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The TV mini-series “Chernobyl” has reminded the world of something that the insurance industry fully understands: even if the probability of a nuclear accident is very small, the consequences of a nuclear accident are very big.

Two current events highlight the risks of nuclear disaster:

14 sailors died in a heroic effort to avert a planetary catastrophe, in a fire accident on a Russian nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea.

 Earthquakes in Southern California raise anxieties about the safety of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Station. The Quake That Could Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone. What are the risks at closed San Onofre during a big earthquake?

Far from stopping climate change – nuclear reactors are being stopped by climate change.

Special UN meeting to discuss Iran: Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany try to keep nuclear deal.

United Nations warns that climate crisis disasters are happening at the rate of one a week and work is urgently needed to prepare developing countries for the profound impacts. Rich countries are not immune.

Renewable energy racing ahead, close to beating nuclear power.

RUSSIA. Russia’s nuclear submarine fire: what is known so far . Local fishermen saw the Russian nuclear submarine accident.   14 Russian Sailors Killed in Fire on Nuclear Sub.   Russian commentators criticise secrecy on details of nuclear submarine accident.    Trip to check radiation after 1989 sinking of Russian sub.  Russia’s President Putin officially halts participation in nuclear treaty .

IRAN. Iran to breach nuclear deal limits:  still far from producing a nuclear weapon. Fiery Imam suggests missile attack on Israel’s Dimona nuclear power plant.  Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief says -The world knows Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapon.


UK.  Britain’s nuclear power projects not economically viable, and adding to global warming.   £1.68bn pre-tax loss for Horizon Nuclear Power, builder for suspended Wylfa Newydd project.  Expert opinion: small nuclear reactors a very bad deal for Scotland.  Together Against Sizewell C: the battle to save UK’s Suffolk coast from nuclear development. Nuclear power – unsustainable – half Scotland’s reactors offline – but renewables supplying the load.

UKRAINE. The Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe is not over. Chernobyl radiation proves harmful to vital forest mammal . Chernobyl’s $1.7B nuclear confinement shelter finally revealed.

IRAQ. Dramatic rise in cancer rates in Basra, where depleted uranium weapons were used.

FRANCE. French government wants an independent audit of EDF’s Flamanville nuclear plant.

AUSTRALIA.   Australia would be wise not to mindlessly follow USA into war against Iran.

TURKEY. Arrests in Turkey for theft of nuclear weapons material.

JAPAN. Should Fukushima exclusion zone be widened?

SINGAPORE. Singapore plans huge 50MW floating solar project.

BELGIUM. Belgium’s green party demands review of nuclear waste storage project.


July 9, 2019 - Posted by | Christina's notes


  1. We talk about the carbon footprint of the Luxury-Petrol-Gulper-Jetsetters of the Western-PetrolBased-Empirial Plutocrasies . Plutocracies Like the USA, France, UK etc . We dont talk about the Radioactive footprint of the rich bastards in these plutocracies , where trillions are spent to Build nuclear bombs and for related war technology that the investment classes and pension funds , in the USA are vested in.

    The Carbon footprint millionaires, billionaires, oligarchs and middle classes, in The USA, France, Israel, Uk, India, Australia have trillions invested in their Nuclear-Millitary-Industrial Complexes, that spend trillions on Useless nuclear bombs and related technololgy.
    Their military-industrial-complexes and massivlely governemt subsidized energy corporations , spend trillions to prop up dangerous Nuclear reactors and petroleum industries, that ruin them and the rest of us.

    The american people have radionuclides on their shoes . Thw american people and empire have created huge radioactive footprints as well as the massive carbon footprints many of them have. Thia is Especially true of the jet-setters whose wealth and pensions, are subsidized by the government, by making nuclear weapons, nuclear waste, depleted uranium weapons, useless war machines, huge intelligence spook operations, nuclear reactors that the rich and pensioners make money off of, through their investments. The working poor subsidize the super radioactive footprints and carbon footprind of the BoBos, the Oligarchs, the Wortless Plutarch Polititicians. It Occurs in Russia, Korea and Japan too. Korea and Japan mostly through expensive, dangerous nuclear reactors.

    Everyone in the nucleoape countries pays for the high radioactive footprints with their health.

    High Cost of Nukes Even Higher If Medical Expenses Included

    Comment by Nick Hashimoto | July 9, 2019 | Reply

  2. New Orleans, is flooded all to hell. A hurricane is headed for New Orleans. 10 and more old beat up reactors in the Hurricanes path.

    The gulf coast is saturated with rain water but, the economy is good! They are building more pipelines from Canada than ever! More chemical plants and refineries than ever! More plastic shit than ever before. More fat people at walmarts in the south, than ever before!

    The gulf coast and mississippi basins are booming and green, because the sky just opens up and floods the shit out of everything evry few weeks.

    They will be sure to run the reactors at full capacity again, when the hurricane hits and the reactor levees are breached! The conductors blow the horns! Full speed, ahead!

    Something has happened at Diablo.

    All of the radiation monitors are down around in southern california, in that area. Environews is silent. If someone knows something, they should speak-up.

    Jerod, in Santa Barbara says he has tinitus and a metallic taste in his moth that started after the last earthquake.

    The huge trains have left the stations.
    Merica is a bat-shit crazy mess. Most people do not give a damned.

    The trains are out of control. The trains are headed over a cliff.

    People will belittle you and call you crazy, for caring.

    The lady who does this blog is one of the few people telling the truth

    Google delists us This is a bat-shit crazy society where few people give a shit. Too bad. Good luck to the honest people out there and, good luck to your families

    Comment by doug | July 11, 2019 | Reply

  3. The nukesters will tell you increased radiation makes wildlife flourish – but it kills pesky varmints like mice, rats, and voles (whatever that is)!

    Comment by Joe Hart | July 12, 2019 | Reply

    • What is a Vole? Is is a violent Mole? Good point Joe. I am from Los Alamos. It seemed like our dogs, only lived to be about 5 or 7 years old, growing-up there and, by there. You read the same thing about dog and cat, shortened lifespans at fukushima and Chernobyl. So many damnable lies, the nucleoapes float and enforce

      Comment by doug sumner | July 13, 2019 | Reply

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