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Debris Removal at Reactor # 3 Delayed, but Arrival of the First Elements of the New Building for its Spent Fuel Removal

Transportation of the supporting part of a new roof for the Unit 3 fuel removal at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

The clearing of debris from reactor # 3 is delayed, delaying the construction of the new building to remove spent fuel from the pool. The debris removal was to be done in order to build a new workshop to remove the fuels from the pool.
The removal of the spent fuel should have started in January 2018. In the beginning, TEPCo was to start in 2015. We do not know their new schedule yet.

On the other hand, TEPCO communicated on the arrival of the first elements of the new building, with photos and video.



The dose rates on the site are here. There is up to 2.6 mSv / h in the vicinity of reactor No.3.

radiation measurements daiichi dec 2016.jpg


Links from TEPCO:
Photos of the new building

Click to access handouts_161220_01-e.pdf

Dose rates in Reactor 3 vicinity


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