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High voltage power lines in Europe and recent radioactive particles causing cancer?

This articles asks the question.. Even at low densities could this plume have injured anyone? And the links point to 2 sources of possible harm.
1/ The local population downwind from the plume
2/ People further away but living under or near High Voltage Power Lines.
Reblogged for any who missed it earlier this weekend (busy nuclear and climate news weekend) ..


“We do not believe that ions are dangerous – the danger comes from the pollutants. The ions merely assist the particles to stick to the lungs. If there are no dangerous particles in the air to attach to the ions, there is no risk of ill health.” Source 2015 Charged particle concentrations near busy roads can exceed that under power lines.

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Nuclear-news just published two stories to note that go with the above link to the Charged particle paper and article.

The first is the new findings from Prof. Chris Busby and the second is the report of a plume of Ruthenium 106 Beta particles in the air throughout Europe. Why is it that no actual plume chart videos were released to explain the way that the plume got to Europe from the Urals region? (

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