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Obama diverted renewable energy funding, while touting renewables

the administration received dozens of applications, but then made little progress in getting them processed. So far, less than 3 percent of the money set aside for [renewable energy] loan guarantees has actually been formally assign…….

Obama Talks Big About Clean Energy While Cash Stripped From Key Program Internal Memo Advises President Obama to Fix Program or Scrap It  ABC News By MATTHEW MOSK and TIM FLEMING. Nov. 3, 2010 While President Obama has touted his deep commitment to a clean energy industry, the administration has quietly drained more than half of the $6 billion allocated to a key renewable energy program Continue reading


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Sorry state of Americans’ knowledge of climate change

Americans’ scary scarcity of global warming knowledge, The Science Friday Blog,  October 29, 2010 by Neil Wagner Study: 52% of Americans deserve an “F” for their climate change researchers from Yale University and the University of Wisconsin have published results of a study that show just how little the American public understands climate change. If the authors of the study were to give grades to those surveyed, 1% would get an A,  7% a B,  15% a C,  25 % a D and  52% an F! Yikes! That IS scary!

On the bright side, 75% said they would like to know more about the issue and that schools should teach our children about climate change.

New York Times story about the study … Americans’ scary scarcity of global warming knowledge

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The continuing corporate campaign of climate change denial

Books such as Merchants of Doubt by science historians Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway have detailed how front groups for the fossil-fuel industry have been waging an orchestrated, well-funded campaign against climate science and climate scientists for more than two decades.

Professional climate change deniers’ crusade continues –  02 November 2010 – New Scientist, In the media and the courts, the battle to undermine climate science and its researchers hasn’t let up, warns climatologist Michael Mann. Continue reading

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Protest against Trident nuclear missiles shuts UK dockland

Not only was Trident bad for jobs, but the radioactive substances it requires were highly dangerous for the 250,000 people living in Portsmouth

Dockyard shut by anti-nuke activists , Morning Star,  by Lizzie Cocker, 1 Nov 10, Anti-nuclear campaigners successfully blockaded all entrances to a Plymouth dockyard today.They were protesting at the role the site plays in maintaining Trident nuclear submarines. Continue reading

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Small scale renewable energy has big future in Africa

“Many developmental agencies consider small-scale RE projects as the most feasible solution for accelerated rural electrification and therefore are increasingly investing in medium-sized projects, especially wind and solar projects.”

South Africa’s Renewable Energy Gold Rush Renewable Energy news, by Energy Matters, 2 Nov 10, Renewable Energy in South AfricaSub-Saharan Africa is likely to become the new boom region for global renewable energy investment, according to a new international study. Continue reading

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Hong Kong – anti-nuclear protest and petition

A study by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department shows that wind and solar energy can meet 21 percent of electricity demand if these alternative power sources are fully developed in the region.

Greens dead set against nuclear plan, The Standard, Natalie Wong, November 01, 2010About 30 Greenpeace activists staged a “die-in” protest on a Mong Kok street yesterday to dramatize their opposition to a government plan to tap mainland nuclear plants for more electricity. Continue reading

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Renewable energy for Austria

Austrians stake claim to green energy – The Diplomat Bucharest – November 2010 Renewable energy investments from Austria are expected to rise – if the legal incentive scheme for this is in place, according to Rudolf Lukavsky, commercial counsellor for the Austrian Embassy in BucharestAustria is expecting a rise of its investments in renewable energy projects in Romania, especially in the fields of hydro power and wind parks, according to Rudolf Lukavsky, commercial counsellor for the Austrian Embassy.
However the Government is still putting the financial touches to a workable law on renewable energy, which was drawn up at the end of June, but still lacks the secondary legislation.
Once this is in place, there should be a clearer incentive scheme for the period up until 2020, helping investors in green energy to establish a predictable business plan to present to their potential financiers. Austrians stake claim to green energy – The Diplomat Bucharest – November 2010

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Gloomy political future for Merkel’s govt on its pro nuclear decision

The opposition and some of the states are now considering appealing to the country’s constitutional court to overturn the bill, arguing that it should have been brought before the Bundesrat. And around 50 municipally-controlled energy suppliers also intend to campaign against the new law. They are concerned that the refocus on nuclear energy could endanger investment in renewable energy programs…..

The World from Berlin: Extension of Nuclear Lifespans Is ‘Pure Conservatism’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – 29 Oct 10,  “…..lGermany may be facing into a winter of discontent following the dismantling of a plan to phase out nuclear energy in just over a decade. Continue reading

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German govt downs solar spending, obeys nuclear companies

“Every solar energy plant and every biomass plant undermines the power of the four big energy companies and with that weakens their standing in society. After a loss of 16 percent of the traditional companies’ market share, the democratization of the energy business had to be stopped. So down with the funding for solar energy and up with the lifespans of nuclear plants seems to be the government’s thinking.”

Die Tageszeitung 30 Oct 10, :”The Christian Democrats once have again a distinct profile: The extension of the lifespan of nuclear plants is pure conservatism Continue reading

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California debate on nuclear power stacked by pro nuclear interests

the electric utilities are big campaign donors at the Capitol.

State panel to debate nuclear power Los Angeles Times, Patrick McGreevy, 27 Oct 10, “………..David Weisman of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility complained that the hearing lineup appeared stacked in favor of those who support expanded nuclear power in California Continue reading

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Groundbreaking solar facility on federal land in California

The approximately $2 billion project is the first-of-its-kind to be built on federal land,

Calif. Gov. Schwarzenegger Celebrates First-of-Its-Kind Renewable Energy Facility Groundbreaking,  California Newswire, Edited by Valerie Gotten , 27 Oct 2010 SACRAMENTO, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today celebrated the groundbreaking of BrightSource Energy’s Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in Ivanpah, California. Continue reading

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Renewable energy for India’s remote villages

10,000 villages to get power from renewable energy sources, The Hindu :Sujay Mehdudia, 27 oct 10, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday announced that 10,000 remote villages across the country would be electrified with renewable sources by March 2012 under an innovative initiative that will also generate employment.
“We will provide electricity to 10,000 villages at a cost of Rs. 500 crore by the end of the current plan period,” Dr. Abdullah said, while addressing a press conference to mark the start of the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference (DIREC) here………  The Hindu : News / National : 10,000 villages to get power from renewable energy sources

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Keen interest in renewable energy by South African businesses

Long queue for slice of renewable energy cake Business Report October 26, 2010By INGI SALGADO tSouth Africa’s decision more than a decade ago to introduce private sector investment in electricity generation soon highlighted the uncomfortable truth that the country’s low pricing regime would not encourage this outcome.
By comparison, the response this month to the Department of Energy’s call for expressions of interest by the private sector in renewable energy and cogeneration projects has been extremely keen – even though developers were given only a week to compile their submissions.

Interest for projects offering about 20 000 megawatts of generating capacity has been registered, says Ompi Aphane, the deputy director-general for electricity, nuclear and clean energy. A cursory analysis shows the bulk are wind projects, but solar has made a very strong showing….

Business Report – Opinion/ Analysis – Long queue for slice of renewable energy cake

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Feminist leader of IRENA gets booted out by United Arab Emirates,

...”The Emirates asked France for my head,” Pelosse said, adding that one of the reasons was that she had worn a T-shirt reading “IRENA recruits 50 percent women” at a climate conference in Amsterdam at the end of 2009.

Fearful’ Frenchwoman replaced as renewables agency chief, Google hosted news, AFP:, 26 oct 10, ABU DHABI — Adnan Amin of Kenya will replace Helene Pelosse of France as the interim director general of the International Renewable Energy Agency, the head of its preparatory commission said on Monday. Continue reading

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International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) fast gathering member countries

Irena which was founded by 75 states in January 2009, grew almost two-fold within 21 months. 148 countries and the European Union have signed Irena’s statute and 42 have ratified it. Among them are 48 African, 38 European, 35 Asian, 17 American and 10 Australia/Oceania states. Mali, Senegal and Bangladesh were the last three countries which ratified the statute last week….

Irena aims to be voice for renewable energyAdnan Ameen, the interim director-general of Irena, wants members to define their strategy  Gulf News,  By Binsal Abdul Kader,  October 26, 2010 Continue reading

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