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Despite Republicans’ electoral success, nuclear power industry’s future in USA looking grim

Nationwide, ground has been broken for just four reactors, two twin-unit nuclear plants since the 1970s……both are in locations that are insulated from the market, in Georgia and South Carolina. In both locations, the business risk rests with the ratepayers, not with the shareholders…….

G.O.P. Gains on Capitol Hill May Not Advance Nuclear Power,, By MATTHEW L. WALD, November 16, 2010 WASHINGTON THE outspoken supporters of nuclear power are mostly Republicans, and the Republicans are about to take control of the House of Representatives and gain six seats in the Senate. Is this good news for nuclear power? Continue reading

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Atomic Energy of Canada languishing

The Harper government, not a great lover of AECL and its drain on revenue, has tried for a year to sell the company

The sad reality of AECL Ottawa Citizen November 17, 2010 Ontarians would love to be able to say that Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. is on the cutting edge of nuclear technology. That its reactors are heavily in demand. That companies are clamouring to purchase this valuable mass producer of clean, electrical energy. But much of that just isn’t true….. Continue reading

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Stuxnet computer worm was designed to disable nuclear plant

it’s more likely that the target in Iran was a nuclear facility in Natanz…..The new information released by Symantec last week supports this speculation…..

Clues Suggest Stuxnet Virus Was Built for Subtle Nuclear Sabotage ,,  By Kim Zetter   November 15, 2010 New and important evidence found in the sophisticated “Stuxnet” malware targeting industrial control systems provides strong hints that the code was designed to sabotage nuclear plants, Continue reading

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American firms keen to make big money out of selling nukes to India

GE scouting for acquisitions in India | Reuters, By Devidutta Tripathy and Anurag Kotoky NEW DELHI | Mon Nov 15, 2010 GE, which set up India’s first hydropower plant in 1902, is keen to tap a $150 billion atomic market Continue reading

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Four priniciples to deal with nuclear radioactive wastes

our position can be summarized by four clear principles:
*No reprocessing of radioactive waste

*Isolation from the biosphere for as long as it remains a hazard

*Hardening and improved monitoring of the waste where it is currently stored

*Stop Making Radioactive Waste!

Sign the Petition: Principles for Radioactive Waste Policy, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, November 10, 2010 In light of its decision to end the failed and scientifically-indefensible Yucca Mountain, Nevada radioactive waste dump, the Obama Administration has established the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC) to re-evaluate radioactive waste policy. Continue reading

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Blue Ribbon Commission is dedicated to expanding nuclear industry, rather than solving waste problem

in its name, charter, membership, words, and actions, the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC) seems more devoted to the nuclear power industry’s continuation, and even expansion, than it is to solving the radioactive waste problem.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC for short), Beyond Nuclear, 11 Nov 10,  It was created by President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu at the end of January, 2010. It was supposed to come up with “Plan B” for U.S. high-level radioactive waste management, now that they have so wisely and thankfully cancelled the geologically unsuitable and environmentally unjust Yucca Mountain, Nevada dumpsite proposal. Continue reading

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Obama pleases his corporate nuclear backers, but safety troubles won’t go away

The problems all occurred within days of President Obama’s post-election press conference in which he promoted restarting the U.S. nuclear power industry. His remarks came after heavy spending by the nuclear power industry during the recent election cycle .

As Obama pushes nuclear industry’s expansion, its safety troubles mount, FACING SOUTH, By Sue Sturgis on November 8, 2010, Two nuclear power plants owned by New Orleans-based Entergy were forced to shut down over the weekend following serious operating problems, including a radioactive leak at one plant in Vermont. Continue reading

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Is nuclear power really safe? – explosion was too close for comfort

Energy analysts will tell you that nuclear power, …… is on the verge of a renaissance……….But an explosion at a power plant barely over a marathon’s distance away from NYC? That’s still scary.

New York Nuclear Power Plant Faces Emergency Shut Down -Is Nuclear Power Really Safe?, By: Eben Harrell 9 Nov 10, At Indian Point nuclear power plant—about 35 miles north of midtown Manhattan—a transformer exploded on reactor 2 Continue reading

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Mystery of USA Republicans supporting socialised nuclear industry

I can’t understand why they’re pushing an energy agenda that calls for building new nuclear power plants. Those facilities are super-expensive and are virtually impossible to build without a big helping hand from the government.

GOP’s nuclear option –  Rochester City Newspaper, November 8, 2010 By Jeremy Moule. Republicans just took back control of Congress in an electoral wave, Continue reading

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Germany: nuclear wastes arrived, but anti-nuclear movement now mainstream

“The main difference between the ’70s and ’80s, when this all started, is today it’s a mainstream issue at the centre of the society,” …. “It is not just the ecological fringe.”

Despite protests, nuclear waste arrives in northern Germany – Michael Slackman New York Times, 9 Nov 10,  lBERLIN—After three days of protests and occasional violent clashes with the police, a train hauling 123 tonnes of nuclear waste arrived Monday in northern Germany. Continue reading

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Obama’s nuclear concessions to India, despite India not joining Nuclear non Proliferation Treaty

Both the Missile Technology Control Regime and the nuclear exporters group mandate that nations seeking membership join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. India has not done so

Obama Eases Nuclear Export Controls on India, Washington and New Delhi also inked a memorandum of understanding that outlines areas the United States can collaborate with India as the South Asian state establishes the Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership, the White House announced, Global Security Newswire,  Nov. 8, 2010 President Obama on Saturday declared the United States would ease some controls on high-tech trade with nuclear-armed India, restrictions originally put in place in response to the South Asian nation’s 1998 nuclear tests, Continue reading

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Nuclear lobbyists in Britain getting favoured treatment

Thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money have been spent on special meetings between ministers and the nuclear industry in Britain, prompting allegations the government is giving the sector an unfair advantage over renewable energy.

Ministers’ meetings with nuclear lobby raise concerns of favouritism The renewable energy industry is concerned that the government has spent thousands meeting nuclear lobbyists, 7 November 2010 Continue reading

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No, Mr President, we can’t ‘restart’ the nuclear industry

A “commercial” nuclear reactor would cost upwards of 15 billion dollars to build in America today and require massive government subsidies which could be invested in, for example, offshore wind power and transmission lines instead.

A response to President Obama on nuclear industry, Media With Conscience , By Ace Hoffman, 8 Nov 10, During a press conference after the elections this week, President Obama made a short reference in vague support of nuclear energy. He said:”There’s been discussion about how we can restart our nuclear industry as a means of reducing our dependence on foreign oil and reducing greenhouse gases.  Is that an area where we can move forward?” Continue reading

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Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) a target for smuggling

the world should phase out the civilian use of HEU, which is still used to fuel more than 100 research reactors around the world, many with minimal security measures in place.

Nuclear smuggling: The expert view, Insider thieves are the new nuclear threat. Protect the materials and prevent the terrorism,  Matthew Bunn,,  7 November 2 The dark netherworlds of nuclear smuggling still pose a terrible danger to us all. Terrorists are seeking nuclear weapons and the materials to make them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a Manhattan Project to make a crude nuclear bomb – numerous government studies have warned that a sophisticated terrorist group might pull it off, if they could get enough nuclear material. Continue reading

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Obama and 200 corporate heavies to India to sell nuclear technology

Over 200 US corporate chiefs are accompanying Mr Obama, including Jeffrey Inmelt of GE, seeking to sell to India civil nuclear equipment worth billions of dollars.

US trade drive in India includes arms and civil nuclear material – The Irish Times – Sat, Nov 06, 2010, RAHUL BEDI in New Delhi US PRESIDENT Barack Obama arrives in India today on a three-day official trip that promises to be high on ceremony and sentiment but somewhat low on tangible “deliverables”…. Continue reading

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