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Arclights last Stand! A plea for help!

arclight-SmOp Ed Arclight2011part2

Date 28 April 2014

Posted to

This is a bit odd! I have, like Mari Takenouchi and many others been on the receiving end of the UK`s NDEU squad or whoever is hacking me and forcing me to adapt to these various attacks over the last 2 years especially.

It is likely that your children will have to get used to this sort of thing but i am a bit old fashioned and thought that the west was all about democrasy, free speech and equal opportunities and I actually generally thought that until Fukushima had three meltdowns and the lives of the local people were put at risk.

The deeper I dug the more horrified I became at what was happening and what was being covered up.

So in summary, with out all the paranoid bullshit here are the facts.

I was earning over 30,00 Euros driving a motorbike when Fukushima melted down and here is the situation that got me there

I was given a social housing home with a lovely garden that I developed out of a mudball whilst I worked mainly voluntarily at numerous social  projects for numerous communities and groups in London whilst i brought up my children as a single parent. The housing was given to me for my tremendous efforts in the Richmond and Kingston areas, I even submitted a report that started a voluntary group that was submitted to the government and was excepted.

I did this for about 10 years but run up debts. After my children had left home I decided to work hard and clear these debts. I paid my taxes and worked long hours and just as i had only 2 years to clear all debts i was attacked from all sides and lost my home, my job and friends were attacked.

I left the UK after the new definition of the secrets act meant that it was possible that information i had legally gleaned in the past might be made illegal retroactively from the 2nd April 2014.

It would appear that in Ireland I am safer but it has few suitable jobs and i have, today run out of money. Tomorrow I will have to leave the hotel i am living in and will become a vagrant. This means if I am caught by the Gardai I will likely be deported back to the UK where the best that will happen there is the attacks that happened before and the utter isolation that i had to deal with over this past year.

So i will make this simple plea to those who know my worth as a researcher and serious pain in the arse to corporations everywhere.

I have asked the Hotel to accept credit card payments of 35 Euros per day starting from tomorrow at 9 am GMT until 12,oo pm.

3 hours window for you guys and gals to keep me  with a roof over my head, one meal a day and a wireless internet connection to maintain the blogging.

I have requested help from a number of sources and as of today I have had a negative result from all avenues of employment, legal and human rights support. my friends have given all they can as they are struggling like everyone else.

I have no bank account and only need the roof over my head to continue  with harassing the nuclear corporations and their military banking friends.

In fact I think I am just getting the hang of it. I hope you agree.

The Address is

The Railway Hotel

Limerick City


Tel:  00353 (0)61 413653

I would prefer to hook up with some like minded activists, but be warned that everyone i have been in contact with has had things happen to them.. I am that good !  And I am resigned to a life of isolation to protect others.

I have to say that I have had alot less problems now there are impartial  witness`s to any undue attentions and therefore things are much better for me here in Ireland than they were in the UK..

If you are in two minds and want to know more email me at

and i will fill you in. If i get loads of request I will sit down and do a public post concerning all the things i have experienced. I will do this one day anyway but would prefer to get on with some more important and  constructive research.. I have things I am still researching and am awaiting data all the time at the moment. Trying to be a proper journalist where other journalists cant go because of their personal situation s. The sort of situations i had to forgo.

I really didint want to ask this as I wanted a job in limerick to pay my way like I have done over the past three years regardless of the situation i found myself in but I really have hit a brick wall now!

Peace Light and Love to you all!

Saikado Hantai!! (And I mean it!!)

Sean P McGee

Aka Arclight




2nd UPDATE :

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How to Spin a radioactive bird during Chernobyl rememberance day using Google and



Op Ed Arclight

Dated 28 April 2014

Posted to

Concerning the article authored by Science Daily;
Chernobyl’s birds adapting to ionizing radiation

The article begins with Summary:

“Birds in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl are adapting to — and may
even be benefiting from — long-term exposure to radiation, ecologists
have found. The study is the first evidence that wild animals adapt to
ionizing radiation, and the first to show that birds which produce most
pheomelanin, a pigment in feathers, have greatest problems coping with
radiation exposure.”

This is a fair comment from Dr Galvan also.

One could claim that the readers attention span will pick up on the
this paragraph but if they read further key words such as “We found the
opposite” in paragraph 2. Once again a fair quote to the facts.

Then “limited to humans, two bird species and one species of fish” and “Laboratory experiments have shown that humans and other animals can adapt to radiation” at the 4th paragraph.

on the 5th paragraph a quick admission of harm to humans.. but this phrase
is inserted ” this limited data”

On the 8th paragraph a very interesting comment on a new Novel way to analyse data and one that should be used in humans instead of the statistical averages used by UNSCEAR and the ICRP..

“The method focuses the analysis on individual birds instead of species averages, making it a much more sensitive way to analyze biochemical responses to radiation.

The author of the Science Daily article (not named) seemed to put the copy together in such a way as for it to give the positive aspects of the report in regard to the effects of ionising radiation whilst the more negative aspects are not clearly defined for the reader. Adding the studies briefly quoted in the main report by Galvan et al.

Also as social media catches the top of articles and many people scan quickly to get the general idea as opposed to reading the whole article thoroughly, one might get the impression that studies showing deleterious effects on humans are old whilst the new studies actually show benefit.

The negative effects on humans are mentioned briefly and there is no mention of effects that Chernobyl Children International have found on the ground and still ongoing. I also find that the article being brought out on the eve of the disaster was in bad taste but also quite clever as the google search engines that are highly filtered in countries like Ireland would pick this up instead of this;

or indeed this;

Of course these brief references (from the full report by Galvan et al.)to the new found positive effects on humans, are correct and have even been supported by Dr Chris Busby but they are taken out of context in my opinion. I contacted Tim Mousseau and he very kindly wrote back to me a clarification of the study. I tried to find Dr Ismael Galvans email and Dr Anders Moller very kindly sent it to me but not before I got Dr Timothy Mousseau`s comprehensive and clearly put reply first;

(WARNING : Creationist need to close their eyes now! )

Dear Sean

Hopefully there will be some more comprehensive coverage of this latest
paper that includes some discussion of the broader picture that includes
the context for how such “positive” responses have evolved and how they
are not unexpected given the intensity of “unnatural” selection (i.e.
Negative effects) imposed by the radioactive contaminants in the area.

Let me start by saying the Dr. Galvan is a very bright and hard working
young biologist whose scientific credentials are impeccable, in fact
beyond excellent. Through his hard work he has managed to find these novel
and potentially very important responses in natural populations that have
never been seen before. His credentials are beyond reproach in every way
and we are very grateful for his very significant contributions to this
evolving study of wildlife in Chernobyl and Fukushima. My only regret is
that we don’t have the resources to find more creative, bright, hard
working young biologists like him to help us with these studies.

Below are some quotes that I am sharing related to the current study on
adaptation that puts things into an evolutionary context:

“Our previous studies in Chernobyl show a wide array of negative
consequences of exposure to radiation for most species. However, the
species that are remaining appear to have either evolved or are
pre-adapted to the contaminants through increased allocation of
antioxidants as a defence against the radiation. Some of these birds even
show reduced levels of genetic damage in areas of intermediate
contamination perhaps reflecting an effect of acclimation to the
radiation. It remains to be shown experimentally whether all birds show
such a response, or just the ones that are surviving under these hazardous

Continue reading

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European Union nuclear trash now to be stored in Ukraine

exclamation-Smflag-UkraineNuclear Energy Reactors: U.S. to Turn Ukraine into a “Second Chernobyl”? The Role of Westinghouse By Leonid Savin Global Research, April 27, 2014 The use of US-produced fuel for Soviet reactors is not compatible with their design and violates the security requirements. It could lead to disasters comparable with what happened in Chernobyl. The International Union of Veterans of Nuclear Energy and Industry (IUVNEI) issued the following statement on April 25,

“Nuclear fuel produced by the US firm Westinghouse does not meet the technical requirements of Soviet-era reactors, and using it could cause an accident on the scale of the Chernobyl disaster, which took place on the 26th April 1986.”

The IUVNEI brings together more than 15,000 nuclear industry veterans from Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. It was founded in 2010 and headquartered in Moscow.

The Ukrainian state enterprise Energoatom and the Westinghouse Company previously agreed to extend the contract for the supply of US nuclear fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants until 2020.

Two years ago, there was a near-miss in Ukrainewhen TVS-W with damaged distancing armatures risked substantial uncontrolled releases of dangerous radiation. Only by a miracle was there no disaster at the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant.   But it did not prevent the signing of the agreement. A Czech nuclear power plant faced depressurization of the fuel elements produced by Westinghouse in 2006, followed by the Czech government abandoning the company as a fuel supplier. According to Yuri Nedashkovsky, the president of the country’s state-owned nuclear utility Energoatom, on April 23, 2014 the Ukraine’s interim government ordered   to allocate 45, 2 hectares of land for the construction of a nuclear waste storage site within the depopulated exclusion area around the plant of Chernobyl between villages Staraya Krasnitsa, Buryakovka, Chistogalovka and Stechanka in Kiev Region (the Central Spent Fuel Storage Project for Ukraine’s VVER reactors). The fuel is to come from Khmelnitsky, Rovno and South Ukraine nuclear power plants.

At present used fuel is mostly transported to new dry-storage facility at the Zheleznogorsk Mining and Chemical Factory in the Krasnoyarsk region and storage and reprocessing plant Mayak in the Chelyabinsk region, the both facilities are situated on the territory of Russian Federation.In 2003 Ukraine started to look for alternatives to the Russian storages. In December 2005, Energoatom signed a 127, 75 million euro agreement with the US-based Holtec International to implement the Central Spent Fuel Storage Project for Ukraine’s VVER reactors. Holtec’s work involved design, licensing, construction, commissioning of the facility, and the supply of transport and vertical ventilated dry storage systems for used VVER nuclear fuel. By the end of 2011 Holtec International had to close its office in Kiev  as it had come under harsh criticism worldwide. It is widely believed that the company has lost licenses in several countries because of poor quality of its containers resulting in radiation leaks. Westinghouse and Holtec are members of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).

Morgan Williams, President/CEO of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, works in Ukraine since the 1990s said at the ceremony devoted to  Westinghouse Electric Company and Holtec International signing contracts with Ukraine in 2008:

Today is one of the most important days since Ukraine’s independence as the efforts of these two internationally known companies will go a long way to assuring that Ukraine has greater energy independence. This is made more important by the fact that for Ukraine, energy and political independence are closely interdependent. I join all of the USUBC members in toasting the success of these two great member companies, as we all work to assist Ukraine on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration and a strong democratic, private market driven nationhood.”

Morgan Williams is known as a lobbyist representing the interests of Shell, Chevron and ExxonMobil in Ukraine. He has close ties with Freedom House involved in staging “color revolutions” in Eurasia, North Africa and Latin America.

wastes-1 One more interesting detail is to be mentioned here.  Some time ago it was reported that according to covert agreements reached between the Ukraine’s interim government and its European partners, the nuclear waste coming from the EU member states will be stored in Ukraine. 

Being in violation of law the deal is kept secret.

Leonid Savin is an Russian expert on international conflicts, editor-in-chief of news, analysis and forecast online journal.

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Japan’s government pressuring Fukushima evacuees to return: govt wants no criticism of nuclear power

The government has declared that the stipends, which range from a few hundred dollars to more than $1,000, will end next March, when temporary housing will also begin to be closed. Villagers who move back before then will receive a $9,000 bonus from Tepco, adding to the pressure to return

the evacuees will feel increasing pressure to go back from a government that wants to restore the preaccident status quo as much as possible to limit criticism of the powerful nuclear industry.

flag-japanForced to Flee Radiation, Fearful Japanese Villagers Are Reluctant to Return NYT, By  APRIL 27, 2014 MIYAKOJI, Japan — Ever since they were forced to evacuate during the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant three years ago, Kim Eunja and her husband have refused to return to their hilltop home amid the majestic mountains of this rural village for fear of radiation.

But now they say they may have no choice. After a nearly $250 million radiation cleanup here, the central government this month declared Miyakoji the first community within a 12-mile evacuation zone around the plant to be reopened to residents. The decision will bring an end to the monthly stipends from the plant’s operator that have allowed Ms. Kim to relocate to an apartment in a city an hour away.

“The government and the media say the radiation has been cleaned up, but it’s all lies,” said Ms. Kim, 55, who is from South Korea, and who with her Japanese husband runs a small Korean restaurant outside Miyakoji. “I want to run away, but I cannot. We have no more money.”

She is not the only one. While the central government and national news media have trumpeted the reopening of Miyakoji as a happy milestone in Japan’s recovery from the devastating March 2011 accident, many residents tell a darker story. They insist their homes remain too dangerous or too damaged to inhabit and that they have not received enough financial compensation to allow them to start anew somewhere else…….

many evacuees have been forced to live in a state of limbo since the accident, unable to leave barracks-like temporary housing, or end their dependency on Tepco for monthly stipends to live in apartments outside the village. Tepco pays the stipends under orders from the government.

Now they feel growing pressure to return whether they want to or not. The government has declared that the stipends, which range from a few hundred dollars to more than $1,000, will end next March, when temporary housing will also begin to be closed. Villagers who move back before then will receive a $9,000 bonus from Tepco, adding to the pressure to return……..

Experts call Miyakoji a forerunner of the problems that will be faced by the 150,000 people displaced by the accident over all, as additional communities are reopened as a result of a $36 billion government-financed cleanup. They say the evacuees will feel increasing pressure to go back from a government that wants to restore the preaccident status quo as much as possible to limit criticism of the powerful nuclear industry.

“This is inhumane and irresponsible,” said Teruhisa Maruyama, a lawyer who leads the Support Group for Victims of the Nuclear Accident, a Tokyo-based legal organization that helps residents seek increased compensation.

“The national government knows that full compensation could add up to big money, enough to raise public doubts about the wisdom of using nuclear power in Japan.”……

Authorities had hoped that Miyakoji could serve as a model for repopulating the evacuated communities. So far, only about a third of residents have returned, and most of them are older villagers who feel they have less to worry about from the long-term cancer risks of radiation……..

“They want to say that everything is back to normal so they can keep their nuclear plants,” said Mr. Mizuochi, 57, who helps his wife at the restaurant. “Failing to compensate us for our losses is a way of pressuring us to go back.”


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Vast majority of French people prefer renewable energy, would not invest in nuclear power

flag-franceFrance moving away from Nuclear power 27 April 14 France may be the world’s most nuclear energy dependent country, but times are changing as the country looks to increase the amount of wind—sourced electricity in its power mix. 

When French President François Hollande took the reins of power in 2012 he pledged to reduce the country’s nuclear dependency from 75% to 50% by 2025. Today, France has a goal of reaching 19 GW of wind energy by 2020, up from its current level of 8.2 GW, according to the European Wind Energy Association’s (EWEA) latest statistics. This will significantly raise the percentage of wind powered electricity in the country from the 3% wind covers today. And, according to a very recent survey, the French people are firmly behind the transition.

Some 64% of French people see wind energy as a solution, among others, in the context of the energy transition, says a CSA survey published in March 2014. Moreover, 80% of the 1010 respondents consider it necessary to invest in wind without waiting for the traditional power plants to reach the end of their lifecycle.

65% of those surveyed said that they would invest in renewable energy (wind and solar/photovoltaic) today if they had to personally invest in one energy source, while 15% chose nuclear, 7% chose gas and 1% chose coal. Meanwhile, 69% of French people would choose wind energy if they had to choose one energy type to be constructed in their region. 75% chose solar, 21% chose nuclear, 16% chose gas and 4% chose gas.

The results show that the French are aware that an energy transition must take place, they are confident enough in renewables to invest if they could, and they know that the time to act is now.

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People power brings a halt to Taiwan’s new nuclear reactors

text-people-powerTaiwan to halt construction at fourth nuclear power plant The Taiwan government will halt construction at the island’s fourth nuclear power plant as local opposition to atomic energy continues to mount. Australia Network News 28 April 14

President Ma Ying-jeou’s Kuomintang party says a decision has been made to seal off the plant’s first reactor after the completion of safety checks.

And construction of the second reactor will be halted immediately.

The move is the latest sign of pressure on Mr Ma’s administration from opposition parties and anti-nuclear activists, who are concerned about the safety of such facilities in earthquake-prone regions of Taiwan following the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in downtown Taipei over the weekend, urging the government to abandon nuclear energy……..

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou bows to pressure and halts nuclear plant

 KMT leaders push for end to project, despite facility being 98pc complete………, 28 April, 2014, Lawrence Chung in

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The Tenacious Mari Takenouchi takes on JTRIG and TEMPORA and the Japanese secret service?

Op Ed by Arclight

Dated 28 April 2014

Posted to

“….In the summer of 2012, when Takenouchi started to raise her voice against Fukushima ETHOS on twitter, a suspicious man appeared in her neighborhood and picked up Takenouchi’s then 2 year old boy. I reported this incident to the local police…..”

My Photo


Mari Takenouchi has been under attack from JTRIG and its five eyes network. The reason I say this is because of the methods that have been deployed against her.
Firstly, I have to explain the methodology of JTRIG UK and the five eyes network and how they connect to Japan.

There is plenty of evidence that lets us know that the UK USA and Japan have homogenised their security systems;
1 The geo political manipulations aimed at China and Russia where a heavily militarised Japan with dozens of US military bases and the recent RUSI conference announcing confirmation of a Japan-UK military joint effort aimed at sending a clear message to Japan.

2 The decision of both Japan and the UK to redefine a new version of the secrets act to be brought in (coincidental) in March/April 2104 which is supported by global trade agreements being discussed in private that include the heavy censoring of the INTERNET by use of copyright laws and creating a two tier INTERNET system (to be fully implemented in the very near future)

Thanks to the revelations of various whistle blowers including Edward Snowden we can begin to see how the INTERNET has been manipulated by JTRIG using the five eyes security arrangement that encompasses The UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

In fact this blog has been under attack from the Australian section of five eyes and we have even been contacted by an anonymous source that allowed us to find out the actual social media campaign company that was used to overload Christina Mac Phearson with multiple tweets, insults and the types of attacks mentioned in the released JTRIG training manual.

This brings me nicely on to Mari Takenouchis case that I have been closely observing and trying to document and reveal for the JTRIG Psy Ops attack that is was.
When I heard of Maris case I wondered best how to tackle it and gain information. I decided that I would go with the advice she received, which was to make public the insults and threats made against her and highlight the more gruesome aspects of this campaign, whilst highlighting the fact that she was a single parent and a caring soul.

The tact that I took which was helped by a recent Reporters Without Borders article seemd to stop much of the aggressive tweets against her. This was to be expected if the tweeters were “sockpuppets” controlled from a central source. But this could be construed as coincidental and I needed further proof that there was a single point of decision making behind these attacks such as might be expected from a secretive and subtle group like JTRIG.


Looking into the JTRIG manual, techniques such as using “Target Templating methodology”, where JTRIG where the target is analysed to see how they connect to the INTERNET and use these forms of attack;
Destroy, Deny, Degrade, Deceive, Disrupt, Protect.
All these terms are part of the larger operation and in the case of Mari Takenouchi we see these techniques as part of a psy ops operation happening over a period of years.
So, Mari has had to block 3,000 twitter accounts in recent years, Her emails have been tampered with in novel ways that are described nicely in the JTRIG training manual using the technology against her. Her twitter accounts have been closed when she has needed them to provide evidence to law enforcement officials and other, then later switched back on when it was of no use to her as evidence. The nature of these attacks has been designed to frighten her and in fact it is likely it had the effect also of encouraging real people such as has been described in my earlier posts, gleaned from Mari`s web blog, to tweet foul things which might actually have had the unintended consequence of helping Mari as she could actually fight back.

Other ways of attacking Mari that can be seen in other high profile cases such as the attacks on Chris Busby by George Monbiot and George Galloway by the Daily Mail are to use high profile people/organisations to degrade the personality and therefore reduce the support of the cause that the target is supporting.

Continue reading

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Medical authorities overwhelmingly agree that low-level ionising radiation is harmful to health

The view that low-level radiation is harmless is restricted to a small number of scientists whose voice is greatly amplified by the nuclear industry – in much the same way as corporate greenhouse polluters and their politicians amplify the voices of climate science sceptics.

Chernobyl – how many died?The Ecologist Jim Green – Nuclear Monitor 26th April 2014“………Little scientific confidence on quantifying radiation risk While the overwhelming weight of scientific opinion holds that there is no threshold below which radiation exposure is harmless, there is less scientific confidence about how to quantify the risks.


Risk estimates for low-level radiation exposure are typically based on a linear extrapolation of better-understood risks from higher levels of exposure. This ‘Linear No Threshold’ (LNT) model has some heavy-hitting scientific support. For example a report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states:

“Given that it is supported by experimentally grounded, quantifiable, biophysical arguments, a linear extrapolation of cancer risks from intermediate to very low doses currently appears to be the most appropriate methodology.” [1]

Likewise, the 2006 report of the US National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on the Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation (BEIR) states that “the risk of cancer proceeds in a linear fashion at lower doses without a threshold and … the smallest dose has the potential to cause a small increase in risk to humans.” [2]

Uncertain risk does not equal zero risk Continue reading

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Iranian public ready to back a fair nuclear deal

flag-IranIran FM says people would support fair nuclear deal, The Daily Star, Lebanon News,
April 27, 2014 TEHRAN: Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Sunday that the majority of Iranians would support a comprehensive nuclear deal that “respects Iran’s rights and the demands of the people.”

“That would be the only agreement that myself and President (Hassan) Rouhani will agree (to),” Zarif said during a joint news conference in Tehran with his Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz.

When asked whether hardliners could derail the nuclear talks, Zarif said: ” Iran is not a monolith … we will have those who will not favour an agreement, but at the end of the day what will count is the view of the majority of the Iranian people.”

In November, Iran clinched a deal with world powers under which it froze some nuclear activities in return for limited relief from crippling international sanctions.

Tehran has been engaged in negotiations with the P5+1 — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States, plus Germany — aimed at reaching a lasting accord on its nuclear ambitions…….

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Decentralised wind and solar power – democratising the energy system

Communicating The Renewable Energy RevolutionClean Technica,   27 April 14, The clean tech movement is about a shift toward a more peaceful world, a world in which there is more respect for others and in which our ways of living leave a smaller environmental footprint. Clean energy is not just about cleaning our air, preserving our water supplies and helping to protect our climate; it is also about democratizing the energy sector……

A democracy is based on information being available, shared and acted upon, yet there is a massive amount of misinformation about clean energy, and therefore a great need for independent voices and analysts to inform more people of the actual facts. Misinformation and a simple lack of awareness are probably now the largest barriers to the clean tech revolution. Transformation occurs through information sharing–blogging about clean energy and connecting the topic to millions of people is an important part of that.

Solar Power and Wind Power

Solar power has been a dream for ages. In 1931, Thomas Edison wrote, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

The energy potential from sunshine for one single year is far greater than the energy potential of all known coal, oil, uranium and natural gas reserves combined. The circles in the chart shown here represent annual potential for renewable sources.


The potential is amazing. The solar energy hitting the state of Texas each month is greater than the total amount of energy the Texas oil and gas industry has ever produced.

Importantly, while sunshine is free, the solar panels needed to collect the energy in that sunshine and convert it into electricity are not. However, solar panels today are over 100 times cheaper (per watt) than they were in 1977. Since 2011, the cost of solar panels has dropped by approximately 60 percent, and growth has also been a big part of the stimulus for the cost drops. It is a virtuous circle. The growth curve for the solar panel market over the past few years is steep and resembles that of a plant shooting out of the earth toward the sun!

Solar power is now cheaper than retail electricity for millions of households. In the developed world, it can save countless homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, all across the developing world, solar power is actually cheaper than power generated from fossil fuels. Just as many people in the developing world leapfrogged from no phones to cell phones, these populations will leapfrog from no electricity to electricity from solar panels.

The cost of wind power came down much earlier than the cost of solar power. In many regions of the world, wind power is currently the cheapest form of renewables-based electricity available–and also cheaper than electricity generated from coal, natural gas, nuclear power and oil, even if related health and environmental costs, which are staggering in themselves, are not taken into account. And costs continue to fall. The cost of wind turbines has fallen by approximately 29 percent since 2008.

In 2012, more wind power capacity was installed in the US than for any other power source. Wind is also routinely at the top of the global charts for annual power capacity additions.

Democratizing the Energy System

One of the major implications of solar power growth, electric vehicle growth and wind power growth to some extent (wind turbines are great additions to farms and small communities) is that they are essentially democratizing our energy system. They decentralize ownership and provide more societal power and more money to common citizens and small businesses. They create more energy independence and security for families, cities and nations, which I believe will ultimately contribute to greater peace in the world.

Also, there has got to be some positive psychological effect from people realizing that they are no longer burning the bones of dinosaurs (amongst other fossils!) for their energy needs, but are instead using renewable sources of energy such as sunlight and wind.

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Nuclear industry never gives up on its gimmicks and pleas for tax-payer money

John Licata writes, in The Motley Fool April 27, 2014“……..The problem with the floating reactor idea or land-based SMR version is most investors are hard-pressed to fork over money needed for a nuclear build-out that could cost billions of dollars and take over a decade to complete. That very problem is today plaguing the land-based mPower SMR program of The Babcock & Wilcox Co. (NYSE: BWC  ) .

reactors-floatingAlso, although the reactors would have a constant cooling source in the ocean water, I’d like to see studies that show that sea life is not disrupted. Then there is always the issue with security and power lines to the mainland which needs to be addressed…..

 without the government’s complete commitment to support nuclear power via legislation and a much needed expedited certification process, the idea of a floating SMR plant will be another example of wasted energy innovation that could simply get buried at sea. 


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Antiquated computer systems at USA’s nuclear missile facilities

America’s feared nuclear missile facilities are still controlled by computers from the 1960s and floppy disks

  • 60 Minutes received a tour of the F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the storage facility of 450 nuclear warheads and a Minuteman III missile
  • The facility was built in the 1960s to withstand a nuclear attack and alot of its equipment dates back to that time
  • The floppy disks that contain the missile launch codes are safe and effective because it allows center to stay disconnected from the internet and prevent cyber terrorism, the military claims
  • Tour comes in the wake of a major cheating scandal that has implicated 91 Air Force nuclear missile officers, nine of which were fired

Mail Online, By JOEL CHRISTIE, 27 April 2014 The isolated U.S. military silo that contains one of deadliest nuclear arsenals in the world – some 450 warheads that are each 20 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima – is being controlled by computers dating back to 1960s and a launch system that relies on floppy disks.

But security officials maintain their methods are not only functional but hack-free, with the underground control room in Wyoming not connected to the internet, stopping any cyber terrorists gaining control over the weapons.

60 Minutes gained access to the F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne and will broadcast its full report from the facility tonight.

CBS Correspondent Lesley Stahl said she believed the unprecedented invitation to take a look inside was part of a move by the military to show the public their system was safe in the wake of a widespread cheating scandal among their ranks.

Four Air Force nuclear missile officers were found to be at the center of the still-unfolding scandal, with nine officers were fired at the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, and 82 others facing disciplinary action after being caught cheating on proficiency tests.

The officers need to get 100 percent on the exams in order to work at facilities, such as the one in Cheyenne.

The four ‘librarians’, as they have been dubbed, allegedly faciliated the cheating, in part by transmitting test answers via text message. …..

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How many deaths were caused by the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe?

A number of studies apply that basic method – based on collective radiation doses and risk estimates – and come up with estimates of the Chernobyl cancer death toll varying from 9,000 (in the most contaminated parts of the former Soviet Union) to 93,000 deaths (across Europe).


unqualified claims that the death toll was just 50, should be rejected as dishonest or uninformed spin from the nuclear industry and some of its scientifically-illiterate (in this field if not in others) supporters.

And sadly, that has to include every last one of the self-proclaimed ‘pro-nuclear environmentalists’ – among them James Hansen, Patrick Moore, Mark Lynas, George Monbiot, Stephen Tindale and James Lovelock.

 Chernobyl – how many died?, The Ecologist,  Jim Green – Nuclear Monitor 26th April 2014“………Fifty immediate deaths

About 50 people died in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl accident. Beyond that, studies generally don’t indicate a significant increase in cancer incidence in populations exposed to Chernobyl fallout.

Nor would anyone expect them to because of the data gaps and methodological problems mentioned above, and because the main part of the problem concerns the exposure of millions of people to low doses of radiation from Chernobyl fallout.

For a few fringe scientists and nuclear industry insiders and apologists, that’s the end of the matter – the statistical evidence is lacking and thus the death toll from Chernobyl was just 50.

If they were being honest, they would note an additional, unknown death toll from cancer and from other radiation-linked diseases including cardiovascular disease. Continue reading

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New Zealand helps Pacific island nations go solar

flag-New-ZealandNZ Lends A Solar Helping Hand In Pacific Nations   New Zealand is supporting the construction of the Pacific’s largest solar panel array in Samoa and also providing a helping hand for other Pacific Nations to pursue clean energy.

   According to New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, the country is working in partnership with the Government of Samoa, the European Union and the Asia Development Bank to increase renewable energy in Samoa. 
Part of the project includes the construction of 2.2 MW installation at the Apia Sports Complex, a smaller array on the rooftop of one of the gymnasiums at the Complex; plus another solar power system in Salelologa, Savaii.
“Renewable energy is a strong focus of New Zealand’s support to developing countries. The investments in Samoa reflect commitments made at the Pacific Energy Summit in Auckland last year,” Mr McCully said.
  Elsewhere in the Pacific, New Zealand has been assisting in Tuvalu where 95 percent of electricity is currently gained from diesel generation. 
New Zealand has funded the construction of four small scale solar-hybrid systems on the Islands of Niutao, Nanumanga, Nanumea and Vaitupu; which will provide 90 per cent of the islands’ electricity needs and improve continuity of service.
Last week, New Zealand also entered into a partnership with the European Union (EU), and Tuvalu to continue this work
  “This in an excellent example of New Zealand’s cooperation with the EU on renewable energy and the sort of practical projects we can deliver in partnership with Pacific countries,” Mr McCully says.
On Kiribati’s Kiritimati Island, which also has a heavy reliance on imported diesel fuel for electricity generation, New Zealand and the EU have entered into an agreement to allow for greater technical cooperation relating to renewable energy project development on the island.
Many Pacific nations are low-lying and particularly threatened by sea level rises spurred on by global warming; so the shift from fossil fuels is as much about survival and setting an example for the rest of the world to follow as it is about saving money.

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Nuclear investment? Decommissioning will be a bonanza

 “…… don’t just put up a closed sign and walk away from a nuclear plant. These giant facilities need to be decommissioned. And that’s where companies like Fluor come into play. Fluor just won a joint bid to decommission 12 nuclear sites in the United Kingdom. The 14 year contract is worth nearly $12 billion……Keep an eye on “the other side” of the nuclear power market because there’s plenty of money to be made cleaning up old messes.


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