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Highly Enriched Uranium – so easy to make an atom bomb

Since the end of the Cold War the International Atomic Energy Authority, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, has logged 800 incidents of radioactive material going missing or being seized by smugglers.

Mission to stop nuclear terrorism, Telegraph A multi-million dollar US programme is attempting to make safe the world’s bomb-grade uranium before terrorists can get to it. By Nick Meo in Warsaw  11 Oct 2010 “…..Intelligence agencies will not reveal their reasons for being so frightened now about what for years seemed a remote and unlikely risk. But it may be because of the deeply troubling cases of smuggling that surface from time to time in Eastern Europe, hinting at the existence of a nuclear black market. Continue reading


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Mystery of USA Republicans supporting socialised nuclear industry

I can’t understand why they’re pushing an energy agenda that calls for building new nuclear power plants. Those facilities are super-expensive and are virtually impossible to build without a big helping hand from the government.

GOP’s nuclear option –  Rochester City Newspaper, November 8, 2010 By Jeremy Moule. Republicans just took back control of Congress in an electoral wave, Continue reading

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Germany: nuclear wastes arrived, but anti-nuclear movement now mainstream

“The main difference between the ’70s and ’80s, when this all started, is today it’s a mainstream issue at the centre of the society,” …. “It is not just the ecological fringe.”

Despite protests, nuclear waste arrives in northern Germany – Michael Slackman New York Times, 9 Nov 10,  lBERLIN—After three days of protests and occasional violent clashes with the police, a train hauling 123 tonnes of nuclear waste arrived Monday in northern Germany. Continue reading

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Germany: costly transport of nuclear wastes through protest

17,000 policemen, at a cost of up to 50 million euros ($70 million), were used over the weekend to keep an estimated 35,000 people from blocking the path of the train,

Mounting disappointments boost anti-nuclear protests   Deutsche Welle    Ben Knight,   08.11.2010 “……..The ongoing civil disobedience campaign against a train delivery of nuclear waste to a storage facility in Gorleben is being reported as one of the biggest of its kind ever in Germany. Continue reading

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USA misled workers on health risks from nuclear weapons plant

General Services Administration gave wrong or misleading responses to employee questions about environmental conditions, lacked a clear understanding of its responsibilities and failed to document possible health hazards.

U.S. faulted on nuclear parts plant health threat, KANSAS CITY Nov 8 (Reuters) Federal workers were kept in the dark about possible health risks from a plant making parts for nuclear weapons next door to their Kansas City offices, Continue reading

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Obama’s nuclear concessions to India, despite India not joining Nuclear non Proliferation Treaty

Both the Missile Technology Control Regime and the nuclear exporters group mandate that nations seeking membership join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. India has not done so

Obama Eases Nuclear Export Controls on India, Washington and New Delhi also inked a memorandum of understanding that outlines areas the United States can collaborate with India as the South Asian state establishes the Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership, the White House announced, Global Security Newswire,  Nov. 8, 2010 President Obama on Saturday declared the United States would ease some controls on high-tech trade with nuclear-armed India, restrictions originally put in place in response to the South Asian nation’s 1998 nuclear tests, Continue reading

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World at risk from 27.000 nuclear weapons

27,000 nuclear weapons threaten the world: Iran’s IAEA envoy, Tehran Times , 8 Nov 10, TEHRAN – Today the world is threatened by 27,000 nuclear weapons, Iran’s permanent envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency said during a conference on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) in Vienna on Monday.The bilateral agreements known as START 1 and START 2 distract attention from the need to immediately dismantle all nuclear weapons, Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh stated…….tehran times : 27,000 nuclear weapons threaten the world: Iran’s IAEA envoy

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