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Censoring the radioactive mushrooms in Japan prior to #EU sales!


Radioactive mushrooms in Japan article deleted #safecast【rough translation】
720 bq per kg of nuclear substance has been detected in mushrooms sold at a farmers market in Nasu Shiobara City in Tochigi Prefecture. That figure is over seven times higher than the government’s standard. It came to light through an individual inspection. The market has been recalling the products and alerting customers not to consume them.


08月25日 20時20分





Radioactive substance from mushroom of direct sales place


Radioactive substances exceeding the standards of the country were detected from the mushrooms sold at agricultural products direct sales place in Nasushiobara city, Tochigi prefecture, and the direct sales office calls for voluntary collection and refrain from eating.

According to Nasushiobara city, Tochigi prefecture, from the person who bought “mushroom mushroom” sold this month at “Susumu no Tomo Direct Distribution Center” in the city’s agricultural products direct store ” There were contacts with the city that more radioactive substances were detected. ”
According to the city’s investigation, 720 Becquerels of radioactive substance per kilogram exceeding the national standard was detected from “Chichitake”.
“Tichitake” was collected outside the prefecture by men in the city and brought them to the direct sales department, and 134 packs were sold from the 8th to the 22nd of this month, about 21 kilos in total, so the place where the city was sampled etc. I am examining.
At the direct sales office, we voluntarily collect and recall that those who bought it want to report before eating.
For inquiries about “Chizitake” this time, we accept “Susumu no Tomo Direct sales center”, telephone number 0287-37-7768.

Original source (deleted article)
Backed up article link…/shutoken-news/20170825/3355481.html


It might be noted also that the upcoming 2020 Olympics will put a strain on the planned cleanup of domestic and public areas and mean that it will be likely to put back any possible clean up plans for the forested areas. Also, as soil sampling has not generally been effective, will there be a threat to Olympic tourists and athletes who might venture into these largely unmapped and untested areas?

Everyone should be careful and aware that radiation contaminated food is being distributed anywhere in Japan, not only in Fukushima Prefecture.To know the exact measure, becquerels level in each food to be consumed is becoming vital so as to not be harmed internally, knowing that radiation exposure internally is much more harmful than external exposure : at least 100 times more harmful.

40,000 bq/kg cesium in mushrooms found in Norway after 30 years (Norwegian only)


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