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Catholic priest’s anti nuclear battle

Tenacious Priest Fights Colo. Nukes Dec 22, 2009  SHARON DUNN, The Greeley Tribune GREELEY, Colo. (AP) ― Five months in Weld County Jail was starting to wear thin on Father Carl Kabat’s normally patient and jovial demeanor.He misses the outdoors, the freedom to move around, which at 76 is getting harder to do anyway…….……Whatever the price, Kabat stays strong in his resolve against an issue that was more prominent during the Cold War, but which has been pushed to the backburners of political and social discourse today — he wants these nuclear weapons, the Minuteman III missiles buried in the ground throughout the Midwest, gone. Some of those missiles are in northeast Weld County; he’s spent a lifetime protesting those weapons and was promptly getting thrown in jail for it………..

….People who know Kabat know his latest protest in Weld probably won’t be his last tangle with the criminal justice system. He’s lived now almost 18 years of his life in jails and prisons for his cause, in which he enters missile silos throughout the Midwest, puts up his anti-nuke banners, hangs up his clown doll, does a little damage, and waits in prayer while authorities, usually from nearby Air Force bases, collect him for jail. It’s almost a routine.

Tenacious Priest Fights Colo. Nukes –

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