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Project Ethos Works with the Japanese Government on all Public Relations Propaganda

I am sharing here with you a sample of Japanese Government propaganda, a video about Fukushima, claiming that everything is now fine.

By watching this propaganda video, you can imagine, you will get an idea of the intensity of propaganda that the Japanese government is subjecting its people with, thru all the government controlled mainstream media, claiming that all is very safely and controlled for everyone’s safety  by a safety conscious government absolutely caring for its people safety. Nice, isn’t it?

Propaganda from PM Abe’s government  forcefully pushing innocent victims back to live in highly contaminated areas, trying to make believe all is ok just in time for the coming 2020 Olympics. Like when they previously sent children to clean off radiation off route 6 just for propaganda’s sake !

Amazing, Chernobyl is still horribly contaminated after over 30 years, but Fukushima radiation is the new self cleaning kind that just vanishes after 5 years?  And that while there are ongoing reactions that are still completely uncontained.

Well isn’t that special. What a load of crap ! How stupid do they think we are to buy this crap?

From what I’ve seen, people should not even be living in certain parts of Tokyo and its vicinity.

I despise with much passion all the ETHOS scoundrels and all those Japanese government criminals.  Shame on you. Your pride and your denial will be your downfall.

Long live Fukushima , Long live the Children of Fukushima!


Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture has been making tremendous progress in its revitalization since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

The area continues to undergo recovery efforts, residents are returning to their everyday lives, and food from Fukushima is being enjoyed all over Japan under strict safety regulations.


The March 2011Great East Japan Earthquake caused an enormous tsunami that overwhelmed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

A continuous water injection cooling system has now stabilized the plant’s reactors and reduced radiation emissions dramatically.


Food grown in Fukushima…


… is widely available and popular across Japan.


All food produced in Fukushima must first pass a test for radiation to be sold on the market.


The standards set by the Japanese government are much stricter than the international standards.


Thanks to these rigorous safety standards, Fukushima rice is enjoyed throughout Japan.


A joint research project was conducted in 2014 by high school students in Fukushima and overseas under the supervision of experts.


The survey found that the radiation exposure levels of students in Fukushima were almost the same as in Europe.


The total area of Fukushima prefecture subject to evacuation orders has been progressively reduced since 2014, as decontamination efforts have lowered radiation to safe levels,


allowing people to return to their homes.


A lot of work still has to be done before the area fully recovers,


but every day we are making progress toward a brighter future.

Watch this new video to learn more:


Japan – The Government of Japan Facebook page

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