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The #FusionDoctrine #RIPA #JTRIG effect on the blog statistics causes a 50% decline from Google search


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Posted by Shaun McGee aka arclight2011 on the 2nd April 2018

OK I have been harping on about this issue for some time and bothered to sit down and go through all the stats on to see if I could find any patterns.

Firstly, its worth looking at the years 2013/2014 when Theresa May as Home Office minister signed off on a Special Branch (MI5) action that left me homeless and without a job which I put up with as I was chased around the UK and Wales until I could run no more and had spent all my savings and credit lines to friends and colleagues. Then I was chased out of the UK for being a naughty Blogger smashing the nuclear industry and Facebook, Twiiter etc reduced the reach of this blog. T. May also updated the Official Secrets Act to include nearly everything in April 2014.

Secondly, came June 2017 when Theresa May, as Prime minister, called in the Social Media Giants to Parliament where she instructed them to filter out “Fake News” ie activists, NGO`s journalists and bloggers in conjunction with the USA authorities and even Democracy Now was targeted for serious Google search filtering.

Thirdly, Terrible May pushed for the RIPA laws that made legal that which was illegal (Human Rights stuff). Then this year she capped it off with a dose of the “Fusion Doctrine” making legal that which Special Branch was doing illegally to people like me, George Galloway and many others all supported by the most intrusive civilian spy system known to man ref E. Snowden.

It took me ages waiting for enough stats to come in to prove definitively that this blog stats have been manipulated as has many others (mostly without knowing it). For our regular subs, this will be no surprise but here are the stats in a nice clean spreadsheet so you can see the patterns and timing for yourselves.

I am sure I have a lot more to say about this but I will cut short the diatribe and just present you all with the evidence. You need to request our email service which will deliver the posts in full if you want to be informed about the nuclear madness currently happening in the world if you value you family and friends health and well being. Get active, the more there are the harder it is for the authorities to keep track of what is going on. As John Pilger said he has never seen things this bad!! And he is absolutely correct, the evidence is there if you can get around the filtering of information that is currently happening.

In the spreadsheet below are the referrals to the blog;

Screenshot from 2018-04-02 11:54:50

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