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UK Nuclear Test Veterans scrooged at Christmas by MOD and courts 2016


UK Nuclear Test Veterans scrooged at Christmas by MOD and courts 2016

Well, the verdict is in on the British Nuclear Test Veterans case after some 6 months of waiting and the final judgement was released, without any fanfare publicly but quietly as a PDF linked to a closed [to the public] Judiciary server on the web on the 19th December 2016. So much for the Governments Transparency obligations to the UK public.


The court case has a long history of problems over the past 2 decades that has been well documented by Chris Busby and many other scientists, reporters and groups aligned to the test veterans themselves.

The final tactic on the behalf of the test veterans was to challenge the obvious health issues and the governmental experts claims that these health effects could not be because of radiation with the exception of 1 test veteran they accepted had a cataract that was caused by the radiation but no other health effects.

The cataract in question was originally denied but after a recent change in the “dose levels received” by this single test veteran (out of 20,000) meant that they had to accept causation due to radiation (some 20milisievert single dose at the time of the nuclear tests)

The rest of the report reads like something out of a black comedy.

The argument against the Ministry of Defenses (MOD) position was challenged by 4 radiation health specialists with years of work and peer reviewed articles under their belts. Whilst the 2 health experts from the MOD kept to the arguments set out many decades ago and which stem from the original Atoms for Peace Treaty (Euratom) signed in 1957 during the paranoid and now proven false Cold War with Russia.

Much of the veterans case against the MOD was based on various evidence from the peer reviewed literature that casts doubt to the ICRP dose model as interpreted by the MOD experts.

The evidence of just how bad and inaccurate this view on radiation health can be seen on the Fissionline (Edition 45 released early this summer before the conclusion of the court case) interviews and exchange between Prof Keith Baverstock (who discovered linkage between radiation and Thyroid Cancers after Chernobyl in the west) and Prof Geraldine Thomas (Who runs the Chernobyl Tissue Bank in the UK went to japan for funding from the Japanese after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 and every year since). It must be said that Prof Geraldine Thomas did not come off well in this exchange of expert advice for the victims of the Japanese nuclear tragedy and indeed the BBC had to quietly take down the video she had done claiming that there was no risk after many nuclear experts challenged her presumptions and expertise. Never the less, the case carried on and her advice was taken as the only “true” science acceptable to the court alongside her colleagues blinkered views, working for the MOD.

It seems that in the judgement that very little of the extensive peer reviewed and experienced experts input for the test veterans was accepted at all! In fact in the judgment it would seem that they were hardly in the court and that any cross examination had taken place. But I suspect a statement from Chris Busby and the team will clarify these points when they have assessed the judgement fully.

This being the case the 8 page judgment still took 6 months and was released nearly on Christmas day when people were distracted by the festive spirit. It seemed almost managed to a precision worthy of Goebbels. No main stream media have reported on it yet. And in the background to this is the new laws being sought to stem investigative journalism in the UK along side draconian laws recently being brought to bare against the public as a whole such as the Criminal Justice Bill etc. In fact the EU has condemned much of the security legislation past as breaking fundamental Human Rights Legislation in a recent report. And the National Union of Journalists UK are very unhappy with further restrictions on their rights of a free press as well as the unwarranted spying and harassment of UK based journalists, Politicians and activiists.

Maybe some of the above changes in UK law had stayed the Judges hand until the government pressures (Seen some years earlier when the then Editor of the Guardian was threatened with the infamous newspaper closure on reporting the Snowden affair) had been too great to make any other choice but to ignore the panel of international experts fighting on behalf on the British Nuclear Tests Veterans and only accept the governments and MODs position and pseudo science.

I have written extensively concerning the manipulation of science based facts in a recent article concerning the Japanese victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 and will link that article here for you to see the evidence and sources on how Geraldine Thomas has been the cover girl for the darker side of the nuclear industry.

Behind every good woman is bad man I could say in this case but in the convolute world of Geraldine Thomas there is a whole global military industrial complex supported by the largest PR companies on the planet to manage the perception of many citizens in many western countries.

These powerful corporations and governmental bodies target the so called “Post Truth” Independent Journalists and scientists who are underfunded and unprepared for such a huge onslaught of resources and pressures never seen before in human history. And now it seems that the Judiciary are being pressured as well. 2016 will go down as the saddest year for democracy, free speech and the death knell for a legal systems that has operated in a reasonably fair way for hundreds of years.

However, the fight still goes on and the BNTV victims and their families are not forgotten and I am sure as the judgement is analysed the people behind the challenge to the MOD case will move forward and I will be reporting on that, as will other fair minded and common sense approach journalists and bloggers forming the “Fifth Estate”

Shaun McGee aka Arclight 2011 etc

Link to PDF on the Judgement here;

Link to an interesting petition to the Fukushima Mayor concerning obfuscation by Geraldine Thomas and colleagues concerning the Thyroid cancer cover up in Japan with many source links and evidence;

Article extract from 1999 by a journalist who did an in depth investigation into the nuclear test victims here;

“The background [radiation] dose received by civilians and members of HM Forces serving at or off Christmas Island in the years 1956 to 1964 was only about 35 per cent of that which they would have received on average had they remained, for that period of their lives, in the United Kingdom.”

I have studied and talked with 2,500 veterans of these tests. They don’t accept this patently ridiculous statement. About one in seven of the men in the sample of 1,014 who responded to a questionnaire I circulated in late 1997 did not father any children after they returned from the weapons tests. Those who did are convinced that the high incidence of birth defects that they have noticed, and I have documented, in their children – and their grandchildren – was caused by their exposure to radiation as young servicemen. Among the nearly 5,000 children and grandchildren on whom I have information from this group of veterans, there are 26 cases of spina bifida alone – more than five times the usual rate for the UK.

Radiation-induced infertility and impaired fertility have been identified for well over 50 years in animals. Following the Chernobyl disaster, a range of fertility and sexual function problems in 12 men with chronic radiation dermatitis was reported.

Image source for Scrooge also courtesy of the New Statesman

Image source showing some of the BNTV together courtesy of Sue Boniface, Journalist at the UK Daily Mirror article from 2015


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