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WNN could get their facts right! but are peace loving journalists really!


To our dear friends and colleagues over at the very pro nuclear World Nuclear news (WNN). A happy new year to you all and the fight continues! 🙂 I still say our headline versions and pictures are better than yours, but thanks for your hard work in getting nuclear information out to the Russians (According to Alexia they are your biggest fans). Your efforts at bridging the cold war gap are noticed and appreciated by us all here at Good job Na Zdorovie!


JAIF president urges reactor restarts to fight climate change LOL

30 December 2016 WNN
Japan needs to work towards bringing its reactors back online if the country is to meet its climate goals, Akio Takahashi, president of the Japan Atomic Industry Forum, said last week. Nuclear energy currently accounts for just 1.1% of Japan’s electricity production and commercial operation has been resumed at only three of the country’s nuclear power plants – Sendai 1, Sendai 2 and Ikata 3.

But are all three actually in operation currently?

Nuclear Confusion

From Nuclear Insider:

Dec. 15, 2016—Kyushu Electric Power Co. on Dec. 8 began the process of restarting Sendai 1. The 846-megawatt reactor was initially restarted in August 2015 followed by Sendai 2 in October 2015. Sendai 1 was taken off-line in October for a two-month routine outage. It is the first reactor to undergo a periodic inspection following its restart after meeting new Japanese regulatory standards. Kyushu Electric said it expects the facility to resume commercial operations the first week of January. The company also said it expects to take Sendai 2 off-line for maintenance and refueling on Dec. 16.

Of Japan’s 42 operable reactors, only Shikoku Electric Power Co.’s Ikata 3 and the Sendai reactors are in commercial operation. Takahama 3 and 4 were restarted but have been idled after a court injunction lodged by anti-nuclear activists. Japan’s Institute of Energy Economics said Dec. 13 it estimates seven reactors will be restarted by the end of March 2017 and another 19 by March 2018.

From this it appears that Sendai 1 is supposed to be re-opening sometime this week (and so was presumably not operating on Dec. 30th and Sendai 2 was due to be taken offline on December 16th and may or may not have re-opened.

As for Ikata 3: “Ikata 3 had been idle since being taken offline for a periodic inspection in April 2011. However, Shikoku began the process to restart Ikata 3 on 12 August [2016] and the reactor attained criticality the following day. The 846 MWe pressurized water reactor resumed power generation on 15 August and since then output from the unit has been gradually increased.” So as far as I know it is continuing to operate.


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