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At Gorleben nuclear waste dump, protests continue

The renewed protests come after demonstrators successfully delayed the shipment of nuclear waste to Gorleben from France last week by blocking road and rail routes on the way…..

Protests continue at Gorleben nuclear waste storage facility, Deutsche Welle | 14.11.2010 Demonstrations against the German government’s nuclear power policy continued as protesters marched near the Gorleben waste storage site. Continue reading


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Despite START Treaty, Obama escalates nuclear weapons spending

“Regrettably, his words belie his actions. The fiscal year 2011 federal budget calls for increased funding for new nuclear production facilities,

Close out the nuclear era Bennington Banner 11/11/2010 “………President Obama, at the signing of the START agreement, said: “So today, I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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Australia’s hypocritical and unsafe uranium deal with Russia

“Australia cannot hope to be a leader on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament while spreading nuclear risks by trying to become the world’s largest uranium supplier,”

Activists Blast Russian-Australian Uranium Deal, NTI: Global Security Newswire , Nov. 12, 2010 * Activists have sharply criticized a new Russian-Australian uranium export agreement, partly over concerns that nuclear material sent to Russia under the deal could be diverted for weapons production, the Australian Associated Press reported today (see GSN, Nov. 11). Continue reading

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North Korea exporting nuclear technology

The experts write that North Korea is getting around U.N.-imposed sanctions and is masking financial transactions by the use of “overseas entities, shell companies, informal transfer mechanisms, cash couriers and barter arrangements.”

U.N. report alleges North Korea exported nuclear technologyFrom Joe Vaccarello, CNN, November 12, 2010 –  United Nations — A U.N. expert panel alleges that North Korea exported banned nuclear and ballistic missile technology to several rogue nations. Continue reading

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Four priniciples to deal with nuclear radioactive wastes

our position can be summarized by four clear principles:
*No reprocessing of radioactive waste

*Isolation from the biosphere for as long as it remains a hazard

*Hardening and improved monitoring of the waste where it is currently stored

*Stop Making Radioactive Waste!

Sign the Petition: Principles for Radioactive Waste Policy, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, November 10, 2010 In light of its decision to end the failed and scientifically-indefensible Yucca Mountain, Nevada radioactive waste dump, the Obama Administration has established the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC) to re-evaluate radioactive waste policy. Continue reading

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Conflict of interest, with AREVA on uranium study panel

Areva employee on NAS uranium mining panel, Beyond Nuclear Nov10 2010, The National Academy of Sciences has now chosen panelists for a study which will be used by the Virginia General Assembly to determine whether uranium mining should be permitted in the state. Concerned citizens asked for the removal of an Areva employee, but their request was denied. Areva runs uranium mines in Niger and, therefore, has a vested interest in uranium mining expansion…..
Future meetings are planned for Saskatchewan and Colorado, specific places to be determined. While this study claims to be assessing just uranium mining in Virginia, citizens fear the results of this study could be used for other potential uranium mining sites…. Beyond Nuclear – Uranium Mining – Areva employee on NAS uranium mining panel

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Hanford’s super hot radioactive waste needs a robot for cleanup

The Tank C-107 holds 247,000 gallons of radioactive and chemical sludge

Robotic arm to clean out Hanford waste tank,  Seattle Times Newspaper, 9 Nov 10, Workers at the Hanford nuclear reservation are cutting a bigger hole in a high-level radioactive waste tank so a robotic arm can be inserted for cleanup work Continue reading

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Germany’s nuclear waste train delivery not the end of the issue

AUDIO Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Swells In Germany,  NPR, by Eric Westervelt November 10, 2010 German police cleared roadblocks and carried off anti-nuclear protesters Tuesday, making way for the delivery of a shipment of nuclear waste to a storage site in northern Germany.The protests are part of a resurgent anti-nuclear movement that has been enlivened by growing opposition to a plan to extend the life span of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants.

Tuesday marked the final leg of a contentious, five-day journey for German nuclear waste that was reprocessed in France and sent back for storage. For the past few days, protesters have tried everything to block the train and trucks — from human chains to herds of sheep and farm tractors.

The annual shipment is always a protest magnet. But this year, there was even wider support as the trainload — which protesters dubbed “Chernobyl on wheels” — drew huge crowds shouting “shut the plants down.” Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Swells In Germany : NPR

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Not needed now? Old Wisconsin nuclear plant with safety issues history

The plant was previously considered to have the most serious safety issues of all nuclear power plants in the country,……. the energy produced at Point Beach may not be necessary for the state.

Life of state’s nuclear plants to be extended Company prolongs operation of aging facility by 20 years; critics say could increase accidents, danger The Badger Herald: NewsBy Christina Spiewak , November 9, 2010

The oldest nuclear power plant in Wisconsin will reach its projected lifespan of 40 years next month, but a nuclear operating group is planning to extend its use by up to 20 years. Continue reading

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Airline pilots highlight cancer danger of repeated radiation scanning

radiation experts from the University of California, San Francisco, warned President Obama’s science assistant that the machines pose potentially serious health risks…..

World’s largest pilot union shuns full-body scanners The Register Warning cites radiation risk By Dan Goodin  San Francisco , 9th November 2010 The world’s largest independent airline pilot association is warning its members to avoid security screening by full-body scanners out of concern the machines emit dangerous levels of radiation. Continue reading

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Highly Enriched Uranium – so easy to make an atom bomb

Since the end of the Cold War the International Atomic Energy Authority, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, has logged 800 incidents of radioactive material going missing or being seized by smugglers.

Mission to stop nuclear terrorism, Telegraph A multi-million dollar US programme is attempting to make safe the world’s bomb-grade uranium before terrorists can get to it. By Nick Meo in Warsaw  11 Oct 2010 “…..Intelligence agencies will not reveal their reasons for being so frightened now about what for years seemed a remote and unlikely risk. But it may be because of the deeply troubling cases of smuggling that surface from time to time in Eastern Europe, hinting at the existence of a nuclear black market. Continue reading

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Mystery of USA Republicans supporting socialised nuclear industry

I can’t understand why they’re pushing an energy agenda that calls for building new nuclear power plants. Those facilities are super-expensive and are virtually impossible to build without a big helping hand from the government.

GOP’s nuclear option –  Rochester City Newspaper, November 8, 2010 By Jeremy Moule. Republicans just took back control of Congress in an electoral wave, Continue reading

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Germany: nuclear wastes arrived, but anti-nuclear movement now mainstream

“The main difference between the ’70s and ’80s, when this all started, is today it’s a mainstream issue at the centre of the society,” …. “It is not just the ecological fringe.”

Despite protests, nuclear waste arrives in northern Germany – Michael Slackman New York Times, 9 Nov 10,  lBERLIN—After three days of protests and occasional violent clashes with the police, a train hauling 123 tonnes of nuclear waste arrived Monday in northern Germany. Continue reading

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Germany: costly transport of nuclear wastes through protest

17,000 policemen, at a cost of up to 50 million euros ($70 million), were used over the weekend to keep an estimated 35,000 people from blocking the path of the train,

Mounting disappointments boost anti-nuclear protests   Deutsche Welle    Ben Knight,   08.11.2010 “……..The ongoing civil disobedience campaign against a train delivery of nuclear waste to a storage facility in Gorleben is being reported as one of the biggest of its kind ever in Germany. Continue reading

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17,000 police can’t get nuclear waste train through German protest

Police used tear gas, baton charges, horses, water cannon, pepper spray and human brute force but wave after wave of protesters continued to swarm on the last stretch of track before the city of Dannenberg.

Fierce battles as nuclear ‘train of death’ held up in GermanyA nuclear waste train inching through Germany was unlikely to reach its destination until Monday after massive protests along every foot of railway line. Telegraph By Allan Hall in Berlin 07 Nov 2010 “….The security operation to ensure the cargo of reprocessed fuel from nuclear power stations in Germany reaches its destination is one of the biggest ever mounted with 17,000 police officers on duty. Continue reading

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