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Corruption in Japan and UK hides Thyroid Cancers!


Corruption in Japan and UK hides Thyroid Cancers!

As an introduction to this translated article from Japan, I would like to say that the nuclear industry has been manipulating and lying about statistics for decades concerning the health effects of radiation on human and environmental life. Concerning the recent furor about Thyroid cancers in Fukushima, we see that the UK and Japanese specialists in thyroid cancer, have been manipulating the figures to play down the role of radiation from the Fukushima 2011 nuclear disaster. Some points to note concerning the new article from Japan;

1   The age group that the Fukushima Medical Hospital give did not include the 10 to 17 years olds that were effected in the first year of the disaster, thereby skewing the public figures.

2   The lack of early testing on with sophisticated equipment led to the distortion of figures and continues to do so (And at least  a recent report one child had cancer spread to their lungs because of the late testing)

3   Ignoring the findings from Chernobyl has been criminally negligent,

4  Figures of actual cancer rates are played down in the media who state 147 cancers when there are actually 183. Also, no reporting of the cancers found in outlying prefectures are reported.

5   Because of the miss-reporting and skewing of the data the UK`s Thyroid expert Prof Geraldine Anne Thomas and Japans expert Prof Yamashita are now trying to limit testing to hide these cancers to reduce the compensation and support to the victims and their families on behalf of TEPCO (Who is financially culpable) and to limit the damage to the UK and Japanese nuclear lobby.

Summary to article post by Shaun McGee aka Arclight

Date of post  31 December 2016

The translation was done through Google translate but the main points and statistics can be easily derived from the below translation,  I place it here as documented evidence for you all. The source for this article and material below can be found here in Japanese;

Fukushima Nuclear Accident 2017 Children’s Thyroid Cancer Close to the mystery of thyroid cancer frequently occurring in children in Fukushima Prefecture → Organize by municipality-specific map
Current situation of Fukushima thyroid cancer problem

Release date: December 29, 2016
Close to the mystery of thyroid cancer frequently occurring in children in Fukushima Prefecture → Organize by municipality-specific map

According to the latest Fukushima prefectural survey report released on 27th December 2016, childhood thyroid cancer and suspect children in Fukushima prefecture were three months ago … 9 people increased from the previous 174 people totaling 183 I became a person. ※ 1 ※ 2

Comparison of 30 September 2016 version and 30 June 2016 version of Fukushima kid’s thyroid cancer map by municipality

Then, since it was confirmed that there was a benign nodule by surgery and one who was not a thyroid cancer was originally counted in this thyroid cancer and suspicion, this one counts thyroid cancer and suspicion total of 184 people.

Presentation in Fukushima prefecture is thyroid cancer, malignant … Malignant is cancer, but use the word “malignant or malignant suspicion” as if the children who are not thyroid cancer are also included in this By writing, it blurs the focus making comparison with Chernobyl nuclear accident difficult.

However, among 146 people who completed surgery, only one was a benign nodule, 143 papillary carcinomas, 1 person is poorly differentiated cancer, 1 person is diagnosed with other thyroid carcinoma.

In other words, 99% of “suspicion of malignancy or malignancy” was pediatric thyroid cancer.

So overestimating the word of doubt and reassuring is dangerous.

Table of contents

【1】 Preliminary inspection and full inspection

【2】 Compare by municipality ← ★ Comparison map available!
【3】 Compare by accident year by year
【4】 Compare by gender
【5】 Comparison by age

[1] For the preliminary inspection and the full inspection, it is sufficient if you understand the definition of the preceding inspection and the full inspection.
【2】 ~ 【4】 classified 183 people considered to be thyroid cancer of Fukushima by municipalities, accident years by age from accident, by gender, by age at the time of accident, respectively, Chernobyl nuclear accident It compares with past data of Japan and Fukushima prefecture.

In addition, this article was published on this site on March 14, 2014 [emergency] sudden increase in childhood thyroid cancer? New facts in Fukushima prefecture → 2008 patients 0 people! This is the eleventh revised version that reflects the latest data.

On the northern side of Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture … About two cases of thyroid cancer and suspected children found in Maruomori-cho, Miyagi prefecture 【urgent feature】 2 children in Miyagi prefecture Marumori-machi thyroid cancer → Fukushima prefecture and Please see the comparison.

Fukushima prefecture on the south side of Iwaki City … About 3 children with thyroid cancer found in Kitaibaraki, Ibaraki Prefecture 3 children in Kitaibaraki city, Ibaraki Prefecture → thyroid cancer! Please see the comparison between Kita Kanto and Fukushima prefecture.

【1】 Preliminary inspection and full inspection

Let’s first define the definition of preliminary inspection and full inspection. Otherwise it is now to the children in Fukushima prefecture … what is going on? I can not understand exactly.

That is, many newspaper companies and television stations that publish nationwide newspapers since the start of full-scale inspection … The number of people who confirmed new thyroid cancer in the preceding examination and thyroid cancer found in the preceding examination It is because I am reporting on the total number of patients cleanly and carelessly.

Let’s suppress the definition of the preliminary inspection and the full inspection to know the truth.

The preliminary inspection was conducted at the time of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011 … It took about 330 years of 2011, 2012, 2013 for the about 360,000 children who were under the age of 18 who lived in Fukushima prefecture It was. Since it is the first inspection, it may be expressed as “first round” or “first round” inspection.

The objective of this preliminary examination is to assume that the increase in pediatric thyroid cancer of the Chernobyl nuclear accident which is the theory is minimum for 4 to 5 years and which is in one to three years before nuclear accident causes childhood thyroid cancer to increase Is there children in thyroid cancer childhood in Fukushima Prefecture only? It was aimed at investigating.

Full-scale inspection, at the time of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident in 2011 … children who were born in Fukushima Prefecture for about one year after the nuclear accident in addition to the “children who were under 18” who lived in Fukushima prefecture will be covered So the number of people to be examined will increase to about 380,000. It will be held in Fukushima prefecture over the two years of 2014 and 2015. Since it is the second inspection, it may be expressed as “second round” or “second round” inspection.

The objective of this full-scale inspection is that the increase in childhood thyroid cancer of the established Chernobyl nuclear accident is assumed to be a minimum of 4 to 5 years, and there is a possibility that childhood thyroid cancer may increase due to a nuclear accident 4 years later, in Fukushima prefecture Do thyroid cancer actually increase for children? It is aimed at investigating.

Preliminary inspection full-scale inspection
Fiscal Year 2011 – 2013 Fiscal 2014 –
One week in Fukushima Prefecture within 3 years of inspection period One round in Fukushima Prefecture
Target number 367,000 people 381,000 people

As I mentioned earlier in the article, “Childhood thyroid cancer in Fukushima prefecture and suspected children, three months ago … increased from nine people last time to nine people totaling 183 people” The breakdown of the nine people who increased was +0 in the preceding examination and +9 in the full-scale examination. The list of 9 people who increased this time by municipality is as follows.

I distinguished the coloring as follows so that I can understand the incidence rate.
■ 1 person ~ 999 people 1
■ 1000 people ~ 1999 people have a disease onset
■ … one in 2000 to 2999 people
■ 3000 people ~ 1 3999 people have disease onset
■ 1 person in 4000 to 6,999 people developed illness

Full inspection Municipal name June 30, 2016 → September 30, 2016 increase Number of people
Kitakata City 0 person → 3 people + 3 people
Iwaki City 29 people → 31 people + 2 people
Fukushima city 20 people → 22 people + 2 people
Tanagura-cho 1 → 2 people + 1 person
Saigo Town → 2 people + 1 person
Total + 9 people

As I mentioned earlier in the article, “Childhood thyroid cancer in Fukushima prefecture and suspected children, three months ago … increased from nine people last time to nine people totaling 183 people” Of the 183 people in total, 115 people were found in the preceding examination, 68 in the full examination. Let’s make a list.
Fukushima Prefecture Childhood thyroid cancer examination Summary Preliminary examination Full-scale examination examination
Thyroid cancer and suspicion 115 people 68 people 183 people

There are two problems with this childhood thyroid cancer test result.

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2017 in climate and nuclear news


Here are my predictions for 2017 . They are not all that cheerful. But I am comforted by that fact that I usually predict most unreliably. I pronounced that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidency by a landslide.

But – here goes, anyway :

CLIMATE news. The anthropocene is here with a vengeance, and will be evidenced by continued weather extremes – droughts in Africa, India and other places, floods elsewhere, the continued creeping sea level rise, affecting island nations, and low-lying ones, like Bangladesh.  Most worrying of all, the continuance of extraordinary changes in temperature in the Arctic, with effects on ocean currents.

With climate-denying politicians in power, at the national level, action on climate change will be stalled, to some degree. However, at the level of states, local councils, and cities, increased adoption of renewable energy will mean that meaningful climate action goes on with renewed vigour.  At the grassroots level, more homes and businesses will adopt solar and wind technologies, as well as smart energy conservation – a trend already apparent in Australia, and parts of Europe and USA, as well as in developing countries, where off-grid energy becomes  a boon to millions. Public disillusion with climate denying leaders will rise.

NUCLEAR news. The world will limp on, avoiding nuclear war by a whisker, especially in relation to India and Pakistan.   However, there will be encouraging developments in the international nuclear disarmament movement, with an impressive conference in March.

In America, more nuclear power stations will close, due to their diseconomics. Nuclear power development in China will continue to slow down, for reasons of cost, water shortage, and even public opposition.  India’s growing solar energy success will threaten its nuclear development. Britain, however,  will be  a focus, as France, China, South Korea, even Russia will push desperately for Hinkley, Moorside, Bradwell nuclear projects, which will have to be subsidised by taxpayers.

Fukushima will continue to be a running sore with no cure in sight, while Japan and the world happily look forward to the 2020 Olympics.

The nuclear waste problem will continue to dog USA, and efforts to even trial new solutions like deep bore drilling will meet public opposition, even without any radioactive trash. Some countries, e.g. France, with existing nuclear power stations will look to closing them down. At the same time, there’ll be  a continuing frenzy to try to market nuclear power to non nuclear countries.

The proponents of “New Nuclear”, particularly of Thorium and of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors will continue to pretend that they help Big Nuclear by supposedly dealing with the waste problem. But in reality, they’ll be rejoicing at the plight of Big Nuclear, and toting their still non existent new gimmicks to governments. In particular, they’ll want America to weaken its safety regulations.

Above all, the nuclear lobbyists and publicists will hammer their lie that nuclear power can stop climate change. Not only is that not true, but also, that claim becomes increasingly irrelevant as climate change races ahead. – simply no time for that “solution” anyway.

But that won’t stop the “New Nuclear”  lobby. They’ll bring out a film – THE NEW FIRE glossy, expensively made, sophisticated – to push the new gee whiz nuclear kids on the block. Their various front groups, e.g Weinberg Next Nuclear , “Breakthrough Energy Coalition”  and  Australia’s “Bright New World” will continue to pose as charities, and gain tax exempt status.

I’d love to think that journalists and academics will see through the spin. But I am not optimistic, following a year when spin brought Brexit and Donald Trump’s rise.  (Even if Trump gets bored, and chucks the job in to run a personal media circus, the USA will still be run by climate denying Republicans. )

Journalists and academics will continue to spout the nuclear lies – about low dose ionising radiation being OK , and above all, keep hammering the message of nuclear being “clean” and “low carbon” . They know where the money is. The public at large will believe them, despite the efforts of the anti nuclear movement, and of a few brave, outspoken journalists and academics.

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THE NEW CON – film “THE NEW FIRE” -nuclear advertising for 2017


The “New Nuclear” lobby is kicking off its New Nuclear propaganda for 2017 with its favourite tactic – FILM.


They started this method with great success in 2013 with a very glossy and quite seductive advertisement calld “Pandora’s Promise”  That has now been rehashed many times, e.g on Youtube. It pretends to be a documentary about c limate change, but is really a hymn to new nuclear “Generation IV” technology, especially Small Nuclear Reac

tors, and to endless consumption of electricity.


Then came the even more sophisticated and glossier television series, “Twisting the Dragon’s Tail”,  a subtle nuclear advertisement promotion that featured Australia quite strongly. Cleverly introducing the negative aspects of the nuclear industry, it finishes with that same message for boundless energy consumption via New Nuclear.


These  so-called “independent documentaries” are  quite lavishly and expensively produced. Who pays for them?  That is a well-kept secret. Do  presenters like Derek Muller (Dragon’s Tail) understand how they are being used?


“The New Fire” is currently under production, using, as those other ads did, very capable media professionals. We have no idea who is behind this project, but, with billionaires now in the Small Nuclear Reactor business, we can suspect those in the nuclear front group “Breakthrough Energy Coalition” 


The theme of those first two nuclear propaganda films was about the “need for ever-rocketing electricity consumption, cool-peopleand how new small nuclear reactors will meet that need.”


Thee theme of this 2017 nuclear advertisement will be that “only via new nuclear power can the world be saved from climate change”  It will focus on the new smart young people who reject the boring old people’s anxiety about nuclear power.



THE NEW FIRE  describes itself as ” an independent documentary that will introduce audiences to young nuclear engineers who are developing next-generation reactors which they hope will provide clean and safe solutions to the world’s future energy needs. Could these audacious innovators be the agents of change the world has been waiting for? With unprecedented access to key people, places and events, award-winning filmmaker David Schumacher has traveled the globe to capture a powerful, eye-opening story that needs to be told now—before it’s too late.” 

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