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Obama pleases his corporate nuclear backers, but safety troubles won’t go away

The problems all occurred within days of President Obama’s post-election press conference in which he promoted restarting the U.S. nuclear power industry. His remarks came after heavy spending by the nuclear power industry during the recent election cycle .

As Obama pushes nuclear industry’s expansion, its safety troubles mount, FACING SOUTH, By Sue Sturgis on November 8, 2010, Two nuclear power plants owned by New Orleans-based Entergy were forced to shut down over the weekend following serious operating problems, including a radioactive leak at one plant in Vermont. Continue reading


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Hillary Clinton in Australia faced no hard nuclear questions from a self-censored forum

Here, then, are the questions that weren’t asked of Hillary Clinton, but at least a couple of which should have been: lf the primary justification is ”regional security”, why should Australia agree to even greater military ties with the US when it will make us more of a potential target for terrorism?

Questions Hillary wasn’t asked on her date with Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, Hamish FordNovember 10, 2010 – “………Even closer military and political ties mark the latest hotting up of an old but seriously unequal love story….

..Throughout, no one challenged Clinton on the purpose or impact of her nation’s  unprecedented global power. It beggars belief that your average room of youngish university folk wouldn’t contain at least some who were capable and willing of sterner stuff…. Continue reading

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Hanford’s super hot radioactive waste needs a robot for cleanup

The Tank C-107 holds 247,000 gallons of radioactive and chemical sludge

Robotic arm to clean out Hanford waste tank,  Seattle Times Newspaper, 9 Nov 10, Workers at the Hanford nuclear reservation are cutting a bigger hole in a high-level radioactive waste tank so a robotic arm can be inserted for cleanup work Continue reading

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Germany’s anti-nuclear protests take to the visual media

Photoblog – German nuclear protesters are in the air and online” Nuclear Energy as safe as this website,” reads the home page of the the German nuclear industry, Kernerergie, after anti-nuclear protestors hacked into the web site…… Photoblog – German nuclear protesters are in the air and online

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Germans’ anti-nuclear message reverberates around the world

The anti-CASTOR protestors are sending a clear and strong message to the German government, the nuclear industry, and the world – that nuclear energy is not an option.  The dangers associated with this costly and unnecessary energy source are nowhere better illustrated than with the CASTOR nuclear transport itself…

Raw power of peaceful protest: 10,000 people take direct action against nuclear transport | Greenpeace International by Laura K. – November 8, 2010 From Australia to Canada, from India to the UK – the world is watching the ongoing protest of the CASTOR nuclear transport in Germany. Continue reading

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Germany’s nuclear waste train delivery not the end of the issue

AUDIO Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Swells In Germany,  NPR, by Eric Westervelt November 10, 2010 German police cleared roadblocks and carried off anti-nuclear protesters Tuesday, making way for the delivery of a shipment of nuclear waste to a storage site in northern Germany.The protests are part of a resurgent anti-nuclear movement that has been enlivened by growing opposition to a plan to extend the life span of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants.

Tuesday marked the final leg of a contentious, five-day journey for German nuclear waste that was reprocessed in France and sent back for storage. For the past few days, protesters have tried everything to block the train and trucks — from human chains to herds of sheep and farm tractors.

The annual shipment is always a protest magnet. But this year, there was even wider support as the trainload — which protesters dubbed “Chernobyl on wheels” — drew huge crowds shouting “shut the plants down.” Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Swells In Germany : NPR

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Not needed now? Old Wisconsin nuclear plant with safety issues history

The plant was previously considered to have the most serious safety issues of all nuclear power plants in the country,……. the energy produced at Point Beach may not be necessary for the state.

Life of state’s nuclear plants to be extended Company prolongs operation of aging facility by 20 years; critics say could increase accidents, danger The Badger Herald: NewsBy Christina Spiewak , November 9, 2010

The oldest nuclear power plant in Wisconsin will reach its projected lifespan of 40 years next month, but a nuclear operating group is planning to extend its use by up to 20 years. Continue reading

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Airline pilots highlight cancer danger of repeated radiation scanning

radiation experts from the University of California, San Francisco, warned President Obama’s science assistant that the machines pose potentially serious health risks…..

World’s largest pilot union shuns full-body scanners The Register Warning cites radiation risk By Dan Goodin  San Francisco , 9th November 2010 The world’s largest independent airline pilot association is warning its members to avoid security screening by full-body scanners out of concern the machines emit dangerous levels of radiation. Continue reading

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Is nuclear power really safe? – explosion was too close for comfort

Energy analysts will tell you that nuclear power, …… is on the verge of a renaissance……….But an explosion at a power plant barely over a marathon’s distance away from NYC? That’s still scary.

New York Nuclear Power Plant Faces Emergency Shut Down -Is Nuclear Power Really Safe?, By: Eben Harrell 9 Nov 10, At Indian Point nuclear power plant—about 35 miles north of midtown Manhattan—a transformer exploded on reactor 2 Continue reading

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Nuclear-armed states pay only lip service to disarmament

the dark record of the nuclear armed states, specially the US, in implementing nuclear disarmament treaties, and stated, “Their five-decade record proves that these states, particularly the United States, have not even taken a step in this direction, let alone carrying out their undertakings on the basis of the international treaties.”

Envoy Lashes Out at US, West’s Inaction towards N. Dismantlement TEHRAN (FNA) 8 Nov 10, – Iran’s Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali Asqar Soltaniyeh blasted the world powers for their heedlessness and inaction in fulfilling their undertakings with regard to the dismantlement of their nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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