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The Tenacious Mari Takenouchi takes on JTRIG and TEMPORA and the Japanese secret service?

Op Ed by Arclight

Dated 28 April 2014

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“….In the summer of 2012, when Takenouchi started to raise her voice against Fukushima ETHOS on twitter, a suspicious man appeared in her neighborhood and picked up Takenouchi’s then 2 year old boy. I reported this incident to the local police…..”

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Mari Takenouchi has been under attack from JTRIG and its five eyes network. The reason I say this is because of the methods that have been deployed against her.
Firstly, I have to explain the methodology of JTRIG UK and the five eyes network and how they connect to Japan.

There is plenty of evidence that lets us know that the UK USA and Japan have homogenised their security systems;
1 The geo political manipulations aimed at China and Russia where a heavily militarised Japan with dozens of US military bases and the recent RUSI conference announcing confirmation of a Japan-UK military joint effort aimed at sending a clear message to Japan.

2 The decision of both Japan and the UK to redefine a new version of the secrets act to be brought in (coincidental) in March/April 2104 which is supported by global trade agreements being discussed in private that include the heavy censoring of the INTERNET by use of copyright laws and creating a two tier INTERNET system (to be fully implemented in the very near future)

Thanks to the revelations of various whistle blowers including Edward Snowden we can begin to see how the INTERNET has been manipulated by JTRIG using the five eyes security arrangement that encompasses The UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

In fact this blog has been under attack from the Australian section of five eyes and we have even been contacted by an anonymous source that allowed us to find out the actual social media campaign company that was used to overload Christina Mac Phearson with multiple tweets, insults and the types of attacks mentioned in the released JTRIG training manual.

This brings me nicely on to Mari Takenouchis case that I have been closely observing and trying to document and reveal for the JTRIG Psy Ops attack that is was.
When I heard of Maris case I wondered best how to tackle it and gain information. I decided that I would go with the advice she received, which was to make public the insults and threats made against her and highlight the more gruesome aspects of this campaign, whilst highlighting the fact that she was a single parent and a caring soul.

The tact that I took which was helped by a recent Reporters Without Borders article seemd to stop much of the aggressive tweets against her. This was to be expected if the tweeters were “sockpuppets” controlled from a central source. But this could be construed as coincidental and I needed further proof that there was a single point of decision making behind these attacks such as might be expected from a secretive and subtle group like JTRIG.


Looking into the JTRIG manual, techniques such as using “Target Templating methodology”, where JTRIG where the target is analysed to see how they connect to the INTERNET and use these forms of attack;
Destroy, Deny, Degrade, Deceive, Disrupt, Protect.
All these terms are part of the larger operation and in the case of Mari Takenouchi we see these techniques as part of a psy ops operation happening over a period of years.
So, Mari has had to block 3,000 twitter accounts in recent years, Her emails have been tampered with in novel ways that are described nicely in the JTRIG training manual using the technology against her. Her twitter accounts have been closed when she has needed them to provide evidence to law enforcement officials and other, then later switched back on when it was of no use to her as evidence. The nature of these attacks has been designed to frighten her and in fact it is likely it had the effect also of encouraging real people such as has been described in my earlier posts, gleaned from Mari`s web blog, to tweet foul things which might actually have had the unintended consequence of helping Mari as she could actually fight back.

Other ways of attacking Mari that can be seen in other high profile cases such as the attacks on Chris Busby by George Monbiot and George Galloway by the Daily Mail are to use high profile people/organisations to degrade the personality and therefore reduce the support of the cause that the target is supporting.

However, Mari has proved tenacious and adaptable and so JTRIG and their Japanese colleagues are trying the next type of attack still based on degrading character and destroying psychological balance. They have decided to attack her for asking for money to support her journalism and translation. This is a very common form of attack and one that was used against myself and Christina MacPherson (By Roger Helbig), as well as the Chernobyl Childrens International Charity in Ireland and amongst many other targets of JTRIG. Also you can see this technique being used on the comments sections of articles in main stream media publications as well as Blogs, Youtube comments, Face book and Talk radio shows.

Mari has also had her family drawn into this by having her son actually being picked up by a stranger in 2012 and her mother being insulted and having to make a statement to try to protect her daughter and grandson in more recent manipulations.

But still the tenacious Mari Takenouchi carries on with her mission to be a spokesperson for the forgotten people of Fukushima and Myiagi who are pressured into silence and having to suffer the effects and fears of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

I might add that also at the disposal of this clandestine operation are the likes of Ogilvey and Maher (who also managed the PR campaign for BP after the disastrous Gulf oil spill) and the Japanese Science Media Center who was set up by the UK Science Media Centre to provide hand picked Scientists to give the “right science”. Also in the frame is the legal profession fronted by the likes of Mr Yabe and the French construct that manages the Chernobyl cover up called ETHOS fronted by Ms. Ryoko Ando for the Japanese version. This helps to combat the points that Mari is making. Also it is obvious that planted main stream articles come out and are promoted by social media above any counter stories.

Also, it is becoming obvious to many bloggers and activists that recently, Google and Facebook are being managed to limit the likelihood of stories going viral. This is described in the JTRIG manual and also the JTRIG operators have techniques for the stories and articles they want to go viral, thus sidelining posts.

Here is a couple of extract from maris recent blog post concerning harassment

“….In the summer of 2012, when Takenouchi started to raise her voice against Fukushima ETHOS on twitter, a suspicious man appeared in her neighborhood and picked up Takenouchi’s then 2 year old boy. I reported this incident to the local police…..”

“…..Even my twitter seemed to be a target of attacks, such as decreasing number of followers in an unnatural way and inability to find my own tweets through searching my own account @mariscontact, resulting in much fewer RTs, and frequent automatic log-out.
My English twitter account @SaveKidsJapan had been suspended for use by the attacks by internet obstructer’s the day before I went to the local police to report the their harassement. (Several days later, @SaveKidsJapan went back to service.)
I have been harassed by these people beyond description, which has inflicting me tremendous stress.
On April 26th, a teacher at my 4 year old son’s nursery school asked me, “It seems that your son has been under some sort of stress especially since this April. Has there been anything different for him?”…..”

Below are some links giving evidence to my findings concerning the mysterious JTRIG mentioned above;
The intercept (Glen Greenwalds new media outlet) is worth bookmarking as he will be releasing more on internet manipulation on that link- Mari Takenouchi uncovers deception and fights litigation


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