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The Spread of Radiation Internal Contamination thru Fresh Produce in Japan

contaminated foods 15 june 2016

[Photo] Green: vegetables, Brown: mushrooms, Navy blue: seafood.

Here is the map of Japan, which indicates the spread of radiation contamination studied with fresh produce.

Everyone should be careful and aware that radiation contaminated food is being distributed anywhere in Japan, not only in Fukushima Prefecture.

To know the exact measure, becquerels level in each food to be consumed is becoming vital so as to not be harmed internally, knowing that radiation exposure internally is much more harmful than external exposure : at least 100 times more harmful.

Professional insight is there important. In Japan today professional insight is only presently given by White Food company, whose main concern is now to sell food that is not radioactive contaminated. (If only once proven wrong White Food would lose its credibility, which is the foundation of their company.)

Why is this happening ◾️? Because radioactive contamination in distributed foods is harder to be known, to be detected than the geographical distribution of hotspots in Japan which can be easily detected and are now well listed.

As an example, although it is not well known, the best shiitake mushrooms are mostly produced in Fukushima prefecture, and from there distributed all over Japan, some even exported abroad.


Map of mushrooms only. Type details.

Recently, information about contaminated foods is become more available, than just after the accident. Nevertheless radioactive contamination is ongoing and well present in food everywhere as it shows on the map above.

Data Sources:

Radioactivity inspection map per category & destination list links







Rice, grain:

Water, tea:

Radioactivity inspection map of food (2015) information source
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
2014 monthly test results

2015 monthly test results

Article Sources:

Special credits to Kitagawa Takashi for the informations

Translated by D’un Renard from Japanese.


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