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  1. Only God knows how much Radioactive waste has run-off,  from the Continental United states and Asia,  are in the oceans. God knows how many barrels of nuclear waste from countries like France, The USA, and Russia Have been carted out on freightors into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to dump. The French Blew-up a Greanpeace ahip by New Zealand for dogging one of Frances-Nuclear Waste-Dumping Freightors.

    The Russians continue to have the shittyist, most dangerous reactor designs in the world running on undependable mox made in Mayak.  2 may have already gone off since Chernobyl. You will not hear about that. There were elevated radiation readings in europe, since fukushima that came from russia and, stunk of hilevel reactor releases. Busby used a Gamma Spectrometer off the coast of the Baltic Sea, by Russia and found that Ceceium 134 and 137 levels were twice, as high there post Chernobyl as they should be, in 2017.

    America is a radioactive crudhole , with places like Hanford,  3 mile island, Multiple open air nuclear tests for decades. 97 of the leakiest, old cracked, embrittled-nuclear reactors in the world. 10s of thousands of tons of the worst highlevel nuclear waste spread across the USA.
    Now think about Russia and Japan and the Arctic ocean  and Pacific ocean for a minute.

    Many Places in Russia are so radioacive, one cannot stand for 30 minutes witout dropping dead. Russia has the distinction of being one of tge most radioactive country’s on earth!  Up there with Japan and many places in America.

    The CIA will tell you about Russias shrinking demographics but, they will not tell the truth about it.
    Half the men and women in Russia have  fertililiy problems from massive radionuclide contamination. The CIA says it is from an aging Russian poulation and bad russian economy. I knew a Russian doctor that was in a port where a russian sub blew in the late 80s. She has had dysmennorhea and has been bleeding since then.

    The Russian’s run nuclear-powered ice breakers in the arctic. America is a radioactive shithole and so is Russia . The russians have dumped  two hundred thousand tons of high level nuclear waste in the arctic ocean. That includes the old nuclear reactors it has pushed into the Arctic and baltic oceans and the old nuclear submarines there. Altogether there are probably a half million-tons of the highest level radionuclides dumped in the arctic ocean from Russia, the Usa, France and England. Some of that high level waste is conatantly changing. Some has longer lasting, heat generating radionucleides like Pyrophic Plutonium
    Strontiums                     THESE ARE STRONG
    Cesium 134-137         BETA-GAMMA EMITTERS
    Radioactive Cobalts

    Germanium-72, 73, 74, 76
    Strontiums 88-90
    Polonium 220
    Selenium-77, 78, 79, 80, 82
    Rubidium-85, 87
    Iodine 129
    Zirconium-90 to 96
    Ruthenium-101 to 106

    Things like strontium 90, plutonium and
    CESIUM134-137 are migrating to the pacific ocean  from the Arctic Ocean, so there is the Fukushima nuclear excrement in the pacific and everything else.

    The Russians  brag about a floating reactor in the arctic . That crappy old reactor will dump nuclear waste into the ocean and forwver be prone to exploding there. The Russians dump old nuclear submarines and exploded reactors in the arctic ocean. Americans and the UK and France have dumped subs into the oceans too.

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