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High voltage power lines in Europe and recent radioactive particles causing cancer?

“We do not believe that ions are dangerous – the danger comes from the pollutants. The ions merely assist the particles to stick to the lungs. If there are no dangerous particles in the air to attach to the ions, there is no risk of ill health.” Source 2015 Charged particle concentrations near busy roads can exceed that under power lines.


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Nuclear-news just published two stories to note that go with the above link to the Charged particle paper and article.

The first is the new findings from Prof. Chris Busby and the second is the report of a plume of Ruthenium 106 Beta particles in the air throughout Europe. Why is it that no actual plume chart videos were released to explain the way that the plume got to Europe from the Urals region? (NILU and other organisations have the software to do this. It would have decreased the speculation that always arises from these cases).

So, the findings from Chris Busbys recent interview on Libbe Halevy`s Nuclear Hotseat Podcast show, that Beta type nano sized particles would collect around high power voltage lines and contaminate the air around them at a higher density than is being reported.

It does give one some “food for thought” that for the last month that at least some people may have been more at risk than the nuclear industry itself was aware. The fact that the Paper that Prof Busby refers to is still not published at a time when it would be topical and relevant is a shame but at least in some quarters of the anti nuclear activist campaign are discussing the issue.

Criirad, an independent French scientific NGO has been monitoring the situation as best as it was able and managed to garner some relevant facts and make some points on concerns of the health of people near the main accident site.

The problem could be caused by anything from forest fires, as happens in the contaminated forests of Chernobyl frequently, to accidents, purposely dumped waste, fuel fabrication, medical reactors etc. We have not been told what other isotopes were present (if any) and any actual measurements. So much for transparency!

Try to get the word out to friends and family. Both these accidental and purposeful releases are constant and travel far (even upwind it would appear). As it happens I checked the Jet stream at the time and realised that there was a break in it in parts of Europe and heading to the far east, so it is plausible that the plume moved against the prevailing winds;

Screenshot from 2017-11-12 15:10:07

Source for map;

Note; It is very useful for the nuclear industry, supported by the IAEA to release details of these pollution incidents up to some months after the fact. IRSN, Bellona and CRIIRAD are three organisations that are left to find and report on these situations. So, lets give them some support so they can pay to access NILU data etc for more comprehensive reporting of the incidents. Regards Shaun aka arclight2011



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  1. Reblogged this on nuclear-news and commented:

    This articles asks the question.. Even at low densities could this plume have injured anyone? And the links point to 2 sources of possible harm.
    1/ The local population downwind from the plume
    2/ People further away but living under or near High Voltage Power Lines.
    Reblogged for any who missed it earlier this weekend (busy nuclear and climate news weekend) ..

    Comment by arclight2011part2 | November 13, 2017 | Reply

  2. I wish we had weather screen shots of low pressure systems and winds for the end of September into early October. I have only the Atlantic because there were the hurricane lows to the north. There is usually a permanent low to the south around Genoa too. There are also permanent lows to the north. So, if it was in that time period it must have split with some going north and some south. Anything too far north would have been sucked into the hurricanes and not split to Romania and Italy. There were high readings in the US too which appear to have come from the North Atlantic and possible ongoing. The highest reading according to the IAEA was in Romania when the wind was blowing from the Northeast.

    By the way, Sellafield had an 18 mSv reading for Beta and Gamma in this period but I don’t know if this is the normal for it. Certainly it wouldn’t be normal for uncontaminated coastal areas.

    I wonder if it’s not the same as the January leak. I know you convinced me that it was Hungary but I thought it was Romania or Armenia, so the pattern must have been similar as the highest reading now is Romania. I did find weather maps for that but got tired staring at them.

    Comment by miningawareness | November 16, 2017 | Reply

    • As far as we can tell it was from Mayak or Kazakhstan.. The jet stream was broken then from Europe to China.. So it is very plausible that the air circulated its way back.. there are weather videos that can access the data historically btw . But the break in the jet stream is very obvious and with predictable circulatory systems..

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | November 16, 2017 | Reply

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