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Arclights last Stand! A plea for help!

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Date 28 April 2014

Posted to

This is a bit odd! I have, like Mari Takenouchi and many others been on the receiving end of the UK`s NDEU squad or whoever is hacking me and forcing me to adapt to these various attacks over the last 2 years especially.

It is likely that your children will have to get used to this sort of thing but i am a bit old fashioned and thought that the west was all about democrasy, free speech and equal opportunities and I actually generally thought that until Fukushima had three meltdowns and the lives of the local people were put at risk.

The deeper I dug the more horrified I became at what was happening and what was being covered up.

So in summary, with out all the paranoid bullshit here are the facts.

I was earning over 30,00 Euros driving a motorbike when Fukushima melted down and here is the situation that got me there

I was given a social housing home with a lovely garden that I developed out of a mudball whilst I worked mainly voluntarily at numerous social  projects for numerous communities and groups in London whilst i brought up my children as a single parent. The housing was given to me for my tremendous efforts in the Richmond and Kingston areas, I even submitted a report that started a voluntary group that was submitted to the government and was excepted.

I did this for about 10 years but run up debts. After my children had left home I decided to work hard and clear these debts. I paid my taxes and worked long hours and just as i had only 2 years to clear all debts i was attacked from all sides and lost my home, my job and friends were attacked.

I left the UK after the new definition of the secrets act meant that it was possible that information i had legally gleaned in the past might be made illegal retroactively from the 2nd April 2014.

It would appear that in Ireland I am safer but it has few suitable jobs and i have, today run out of money. Tomorrow I will have to leave the hotel i am living in and will become a vagrant. This means if I am caught by the Gardai I will likely be deported back to the UK where the best that will happen there is the attacks that happened before and the utter isolation that i had to deal with over this past year.

So i will make this simple plea to those who know my worth as a researcher and serious pain in the arse to corporations everywhere.

I have asked the Hotel to accept credit card payments of 35 Euros per day starting from tomorrow at 9 am GMT until 12,oo pm.

3 hours window for you guys and gals to keep me  with a roof over my head, one meal a day and a wireless internet connection to maintain the blogging.

I have requested help from a number of sources and as of today I have had a negative result from all avenues of employment, legal and human rights support. my friends have given all they can as they are struggling like everyone else.

I have no bank account and only need the roof over my head to continue  with harassing the nuclear corporations and their military banking friends.

In fact I think I am just getting the hang of it. I hope you agree.

The Address is

The Railway Hotel

Limerick City


Tel:  00353 (0)61 413653

I would prefer to hook up with some like minded activists, but be warned that everyone i have been in contact with has had things happen to them.. I am that good !  And I am resigned to a life of isolation to protect others.

I have to say that I have had alot less problems now there are impartial  witness`s to any undue attentions and therefore things are much better for me here in Ireland than they were in the UK..

If you are in two minds and want to know more email me at

and i will fill you in. If i get loads of request I will sit down and do a public post concerning all the things i have experienced. I will do this one day anyway but would prefer to get on with some more important and  constructive research.. I have things I am still researching and am awaiting data all the time at the moment. Trying to be a proper journalist where other journalists cant go because of their personal situation s. The sort of situations i had to forgo.

I really didint want to ask this as I wanted a job in limerick to pay my way like I have done over the past three years regardless of the situation i found myself in but I really have hit a brick wall now!

Peace Light and Love to you all!

Saikado Hantai!! (And I mean it!!)

Sean P McGee

Aka Arclight




2nd UPDATE :


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  1. Hello Sean, I will be sending you an email shortly… As there is info that I wish for your eyes only.

    Comment by Daryl | April 29, 2014 | Reply

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