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Ruthenium 106 investigation update 12 Dec 2017. Who is lying and why?

Jan Haverkamp
Yesterday at 08:30 · 2 Feb 2018
#Russia expert claims #Mayak excluded as source of #Ruthenium emission. Questions:
1. Why is this only published in Russian?
2. Why is there no reaction from the @iaeaorg?
3. Can we get overview of measurement data of Ru-106 and Ru103?
Still not convinced.
Эксперт пояснил, почему исключается гипотеза о выбросе рутения с “Маяка”
РИА Новости


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Europe blames Russia and Russia blames Europe but could the release have come from somewhere else?

The story behind Ru 106 that is given little attention is the fact that it is quite an aggressive isotope that is used mainly in the manufacture of medical isotopes. Its nature is to become very volatile when heated and exposed to air. Then Ru 106 becomes both oxidized which deposits on surfaces and also is lofted into the air in a pure gaseous version. The deposited oxidized version then over time becomes gaseous (which might explain the weeks that the Ru 106 was being sampled in the air.

The main areas of interest to most people is where did it come from? What is a likely source?

After some research I was drawn to the Hungarian nuclear Ruthenium 106 experiments which have run since 2002 (and possibly before) that were…

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