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Oil spill should awaken us to nuclear danger

Waging Peace Today: Scenarios For Nuclear Catastrophe, David Krieger, 16 June 2010, “….. Continued offshore oil drilling runs the risk of future offshore oil leak catastrophes that will destroy large aquatic and shoreline habitats. Applied to nuclear weapons, the proposition could be restated in this way: Continued reliance on nuclear weapons runs the risk of future nuclear catastrophes that will destroy cities, countries and civilization…….
Would the US initiate a nuclear attack? The answer is the same for the US or any other nuclear weapon state: We don’t know. What we do know is that the leaders of countries that possess nuclear weapons are essentially holding the world, including their own citizens, hostage to the potential catastrophic consequences of using these weapons.

Deterrence can fail in many ways, some of which we cannot foresee, and it may be the unforeseeable scenarios that are most dangerous. We don’t know what the trigger may be, only that we are playing with nuclear fire. The Gulf of Mexico recovery from the British Petroleum oil spill may take decades. For civilization to recover from nuclear war could take centuries and might not be possible. The oil spill in the Gulf has provided us an opportunity to awaken to the nuclear dangers that confront us and to act. The question remains: Will we seize this opportunity?

Waging Peace Today: Scenarios For Nuclear Catastrophe

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