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Taiwanese Say No to Japan Nuke Food Imports


Thousands protest over ‘nuke food’

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Thousands took to the streets to protest the proposed lifting of a ban on food products from radiation-affected areas of Japan, following an inconclusive public hearing on the matter Sunday morning.

The Kuomintang (KMT)-organized march kicked off with remarks from KMT Chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱).

“We will not tolerate our children being endangered by food products contaminated by radiation,” Hung said.

Hung urged the crowd of protestors to convey their dissent to the government as they marched from Aiguo East Road near Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and down Ketagalan Boulevard to the Ministry of Finance at Aiguo West Road.

Representatives from various demographics, including housewives, young parents and expecting parents, spoke out in turn before the march began.

The diversity of backgrounds represented at the march “reflected the 74 percent of all Taiwanese nationals who oppose lifting the ban on food imports from five Japanese regions affected by the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster,” the march’s organizers claimed.

Expecting father Chen Hsiao-wei (陳孝威) expressed concerns that food imports from radiation-affected areas had already made their way into Taiwan.

Chen said he “did not understand any of the figures and numbers” presented by the government’s experts about the imports and only wanted to know why “Taiwanese people should eat these food products when the Koreans, Chinese, and Australians are not eating them.”

In a move that both served as a visual pun and was reminiscent of Latin America’s “pots and pans” protests, “new immigrants” — a term commonly used to refer to immigrants from Southeast Asia — attended the march with small pans and spatulas in hand to object to feeding their children potentially harmful food.

These mothers chose to “bravely speak out and bring their children to the march” to safeguard the welfare of the next generation, a representative of the new immigrant mothers told reporters.

A Failed Public Hearing

Earlier in the day, protestors and KMT legislators attended a public hearing at the Taipei Innovation City Convention Center in New Taipei City’s Xindian District.

The public hearing, which was intended to address the assessment and management of products from the five regions, failed to get past the explanation of the hearing’s rules after repeated outbursts from audience members.

Cabinet Spokesman Hsu Kuo-yung (徐國勇) later said that “some people deliberately showed up (to the hearing) to provoke hatred.”

After moderator Chu Tseng-hung (朱增宏) spent most of the morning asking for decorum, legislators and NGO representatives present decided it was best for the public hearing to be downgraded to an informal forum that would hold no legal weight.

KMT Legislator Kao Chin Su-mei (高金素梅) said procedures for the hearing were “unjust” and that incorrect information was being disseminated. “The government is using technical issues to continue to beat around the bush (on this issue),” Kao Chin said during the hearing.

KMT Legislator Wayne Chiang (蔣萬安) said people’s voices were being omitted. At the march in the afternoon, he told the crowds, “The public hearing was not conducted in accordance with the principle of procedural justice.”

Chiang questioned the need for a hearing on the import of food products from radiation-affected areas if the government had reiterated that it would not allow the import of any “nuke foods.”

Around noon it was decided that the hearing would be downgraded to an informal forum, which organizers of the march later called a “victory of the people.”

Hsu Fu (許輔), director of the Cabinet’s food safety office later said that the forum had achieved “real results” and hoped the format could be used in future policy discussions.

President’s Office Responds

The office of President Tsai Ing-wen office later accused the KMT of “twisting” the hearing.

Presidential Office spokesman Alex Huang (黃重諺) said a public hearing was one of the best “platforms for policy discussion” and that the KMT had managed to turn the hearing into “a show for their party’s own internal election.”

Huang stressed in his statement that the government had never wanted to open the country’s borders to radiation-contaminated food products. “Regardless of where the food products come from, the government holds the same attitude as every other country, which is that it would not import food contaminated by radiation.”

The presidential office spokesman further stated that the government would base their import policies on international professional standards and scientific evidence with no exception.

Radioactive Salmon in Canada

Earlier this month, a research team from Canada’s University of Victoria reported discovering radioactive salmon in the British Columbia region.

Research team leader Jay Cullen found that a sample of salmon from Okanagan Lake in British Columbia had tested positive for cesium 134, which is deemed “a footprint of Fukushima.”

In the years since the 2011 Fukushima disaster, there have been increasing concerns about radiation-contaminated food products originating from the region and contaminated water supplies from airborne radioactive fallout.

Last year, public outrage erupted after food from the Fukushima disaster site was found on British market shelves with false labels. The scare hit closer to home when Taiwan discovered that more than 100 radioactive food products, originating from Fukushima but falsely packaged as coming from Tokyo, had made it onto shelves in Taiwan.

With the issue of food from nuclear-affected regions under close scrutiny domestically, more and more countries and international media outlets are paying attention to the potential of radiation contamination from Fukushima.

At the march, KMT Vice-Chairman Hau Lung-pin (郝龍斌) took the opportunity to ask more people to sign the petition against lifting the food ban.

The petition has been signed by an estimated 78,000 people so far, with Hau stating in a previous interview that the number of signatures could reach 93,000 by year’s end.

KMT Legislator Lin Wei-jo (林為洲) said the brief suspension of plans to lift the ban was a direct result of nationals across Taiwan sending petitions in opposition.


Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu, front third right, attends a demonstration along Taipei’s Ketagalan Boulevard yesterday against the proposed lifting of a ban on food imports from five Japanese prefectures.

KMT leads public protests over Japanese import ban

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) yesterday took to the streets of Taipei, threatening to recall any lawmakers who voice support for the lifting of the nation’s import ban on Japanese food products from five Japanese prefectures, urging President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) administration to provide the public with an explanation.

Taiwan imposed import restrictions on food products from Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Chiba prefectures following the meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant on March 11, 2011.

Addressing a rally against the relaxation of the ban outside the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall MRT Station in the afternoon, KMT Chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱) accused Tsai’s administration of caving in to Japanese pressure and “forcing radiation-contaminated foods down the throats of Taiwanese.”

We do not understand the Democratic Progressive Party’s [DPP] sudden flip-flop; we do not understand why the government is forcing people and their children to consume radiation-tainted food; and we do not understand … why we have to import radiation-contaminated food products just because of pressure from Japan,” Hung said.

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70,000 Sudden Cardiac Deaths per Year in Japan


Sudden cardiac death seems to have increased to 70,000 per year in Japan. Previously it was said to be around 50,000 a year.

Is it the influence of radioactive contamination which is still leaking in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant ever since the March 2011 meltdowns and explosions? 

Source: NHK News 9.


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Mystery Blog posts ( censored to most people on Facebook. Evidence of a Post Truth society?


Here is video evidence of the blocking of “the blog” (link below and its name ) on Facebook. I have spent a couple of days taking a lot of video evidence of blocking and have edited the footage to under some 15 minutes. If you value Fukushima 311 Watchdogs that is closely connected to “the blog” and is run by Noel, Herve and Shaun please share and like this video if you can see it in the interests of freedom of speech and in a new post truth society. Sharing and/or liking this video will also enable us to see the extent of the blocking/hiding of “the blog” on Facebook and if this method of reaching you is more efficient.
The links to “the blog” are in the You Tube description which means you need to click on the title in Facebook and under the video in You Tube click more to expand the comments to get to the links to “the blogs” articles you missed.
I hope i don`t have to do another video showing my You Tube channel being blocked/hidden and if is we will have to communicate telepathically or come up with yet another way around it. I hope you had a great Christmas and will have a great New Years celebration and will get back to supporting our work in the coming year by bookmarking “the blog”. I will push the links further down the You Tube description (ie more Tab) to try and make sure FB doesnt pick the links up.. Oh what a web we weave!
Love from the team
Herve Courtois
Noel Wauchomp
Shaun Mcgee
And the other dedicated admins on F31 Watchdogs
Thank you
Here are the links;
UK Nuclear Test Veterans scrooged at Christmas by MOD and courts 2016
or use this link

Campaign to stop bad nuclear health practice in Fukushima concerning thyroid cancer epidemic 2016/2017
or this link
ISIS and nuclear Armageddon? – Exclusive to
or this link
And here is a video I did in 2013 showing a reigional block in Europe whilst those outside of Europe could view the post on Naomi Wolf Facebook Page
or use this link

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The Cost of Cleaning up Fukushima


The Abe administration has decided to use taxpayer money for decontaminating areas in Fukushima Prefecture off-limits to people due to fallout of radioactive substances from the March 2011 meltdowns at Tokyo Electric Power’s Fukushima No. 1 power plant. The decision, which deviates from the current policy that Tepco should pay for the decontamination efforts, reflects a proposal put forward in August by the ruling coalition of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito but never discussed by the government’s council of experts or in the Diet.

The government may want to justify the move as an effort to help accelerate evacuees’ return to their hometown communities. Still, it will be difficult for the administration to evade criticism that the measure is nothing but a taxpayer-funded bailout for Tepco, which is responsible for the nuclear fallout that affected so many people in Fukushima.

By proceeding with the decontamination work, the administration hopes to lift evacuation orders in some of the no-go areas in about five years. It is hoped these areas will serve as bases for activities to promote reconstruction from the nuclear disaster. As the first step, the government plans to set aside ¥30 billion in the fiscal 2017 budget. So far, no full-scale cleanup work has been carried out inside these zones, which straddle seven municipalities around the Tepco plant.

The government’s position is that it is safe for evacuees to return to their communities if the annual cumulative dose there is 20 millisieverts (mSv) or less, although the legal limit allowed for people in normal circumstances is 1 mSv. The millisievert is a measure of the absorption of radiation by the human body. In no-go zones, the annual dose tops 50 mSv and is not expected to fall below 20 mSv in the next five years.

Faithful to the standard polluter pays principle, which was also applied to the Minamata mercury poisoning disaster in the 1950s and ’60s, the special law to cope with the damage from the Fukushima disaster stipulates that Tepco should shoulder the cleanup cost, and when decontamination work is paid for by taxpayer money, the utility must later reimburse the government. Now the government plans to revise the special law on decontamination and other legislation so it can pay for the planned decontamination work in Fukushima. To counter possible criticism that the scheme is intended merely to help Tepco, the government argues that the planned work aims to improve public infrastructure in the no-go zones so evacuees can return. However, the work will include scraping off top soil and cutting down trees, making it no different than decontamination efforts in other areas.

To justify the use of taxpayer money, the government also says that Tepco has paid compensation to evacuees from the no-go zones on the assumption that they would not be able to return to their homes over an extended period. Thus, in a revised guideline for the reconstruction of Fukushima Prefecture, the government says it will pay for the planned decontamination without asking for reimbursement from Tepco.

Behind the government’s decision for the use of taxpayer money is the mushrooming expense of decontamination, with the latest estimate rising from the original ¥2.5 trillion to ¥4 trillion, which does not include the cost of cleaning up the no-go areas. The government expects the planned work in those areas to cost roughly ¥300 billion over five years, but the price tag could rise if the work becomes protracted. And the burden on taxpayers may further increase if the scope of government-paid decontamination in those areas is expanded.

In a related move, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has come up with an idea to pass part of the cost of Tepco’s compensation for Fukushima disaster victims on to consumers in the form of higher electricity bills, as the total estimated cost for decommissioning the Fukushima No. 1 plant, compensation and decontamination has swollen from the original ¥11 trillion to ¥21.5 trillion. These moves not only increase people’s financial burden but also blur the power company’s responsibility for the devastation it caused. The government may say the measures are necessary to help promote reconstruction in Fukushima. But they could distract public attention from the principle that it is Tepco which must pay for the decommissioning of its reactors, compensation for the victims and cleanup of the contaminated areas.


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Harassment of Evacuees by Prefectural Housing Authorities to evict them for March 2017


All the people evacuated in 2011 and who benefited of a housing compensation, are now suffering harassment from the various prefectures’ housing authorities, pressuring them to get out of those appartments before coming March 2017

This picture show the notice taped to the entrance door of an evacuee’s appartment, marking and stigmatizing the evacuee’s family to all the neigbors. Those evacuees are victims. Why treat in such manner people who are victims, already suffering plenty enough hardships and losses? What the hell is wrong with you? What are the sins of the victims?

The Japanese government, for the first time, is using state funds for decontamination work in areas affected by the 2011 nuclear accident in Fukushima Prefecture.
The environment ministry earmarked roughly 30 billion yen, or about 250 million dollars, in the fiscal 2017 budget plan, which was approved by the Cabinet on Thursday.
The allocation will be for cleaning up no-entry areas where radiation levels remain prohibitively high.
The government had so far made the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, pay for the cleanup, based on the principle that the entity responsible for the contamination should bear the cost.

If the Japanese Authorities can provide funds to help Tepco, the entity responsible for the contamination, why can they provide funds to help the victims, whose rights and needs should prevailed over those of the responsible corporation responsible for that nuclear disaster? Why the Japanese central government can coordinate with those various prefectures housing authorities for those evacuees to continue to live in a free-radiation environmnent?

The Japanese government decided to stop the evacuees housing compensation on March 2017  so as to force the evacuees’ return to live with radiation in the ghost towns now declared “safe” by the Japanese government. In preparation of the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, all must be back to normal, and is now declared “safe and clean”. Economics prevailing over scientific realities and people lives.

Japanese culture is looked upon as being a very refined, sophisticated, advanced culture. Is there no place for compassion in Japanese culture? Those victims are suffering from double-triple suffering already. Do you have to turn it into persecution?

Is not the right to live in a radiation-free environment a basic human right? To force them by all kinds of gimmicks to return to live in a contaminated territory, is then a violation of their basic human rights, their right to preserve their own health!

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Alexandrov Red Army Choir – Kalinka (SUBTITLES) With respect for Russian loss

Concert at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow, 2009

Andrey Fomin added 3 new photos.

5 hrs ·

Horrific tragedy took place off the Sochi coast this morning. The legendary #Alexandrov Red Army Chorus was crashed in an air accident on the way to #Hmeimim air base in #Syria minutes after departing from Sochi. The TU-154 belonging to the Russian MoD collapsed in the air for yet unknown reason and fell in the sea. The rescue teams are currently searching for possible survivors, but the chances are minimal…
There were all but three soloists of the Chorus, headed by the director Lieutenant General Valeriy Khalilov, as well as several instrumentalists, on board (64 in total). They were about to give the New Year concert to the Russian contractors in Syria.
A press team of 9 men from the First Channel and Zvezda Channel accompanied the Chorus.

As a final shocking detail, it was reported that Elizaveta Glinka, the famous “Doctor Liza”, who became internationally known for providing critical humanitarian assistance in #Donbass since 2014 and chair of the humanitarian foundation “Fair Help”, was present on the same board attending the humanitarian cargo designated for the university hospital in Tishrin, Latakia.

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A short musical interlude for the nuclear weary net citizen

Hotel California – Gabriella Quevedo


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UK Nuclear Test Veterans scrooged at Christmas by MOD and courts 2016


UK Nuclear Test Veterans scrooged at Christmas by MOD and courts 2016

Well, the verdict is in on the British Nuclear Test Veterans case after some 6 months of waiting and the final judgement was released, without any fanfare publicly but quietly as a PDF linked to a closed [to the public] Judiciary server on the web on the 19th December 2016. So much for the Governments Transparency obligations to the UK public.


The court case has a long history of problems over the past 2 decades that has been well documented by Chris Busby and many other scientists, reporters and groups aligned to the test veterans themselves.

The final tactic on the behalf of the test veterans was to challenge the obvious health issues and the governmental experts claims that these health effects could not be because of radiation with the exception of 1 test veteran they accepted had a cataract that was caused by the radiation but no other health effects.

The cataract in question was originally denied but after a recent change in the “dose levels received” by this single test veteran (out of 20,000) meant that they had to accept causation due to radiation (some 20milisievert single dose at the time of the nuclear tests)

The rest of the report reads like something out of a black comedy.

The argument against the Ministry of Defenses (MOD) position was challenged by 4 radiation health specialists with years of work and peer reviewed articles under their belts. Whilst the 2 health experts from the MOD kept to the arguments set out many decades ago and which stem from the original Atoms for Peace Treaty (Euratom) signed in 1957 during the paranoid and now proven false Cold War with Russia.

Much of the veterans case against the MOD was based on various evidence from the peer reviewed literature that casts doubt to the ICRP dose model as interpreted by the MOD experts.

The evidence of just how bad and inaccurate this view on radiation health can be seen on the Fissionline (Edition 45 released early this summer before the conclusion of the court case) interviews and exchange between Prof Keith Baverstock (who discovered linkage between radiation and Thyroid Cancers after Chernobyl in the west) and Prof Geraldine Thomas (Who runs the Chernobyl Tissue Bank in the UK went to japan for funding from the Japanese after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 and every year since). It must be said that Prof Geraldine Thomas did not come off well in this exchange of expert advice for the victims of the Japanese nuclear tragedy and indeed the BBC had to quietly take down the video she had done claiming that there was no risk after many nuclear experts challenged her presumptions and expertise. Never the less, the case carried on and her advice was taken as the only “true” science acceptable to the court alongside her colleagues blinkered views, working for the MOD.

It seems that in the judgement that very little of the extensive peer reviewed and experienced experts input for the test veterans was accepted at all! In fact in the judgment it would seem that they were hardly in the court and that any cross examination had taken place. But I suspect a statement from Chris Busby and the team will clarify these points when they have assessed the judgement fully.

This being the case the 8 page judgment still took 6 months and was released nearly on Christmas day when people were distracted by the festive spirit. It seemed almost managed to a precision worthy of Goebbels. No main stream media have reported on it yet. And in the background to this is the new laws being sought to stem investigative journalism in the UK along side draconian laws recently being brought to bare against the public as a whole such as the Criminal Justice Bill etc. In fact the EU has condemned much of the security legislation past as breaking fundamental Human Rights Legislation in a recent report. And the National Union of Journalists UK are very unhappy with further restrictions on their rights of a free press as well as the unwarranted spying and harassment of UK based journalists, Politicians and activiists.

Maybe some of the above changes in UK law had stayed the Judges hand until the government pressures (Seen some years earlier when the then Editor of the Guardian was threatened with the infamous newspaper closure on reporting the Snowden affair) had been too great to make any other choice but to ignore the panel of international experts fighting on behalf on the British Nuclear Tests Veterans and only accept the governments and MODs position and pseudo science.

I have written extensively concerning the manipulation of science based facts in a recent article concerning the Japanese victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 and will link that article here for you to see the evidence and sources on how Geraldine Thomas has been the cover girl for the darker side of the nuclear industry.

Behind every good woman is bad man I could say in this case but in the convolute world of Geraldine Thomas there is a whole global military industrial complex supported by the largest PR companies on the planet to manage the perception of many citizens in many western countries.

These powerful corporations and governmental bodies target the so called “Post Truth” Independent Journalists and scientists who are underfunded and unprepared for such a huge onslaught of resources and pressures never seen before in human history. And now it seems that the Judiciary are being pressured as well. 2016 will go down as the saddest year for democracy, free speech and the death knell for a legal systems that has operated in a reasonably fair way for hundreds of years.

However, the fight still goes on and the BNTV victims and their families are not forgotten and I am sure as the judgement is analysed the people behind the challenge to the MOD case will move forward and I will be reporting on that, as will other fair minded and common sense approach journalists and bloggers forming the “Fifth Estate”

Shaun McGee aka Arclight 2011 etc

Link to PDF on the Judgement here;

Link to an interesting petition to the Fukushima Mayor concerning obfuscation by Geraldine Thomas and colleagues concerning the Thyroid cancer cover up in Japan with many source links and evidence;

Article extract from 1999 by a journalist who did an in depth investigation into the nuclear test victims here;

“The background [radiation] dose received by civilians and members of HM Forces serving at or off Christmas Island in the years 1956 to 1964 was only about 35 per cent of that which they would have received on average had they remained, for that period of their lives, in the United Kingdom.”

I have studied and talked with 2,500 veterans of these tests. They don’t accept this patently ridiculous statement. About one in seven of the men in the sample of 1,014 who responded to a questionnaire I circulated in late 1997 did not father any children after they returned from the weapons tests. Those who did are convinced that the high incidence of birth defects that they have noticed, and I have documented, in their children – and their grandchildren – was caused by their exposure to radiation as young servicemen. Among the nearly 5,000 children and grandchildren on whom I have information from this group of veterans, there are 26 cases of spina bifida alone – more than five times the usual rate for the UK.

Radiation-induced infertility and impaired fertility have been identified for well over 50 years in animals. Following the Chernobyl disaster, a range of fertility and sexual function problems in 12 men with chronic radiation dermatitis was reported.

Image source for Scrooge also courtesy of the New Statesman

Image source showing some of the BNTV together courtesy of Sue Boniface, Journalist at the UK Daily Mirror article from 2015

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Campaign to stop bad nuclear health practice in Fukushima concerning thyroid cancer epidemic 2016/2017

The usual suspects are trying to cover up the health effects in Fukushima aided by the Japanese Secrets Law of 2013 that makes it illegal to talk about health effects caused by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster under pain of imprisonment. thomas-geraldine

170 cancers found because of new “screening”techniques.. thats the excuse to reduce the testing in Fukushima for thyroid cancers. In spite of the data from Chernobyl (see below) and the ongoing thyroid cases and other health effects being reported by Chernobyl Children International concerning the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, their work is still ongoing.

I wait in anticipation of Prof Keith Baverstocks response to this outrage .. here is his previous rebuttal and condemnation of Geraldine Thomas`s “dangerous advice” and ergo her colleague Prof Yamashita who left the Fukushima Medical University because of his outrageous and narcissistic claims that were widely publicised and condemned  …. .. Thomas versus Baverstock debate in summer of 2016 in full published here;

About the Campaign loosely translated from japan

Regarding the Thyroid inspection regime that currently is in place in Fukushima Prefecture, The Nippon Foundation (Chairman Yohei Sasagawa) held a meeting that was chaired by Niwa Tanuki of the Radiation Effects Institute on December 9th 2016. In attendance were Prof Shunichi Yamashita (who famously claimed that “radiation is good for you” and made many more unscientificly proven comments) who is currently the executive vice president of Nagasaki University, Jacques Lochard vice chairman International Radiation Protection committee (ICRP) and Prof Geraldine Anne Thomas from the Imperial College University department of the Chernobyl Thyroid Tissue bank. The name of the conference is the “Fifth Fukushima International Expert Council Organising Committee December 2016”. Also in attendance was the Fukushima Prefectures and with the main members of the conference asked that the Thyroid testing of children should be changed to a voluntary basis and that this would mean that the testing regime was being reduced in spite of the the increase found after Chernobyl after 5 years by Prof Keith Baverstock who was in charge of the World Health Organisations radiological department during this time (this department was closed down and the workload was amazingly deferred to the more pro nuclear biased IAEA some years later).


The thyroid examination in Fukushima Prefecture actually require further enhancement and expansion because of the increase in the number of “cancer patients or suspects” on each successive report thus far. The “Thyroid inspection” in neighboring polluted prefectures that that have not been included are also necessary and should be incorporated as well. If this proposal is executed, the victims in Fukushima, neighboring prefectures and indeed the whole country will be in “rejected” from the future statistics concerning health monitoring data.
“We call on scientists and citizens nationwide,
We decided to do a “proposal to the Fukushima prefectural governor” to oppose the contraction of the Fukushima prefecture thyroid examination and indeed seek further improvement such as seek its expansion into effected nearby prefectures. (Attached document).”

Contact point for academics and NGOs to join the campaign

Those who can approve please contact me to the following e-mail.
Masa To Masato Tashiro

Copy of Letter

“….The thyroid screening should not be reduced by “voluntary participation” but should be expanded and enhanced
December 20, 2016

Toshihide Masukawa Nagoya University Institute for Elementary and Nuclear Sphere Origin Research Organization
Ikeuchi graduated Professor Emeritus, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies
Shoji Sawada Emeritus Professor, Nagoya University
Susumu Shimazono Professor, Sophia University
Katsuma Yagasaki Emeritus Professor, University of the Ryukyus
Michiaki Matsuzaki Dohoku Jobo Cooperative Director Asahikawa North Medical School
Masato Miyaji Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo
Masato Tashiro Low dose exposure and health project representative (secretariat)

Yasuhiro Sasagawa Chairman of the Nippon Foundation (Chairperson), Etsuko Kita, Chairman of the Sasakawa Memorial Health Cooperation Foundation, Chairman of Niwa Takei Radiation Impact Research Institute, Shunichi Yamashita, Executive Vice President, Nagasaki University, Vice Chairman of the International Radiological Protection Committee, Geraldine Anne Thomas Professors Imperial College London etc are the name of the Fukushima International Expert Council on the 5th radiation and health on December 9, 2016,

To solve the thyroid problem in Fukushima ~ The lesson of Chernobyl 30th anniversary “Utilize the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 5 years ~” to the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture.
Over  170 thyroid cancer cases and suspected cases have been discovered in children at thyroid screening conducted to investigate the relationship between the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and childhood thyroid cancer.
The point of the committees “Recommendation” is that “Thyroid inspection program should be voluntary participation” from the viewpoint of “risk and benefit about the screening program, and cost effectiveness”. “Recommendation” states that “The increase in thyroid abnormality is not the influence of radiation exposure due to nuclear accident, but due to the screening effect” this is the reason.
Based on the results of examination of the points shown below, we conclude that children’s thyroid cancer found in the Fukushima prefectural health-care survey, although there are various opinions among experts, denied the possibility of being caused by radiation exposure It is important to see what you can not and to watch for the future trends, and I think that it is necessary to continue thorough screening of thyroid cases more firmly than before.
The screening started from October 2011. A preliminary survey was started in advance to grasp the prevalence of naturally occurring thyroid cancer on the premise that it takes several years until carcinogenic symptoms make themselves known. As a result, thyroid cancer-affected people were discovered at a higher rate than expected, but in future the examination should be continued in order to investigate whether there will be an increase in thyroid cancer due to the effects of the accident which was its original purpose. There is no medical basis to reduce these inspections. One of the principles of screening is to target high risk groups. Exposure by radioactive iodine due to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident this time has produced children in the high-risk group to be examined, and the examination should be continued.
The occurrence of radiation-induced malignant neoplasms is considered medically long-lasting, and it is hoped that we will continue the long-term testing system in the future. Though 6 years have passed since the accident, those who are over the age of 18 who graduate from high school, get a job, go on to university and go out of the Fukushima prefecture should also be treated with thyroid examinations outside the prefecture, this practice is necessary. Including these problems, in order to promote health management by minimizing the health effects of radiation exposure from the nuclear accident which is the responsibility of the nuclear power plant owner, we should be offering the health administration notebook to the nation and to the residents of Fukushima with its surrounding prefectures. …..”

How bad is Prof. Geraldines advice anyway? And why do the BBC support her so much? See this link (And the other links below as source for this article and its claims) debunking her claims using the ICRP dose model 2016 (short video)

link to original post in Japanese;

A link to a detailed report on the committees arguments are here and some overview from an health worker who has been studying this issues for some years can be found here;

Continue reading

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