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Arclight update from Limerick with new hacking information by JTRIG and friendsxc sd

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Op Ed Arclight2011part2
Date 29 April 2014
Posted to
Hi fellow citizens of Planet Earth
I have very kindly been offered another 2 days grace by 2 very
wonderful people as a result of all those bloggers who got the
word out there against the odds concerning Google filtering
as well as manipulations on Face book. 
This is really helpful as I have just got some great news that
Jennifer Schweppes from Limerick University is actually 
looking into my case.
I have been trying to contact her by phone as I have not 
received any info, She is a very busy lady.  Interestingly my 
new phone sim card which is Irish is now being played with by 
someone or it is with the support of the Irish Phone companies
my laptop has developed interesting problems and different 
wireless networks are trying to overide the hotel one. 
BUS Eirean Free  Wi Fi  
I have been trying to phone limerick University for the 
last three days. I thought the time it rang was a bit short
and I thought that was normal. I got no answer and thought
they were all on holiday. However today I thought to keep 
trying as I was getting suspicious. 
The phone eventually stopped connecting all together and i 
got really suspicious. having showed the problem to the staff 
and all the punters in the bar in the hotel. I stopped ringing
for a while then tried again. I got through within 2 rings.
I asked them if the phone line was manned after 9.00 am and 
they replied it was. So someone had been blocking my calls 
realtime. I am so honoured at this as I just thought I was 
a small time blogger.
The news was good. The staff in the main office were aware of 
my case immediately. And they said Jennifer was busy but was 
looking into my case. 
Other issues concerning Jennifer and emails etc are that my 
blog partner Christina Mac Phearson (not real name) had tried 
to email her but the email was returned. after we discussed 
this however and i asked her to exactly describe the problem  
she tried again and got through. The UK JTRIG crowd like to 
be subtle and involve only one person. They realise that I 
am documenting incidents on my  camera etc.
As I write this wordpress is also playing up. :/ and my 
keyboard has swapped letters for numbers (lucky I have a spare 
wireless keypad :)  phew!
I contacted James Nix of the Irish environment ministry
Yesterday (An Taisce) and offered information concerning the UK 
pollution of NO2 caused  by mox fuel rod processing and
decommissioning processes that cause NO2 poisoning.
An Taisce are also taking the UK to court over safety issue
concerning plans for Hinkley nuclear power plant expansion
plans with their Chinese friends.
When I was in London recently, I used my friends phone in 
London to call Dr Chris Busby where I discussed this, My friends 
phone was disconnected for 24 hours because I mentioned this 
issue on the phone to Chris.
So whilst the nasty, so called, "Muslim extremists" are not being 
watched, I appear to be. I suppose this is not surprising
as the UK pays their wages (according to conspirators ).
It is so hard at the moment to stop them accessing my computer 
as they keep trying to get in and i have to keep disconnecting
the little buggers..
I have loads more info stacking up on JTRIG hacking in ireland
but will have to find a different computer and network
on which to write it.

I am posting this information in case I have an "accident"
and to document it for my case for an express Irish Passport
without the need for "Habitual Residence".
As an aside I am unlikely to get refugee status because the 
UK is not deemed to have broken its Human Rights Agreements
 with the European Union. This needs to change if
Journalists, Bloggers and Activists who live around the globe 
are not to be sidelined and attacked with impunity.

I used to live in Limerick when i was younger.
JTRIG are aware of my financial situation are trying to stop
me getting help before I have to leave the hotel where there
are witness`s. This might explain me being stopped to contact
Jennifer Schweppes.
I am moving quickly now and my Handler probably has 
to get permission for the various options open to them.
This gives me a fighting chance to prove what is happening to
myself and others.
Obviously this is only a posit based on the limited 
information that I have gleaned from Mr Edward Snowdens 
Thank you Edward for giving me some tools to 
fight back. Thank you Edward for giving us all tools to fight 
back against this insidious attack on all our freedoms.
Talk soon 
peace Light and Love
Sean McGee
aka Arclight

PS my wordpress is playing up so i apologise for the small print.

Wireless is slow but seems to be working ok now




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