However, is still in the running for providing the deep geologic storage of nuclear waste.The study conducted by the British Geological Survey ruled out a tract of land alongside the coast, ranging from St Bees Head to Maryport…….

The government is in search for an apt ‘dumping ground’ for the nuclear industry as there are plans for building more nuclear power stations on eight sites, which require deep geologicalstorage by 2040….Cumbria not suitable for nuclear waste repository: survey | TopNews United Kingdom

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German govt downs solar spending, obeys nuclear companies

“Every solar energy plant and every biomass plant undermines the power of the four big energy companies and with that weakens their standing in society. After a loss of 16 percent of the traditional companies’ market share, the democratization of the energy business had to be stopped. So down with the funding for solar energy and up with the lifespans of nuclear plants seems to be the government’s thinking.”

Die Tageszeitung 30 Oct 10, :”The Christian Democrats once have again a distinct profile: The extension of the lifespan of nuclear plants is pure conservatism Continue reading

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USA quietly getting Australia deeply into its military machine

The facility will play a major role in an emerging Cold War in space.

WA joins space race, The Age, October 30, 2010 –  Australia will become a key partner in the international battle for space supremacy, with Western Australia to host a new multimillion-dollar US defence base Continue reading

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Turkey’s govt suppresses peaceful anti-nuclear protest

The petition we tried to bring before the parliament was signed by 170,000 people. This is one of the proofs that the vast majority of people are against nuclear power”…….

(Turkey) Anti-Nuclear Protestors on Trial, Bianet, 29 Oct 10, Anti-nuclear protestors stand trial because of their protest actions against the agreement with Russia on a nuclear power station. Diken from Greenpeace criticized, “We are tried because we made use of our freedom of expression”.Erhan ÜSTÜNDAĞerhan@bianet.orgAnkara -29 October 2010, Continue reading

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3 new ballistic missile tests by Russia

Russian military test-fires 3 ballistic missiles Google hosted news, 29 Oct 10, MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s military on Thursday successfully test-fired three intercontinental ballistic missiles in one day during training of its strategic forces. The Defense Ministry said the Bryansk nuclear submarine of the navy’s Northern Fleet on Thursday launched a Sineva missile from the Barents Sea at a range on the Kamchatka Peninsula.Another nuclear sub, the Georgy Pobedonosets of the Pacific Fleet, test fired an RSM-50 from the Sea of Okhotsk at a testing range in the northwestern Arkhangelsk region…… The Associated Press: Russian military test-fires 3 ballistic missiles

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France’s EDF faced with ‘sluggish’ nuclear revival in USA

before it can proceed with building and operating new plants, unlikely before 2012, the French state-controlled utility will have to line up a new partner with the endurance necessary for an increasingly sluggish U.S. nuclear renaissance…..

EDF’s Expensive U.S. Divorce –, 27 Oct 10, By MATTHEW CURTIN Paying to get out of a marriage that isn’t working isn’t unusual. But in the U.S. nuclear industry, where foreign operators require local partners to build and operate new plants, going it alone isn’t a long-term option. Continue reading

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England’s beautiful Lake District could get radioactive waste dump

the report showed “almost anywhere in the Lake District could become a dump for the UK’s radioactive waste”…dumping this stuff underground is no solution anyway – wherever it is. So we certainly shouldn’t be creating any more nuclear waste.

Nuclear waste could be dumped in Lake District The Lake District could become a ‘dumping ground’ for the nuclear industry, environmentalists fear, after the Government failed to rule out England’s largest national park to bury radioactive waste. Telegraph UK By Louise Gray,  28 Oct 2010 The problem of where to store nuclear waste has dogged the British Government since the first power stations were built in the 1950s. Continue reading

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Glitches in nuclear weapons systems are cause for alarm

“It is yet another indication of the risk associated with having these types of weapons around,”

Missile Mishap Revives Alarm Over Nuclear Arsenal, AOL News, Joseph Schuman, (Oct. 27) — Computer glitches, hardware failures and unexplained communication outages happen all the time. But when the affected systems control nuclear-armed missiles, it gets a little scary. Continue reading

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Nuclear industry framing German govt policy?

Opponents accuse the government of pandering to energy companies. Thursday’s Greenpeace banner accused Merkel’s party of shaping “policies for the nuclear industry.

Anti-nuclear protests in Berlin, Bloomberg, 29 Oct 10, BERLIN Greenpeace protesters have rappelled from the roof of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party headquarters and hung a massive anti-nuclear banner over the facade as parliament debates government plans to extend the lives of Germany’s nuclear power plants. Continue reading

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