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Yucca Mountain unsuitable for nuclear wastes, but Republicans don’t care

The science the Bush administration used to try to support the project is, at best, incomplete, and the science there has been called into question time and again. There are significant, unresolved safety concerns about the project, and Yucca Mountain is a terrible site to begin with. It’s a porous volcanic ridge, and studies have shown that it is hardly suitable to contain nuclear waste. …Yucca Mountain was chosen as the proposed site for the nation’s high-level nuclear waste in 1987 over several much more suitable sites because Nevada didn’t have any political clout at the time………

A political meltdown Republicans making desperate attempt to send radioactive waste to Nevada Las Vegas Sun Nov. 21, 2010 Continue reading


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German govt illegally dumping nuclear waste on rural Russians

Berlin breaks German law to dump nuclear waste on Russians, Indymedia NL (Nederland)Diet Simon / MONITOR – 21.11.2010 The German government is ridding itself of highly dangerous nuclear waste by dumping it on rural people in Russia who can’t defend themselves. They’ve already suffered terribly in Mayak, said to be the most radioactively contaminated place on the globe. See, hoping it will be out-of-sight-out-of-mind, German provincial and national authorities plan to send nearly 1,000 spent fuel rods there, probably next month. One of Germany’s leading political television magazines, Monitor, recently showed the horrific lives nuclear waste has caused people in the area. If you understand German, you may want to watch at……… . Indymedia NL (Nederland) – Berlin breaks German law to dump nuclear waste on Russians

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Continued fight to stop shipment of radioactive nuclear materials across Great Lakes

“According to BP’s own figures, about 90% of the mass of radioactive material inside the steam generators is plutonium — a highly toxic, long-lived radioactive poison,

Green groups take final shot to block Great Lakes nuclear shipment Carmen Chai ,NATIONAL POST,  Postmedia News · , Nov. 20, 2010 Environmental groups have one last chance to convince Canada’s nuclear-energy watchdog to reject a plan to haul 16 decommissioned radioactive steam generators across the Great Lakes on their way to Sweden for recycling. Continue reading

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Nuclear plants can get double whammy from Stuxnet computer worm

“It appears that warhead one and warhead two were deployed in combination as an all-out cyberstrike against the Iranian nuclear program,”….

Worm Can Deal Double Blow to Nuclear Program, New York Times, By JOHN MARKOFF, November 19, 2010 The German software engineer who in September was the first to report that a computer worm was apparently designed to sabotage targets in Iran said Friday that the program contained two separate “digital warheads.” Continue reading

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Seabed area still radioactive, after Dounreay nuclear plant closed for 60 years

An area equivalent in size to 22 football pitches is being cleaned.

Dounreay: Investigation uncovers worst radiation hotspot ever Radioactive particles located during the latest search of the seabed off Dounreay. STV News, 18 November 2010 An investigation into the seabed off the Dounreay nuclear plant has uncovered the most dangerous radioactive hotspot yet found. Continue reading

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50,000 anti-nuclear protestors in Germany having a global impact

the growing scope and international success of CASTOR protests proves that the problem of nuclear waste, and nuclear energy as a whole, is global in its nature….

Thousands attend unprecedented anti-nuclear protests in Germany: Local action achieves global impact. Bellona, 19 Nov 10, GORBLEN, Germany – The largest and longest in a series of direct anti-nuclear protest actions, CASTOR 2010 started on November 5 in France and ended five days later in Gorleben, Germany Continue reading

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Thailand and Vietnam just not able to afford nuclear power

The first plants are likely to be delayed until 2028 at the earliest, he said.“The key element is also the financing of these projects, which we feel will be delayed…Vietnam may not be able to afford paying “a premium”…

Thai, Vietnamese Nuclear Plans Face Delays, Wood Mackenzie Says – Bloomberg, By Ann Koh – Nov 19, 2010 Southeast Asia’s first nuclear power plants, planned in Vietnam and Thailand by 2020, may be delayed by at least eight years Continue reading

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The halt on German nuclear transports to Russia

Thousands attend unprecedented anti-nuclear protests in Germany: Local action achieves global impact. Bellona, 19 Nov 10, GORBLEN, Germany .……..The deal that the Germans were preparing with the Russians involved the transportation of 951 spent nuclear fuel assemblies burnt in a research reactor in Rossendorf, Eastern Germany, from a temporary storage facility in Ahaus, Western Germany, to the chemical reprocessing plant Mayak in Russia for final disposal.On November 13, the German news agency DPA reported that authorities in Hamburg – namely, city mayor Christoph Ahlhaus – had refused to allow the port to be used as a transit point for the delivery.
“In October, another decision to refuse to participate in the transportation of nuclear waste had come from the authorities in Bremerhaven, also a port. Therefore, for the time being, there is no suitable seaport in Germany that would agree to serve as a transit harbour [for the waste]. The German government says shipping the 18 containers with nuclear waste may be postponed until April 2011,” the DPA report said (rendered here from the Russian translation). ……

Thousands attend unprecedented anti-nuclear protests in Germany: Local action achieves global impact – Bellona

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Radioactive waste sites all around town of Port Hope

Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. has begun a 10-year, $260-million project to dig up 1.2 million cubic metres of low-level radioactive waste buried in numerous sites around town and store it in a huge covered mound.

Sue government over toxic town, activist tells Port Hope –, 17 Nov 10 “…………. Radium is leaking into Lake Ontario and uranium from the Cameco refineryPort Hope’s air, drinking water, fish, beach, soil — virtually everything in the town of 16,000 poses a health risk from radioactivity, anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott warned an overflow crowd Tuesday night. Continue reading

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Port Hope residents should sue govt over radioactive wastes

OSHAWA — The people of Port Hope should sue the federal government “to the tune of millions of dollars” for the exposure to radiation from Cameco, prominent anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott said during a public speech in Oshawa.

(Canada)  Anti-nuclear doctor advises Port Hope residents to sue over exposure Dr. Helen Caldicott gives impassioned talk to standing-room-only crowd in Oshawa Nov 17, 2010

Jennifer O’Meara Continue reading

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Mounting piles of nuclear wastes in USA

nearly 1.9 million pounds of nuclear waste is stored at Dominion Resources’ Surry Power Station.

Nuclear Waste At Va. Site Awaits Permanent Home. wsj, Nov 15, 2010 RICHMOND, Va. (AP) ― Decades after the federal government agreed to build a permanent storage site for the nation’s nuclear waste, temporary sites including one in southeastern Virginia continue to warehouse the radioactive material. Continue reading

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Scottish beach still radioactive after 60 years

23 drums of radioactive waste have been removed. Two years ago SEPA said particles found on the beach could give a child a potentially lethal dose of radiation and suggested partially covering the “hot spot” in concrete……Experts admit the particles could kill if they found their way inside the body.

Families allowed on Fife beach awash with radiation « Deadline Press & Picture Agency, Amanda MacMillan, 15 Nov 10, THE clean-up of a Fife beach has been halted putting families at risk of potentially lethal radiation. Continue reading

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BHP Billiton uranium company to be questioned over radioactive waste dumping plans

BHP Billiton boss faces a grilling  (at its Annual General meeting, Perth Australia, 16 Nov) Sydney Morning Herald, Mathew MurphyNovember 15, 2010 “……The Australian Conservation Foundation is also expected to attack BHP over its $20 billion expansion plans for Olympic Dam, the world’s largest uranium deposit.ACF nuclear free campaigner David Noonan said the group will ask the BHP board if the new open-pit mine is only considered economic because it is designed to leak up to 8 million litres of radioactive waste a day.

”This company plans to dump rather than to dispose of their radioactive wastes, and do not intend to rehabilitate the proposed open pit, intending instead to leave a toxic lake as a permanent scar on the landscape,” he said. …..BHP boss faces a grilling

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North Korea exporting nuclear technology

The experts write that North Korea is getting around U.N.-imposed sanctions and is masking financial transactions by the use of “overseas entities, shell companies, informal transfer mechanisms, cash couriers and barter arrangements.”

U.N. report alleges North Korea exported nuclear technologyFrom Joe Vaccarello, CNN, November 12, 2010 –  United Nations — A U.N. expert panel alleges that North Korea exported banned nuclear and ballistic missile technology to several rogue nations. Continue reading

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Blue Ribbon Commission is dedicated to expanding nuclear industry, rather than solving waste problem

in its name, charter, membership, words, and actions, the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC) seems more devoted to the nuclear power industry’s continuation, and even expansion, than it is to solving the radioactive waste problem.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC for short), Beyond Nuclear, 11 Nov 10,  It was created by President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu at the end of January, 2010. It was supposed to come up with “Plan B” for U.S. high-level radioactive waste management, now that they have so wisely and thankfully cancelled the geologically unsuitable and environmentally unjust Yucca Mountain, Nevada dumpsite proposal. Continue reading

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