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UK media manipulation of Chris Busby, George Galloway and Max Keiser revisited

Posted by Shaun McGee aka arclight

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Posted on 27th Sept 2018

Following up on the reporting of the arrest of Chris Busby on the 12th September 2018 where media were reporting the raid and these reports continued for more than 24 hours.

Screenshot from 2018-09-27 10:38:22
There is just one point I would like to mention here. In this video ( ) there are a few small inaccuracies but nothing too drastic, the message of support was clear. On the single point that was made in the video that the police were called to a domestic situation where he and his female friend were having a row is not correct. I left a comment on the thread under the video correcting this (my tag is arclight2011 on YT). This got me thinking about that inaccuracy and where it may have come from?

In fairness to the You Tuber, the wording on the media does sort of hint that there was a domestic situation. The exact phrase without the full context was repeated by all media except the more cautious Telegraph was;

Police were called to an address because of concerns for the welfare of a woman” (source links below)

Checking the Google search on the subject today on the 27th September 2018 (last month search parameter), the first page has all the original inaccurate articles with no right of reply except for the Devon Live link that had been updated with prof Busby`s response to the incident. Even the 3 videos I could see today had no right of response though there are a few videos that report the situation much more fairly with the right of reply. It seems Google search does not want Prof Busby`s voice to be heard.

This is a well worn tactic found in the Britains media and they were giving that impression even though I was posting regular updates explaining that Prof Busby was in Wales (200 miles away) at the time on his FB page hour by hour (which the press must have been well aware of.).

The UK press is beholding to the Police Press Office and I think the way it was reported it was a bit slanted, though some press did eventually give him a right of reply where he did explain the situation though the reach of those articles was not as good as the initial click bait fake inaccurate ones as I mentioned above re Google search. The fact that most media used the exact phrases like the one above means that this copy most likely came from the Police Press Office within a very short space of time of the home invasion.

Then there was George Monbiots article in the Guardian (In 2011) claiming that Prof Busby was selling vitamin supplements for his own personal benefit after the Fukushima story (used widely by anonymous pro nuclear commenter’s all over the internet). The Guardian still refuses ,to this day, to allow Prof Busby a right of reply but you can find his response to this slander on the source notes below as well as the Guardian “slant” on this fake news story.

In fact they did something similar with George Galloway (In 2013) when he called police because 2 new employees were found accessing his personal off line computer so he called the police to have them arrested. It eventually transpired that these two were working on behalf off or were MI5 agents. In the early press coverage of that story the press did not mention that the employees were arrested at Mr Galloways request but that “The police raided George Galloways office and removed a computer” .. Sounds a bit more scary doesn’t it? hinting that he had child porn or the like! I will leave you a link to my blog post on that story for your entertainment

In a time of reported fake news and the EU, USA and western media in general are able to manipulate a story in such a way leaves the whole system of media accuracy in disrepute and means they can slander public figures and get away with it. As you can see by the 2013 blog post, this happens to many figures and omitting details with no source links . Putting in links will soon be made illegal under new rules being rolled out as well as the obvious corporate capture of the media by a handful of media moguls and Social and tech media giants, this bodes ill for us all;
The war against facts

Source documents for this article;

Busby FB page with all the updates as they happened (scroll down and look for my comments Sean Arclight on FB)
Main stream media articles without right of reply (Though Sky did try to contact Chris but he was dealing with the aftermath of the home invasion) (Gave a right of reply and the only one on Google search first page)

My initial response video to the situation posted early in the day

Ritchie Allen gives Prof Busby a fair and professional right of reply loloking at all the possible reasons for such a home invasion

Police Press Office Devon
George Monbiots slanderous article after Fukushima
LLRC (NGO) gives Prof Busby a right of reply to the Guardians smear piece

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  1. I respect Chris Busby and this is a pathetic tactic of tptb to abuse him.
    I would also like to know who YOU consider good news sources, as I regurgitate the news on yt and giving all credit of course to those who’ve done it. thanks so much

    Comment by wheepingwillow2 | September 27, 2018 | Reply

    • On Fukushima I go to the source and have been taking testimonies from the evacuees and have quite a few to edit (but my computer is a bit ctrap) here is a link to the first three that will be submitted to the UN.. I have another 6 videos to go where they are answering questions we sent to them via a translator (Rachel Clarke) that can be found on the link at the bottom of this article .. We work with NGO`s like Human Rights Now japan to submit this evidence to the UN to highlight the problem..
      On the issue we work with many anti nuclear groups and crunch through the internet tracking down any info that is being censored/filterd/boxed .. the three of us here at spend many hours finding such material and sharing it to our subs,, however, we are being severely attacked by TPTB I am surprised you found us WW 🙂
      Of course there are many independent activists and scientists trying to get their on the ground research and we have a reasonable network with these individuals that throw info at us..
      we also filter out the BS on the MSM and post articles that usually dont get alot of attention..
      You can access my Youtube account where I have some of these testimonies and feel free to share as they are all Creative commons (though some are copyrighted but check to see what is not in the description under the videos) Arclight2011 on Youtube.. some copyrighted stuff like the ritchie allen interview I had to ask permission and got it..
      I hope that answers your question WW ..
      Shaun aka arclight

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | September 27, 2018 | Reply

    • Thank you, wheepingwillow2. Your question is probably best answered by Shaun McGee. I don’t know whom to recommend. I actually like the mainstream news, e.g the Asahi Shimbun, New York Times, etc, because with them, at least you know that they do fact-checking. I feel that I have to be wary of “social media”, and blogs – and watch out for exaggerations and dramatising etc.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 27, 2018 | Reply

    • In America the Trump administration, is doing the same thing as what the pronuclear Tories in Britain are doing. The Tories are cracking down on antinuclear advocates like Dr Busby and trying to Criminalize them.

      The procorporate Trump administratiln is cracking down on protesters against major Corporate industrial projects. Like the Keystone XL pipeline. IT is also cracking down on antinuclear advocates at places like San Onofre.

      What do you hwve to eay about that weepingwillow2?

      Comment by Tammy Key | September 28, 2018 | Reply

      • Hi Tammy, Just to note that the Guardian can slam the disgusting way that the US authorities Obama, Trump et al. have abused First nations human rights but at the same time run MI5 hit pieces against Julian Assange (just yesterday) trying to claim that Julian was planning an escape to Russia (hitting the Russophile xenophobia button) . The only attempt I heard about was likely a Special branch operation that actually targeted Chris Busby (strangely enough) but that attempt failed.. I cant say any more on this but it is worth mentioning and may be reported in detail if anything happens to Prof Busby.. Thanks for the comment.. Shaun aka arclight

        Comment by arclight2011part2 | September 28, 2018

      • Hi Tammy here is the hit piece

        Comment by arclight2011part2 | September 28, 2018

  2. Sounds like the Guardian sucks. Sounds like it is duplicitous. Actually i got the Guardian article from an antinuke site.  The point is, procorpotate governments are cracking down on dissent against, corporate interests.  
    That is what the nucleariwts are doing to Dr Busby in the UK. 

    Not so much publicity of harrassment of antinnuclear advocates in America at this time but, it has happened in the past and it is happening surrwptitiously now.

    In america Trump is too busy deregulating the Nuclear industry. Is too busy subsidizing reactors, that need to be shut down. Is  authorizing the  opening of dangerous new nuclear-waste dumps in many parts of America and doing little to alleviate the concerns of citizens. An example is with the bad fuel casks, left on the beach at San Onofre.

    Little or no regulation of transportation of the most dangerous nuclear waste on the hiways. Like the highly volatile and very hot, fast-burn nuclear fuel residues. 

    The Trump administration has derugulated the amount of radiation that can be in drinking water.
    The pipeline thing is an example of blatant crackdowns on dissent, against environmental abominations. It is not just happening with native americans, or first nations as you call them. The point is that if protests and antinuclear advocacy is continupusly criminalized and dissent quelled, we will all be in a pickle.
    This one is not in the Guardian.

    Comment by Tammy Key | September 28, 2018 | Reply

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