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Caring about Cancer? A UK and Irish perspective

“This means that no new research projects will be funded for at least the first 6 months of this financial year.” Cancer Research UK statement 16th April 2020

In these turbulent financial times many NGO`s and charities are straining at the hilt. Our hearts and minds are with the health workers, world wide that are dealing with this epidemic.

Especially thank you to the Chinese Nurses and Doctors who lost their lives as they negotiated the first complicated month of the pandemic and drew up the first protocols that saved so many western health workers lives. Namaste!


Picture courtesy of the Express UK

One such Charity is Cancer Research UK who have a shortfall in their annual funding. Here is what they had to say on the matter;

Our shops have closed, our mass fundraising events have stopped, legacies have reduced. We expect our fundraising income to fall by at least 20–25% in the next financial year as a direct result of this pandemic – a reduction of around £120m.

So, the UK Government has bailed out many business`s recently. Here is a breakdown of that; (Thxs to Afshin Rattansi from Going Underground for these  stats)

NEW: UK state-aid coronavirus bailouts:

John Lewis £300m

Marks & Spencer £260m

Greggs £150m

Intercontinental Hotels £600m 

£300m each to Privatized bus co. FirstGroup Privatized bus co. Stagecoach

Nissan £600m

Toyota £365m (Brexit bribe?)

Ryanair/Easyjet £600m

Privatized BA £300m    

At the same time there are calls for £100m to go towards a Yacht for the Queen;


The difficulties for CRUK are looking grim. Here is a few quotes from the latest report they have submitted (From April 2020)

“This means that no new research projects will be funded for at least the first 6 months of this financial year.”

And concerning the funds they have been offered;

“But right now, it’s not clear whether Cancer Research UK will be able to access this fund to support our work,”

Full report here;

Protecting our future by taking action now: why we’re making cuts to our research funding

So whilst a confused and beleaguered British public are left with mixed messaging from their leaders, Irish cancer treatments are going ahead fairly normally;

Ireland, a country that didn`t run its medical staff raged

“Are you currently getting treatment for cancer? We understand that you might be worried about attending hospital. But it is very important that you continue to attend for your treatment.”

Source for that here;

And Alzheimers sufferers are under strain because the UK couldn`t organise a party in a brothel (actually this particular observation may need some fact checking by a reporter :/) .

Extra 10,000 dementia deaths in England and Wales in April;


For any Journalists and bloggers you can use this blogpost as you will. Give CRUK and the HSE Ireland a shout out though. And lastly, another little reported health funding problem is the UN Yemen appeal that is seriously underfunded. I will link to the most recent UN video covering this. I will not comment on what I think the Saudi Dr is messaging to the world but the under-funding issue is well described by the UN representative Mark Lowcock.

Source for that rabbit hole here;


Reported by Shaun McGee

Reported on

5th June 2020

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