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NRA suggests Tepco to give up removing molten fuel from Fukushima plant


On 2/19/2016, Fuketa, a committee member of NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) visited Fukushima plant and commented it needs to be considered if it is the best option to remove the molten fuel or not. He also suggested to remove a part of molten fuel to solidify the rest.

He added it depends on the research result.

The government of Japan and Tepco had been planning to remove the molten fuel at least from Reactor 1, 2 and 3 however it has not even been known where the molten fuel is accumulated.


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  1. The world is now watching while the Japanese Government (which owns TEPCO) eliminate free speech in an attempt to silence those speaking out about Fukushima, since the Nuclear Utility “Gangs” are the ones that actually run the country. They will continue to make billions every year on the “cleanup” for generations, while actually enabling as much of the ☢ waste as they can to enter the Pacific Ocean, so they do not have to pay to process it.

    Instead of allowing all the waste to enter the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima, at the very least the Japanese should be shipping all the radioactive “cooling” water via super tanker to be evenly distributed through the worlds oceans. I am against all Ocean Pollution but spreading it evenly is far less damaging the to kill one portion of the Pacific Ocean.

    It is past time that the UN get involved, and if they will not for any reason, then the next step is to boycott all Japanese Goods until it makes financial sense for the Japanese do what is best for mankind instead of these Nuclear Utility “Gangs”.

    BTW: The Fuky Effect: The on-again, off-again fissioning of the ☢ corium(s), as they interact with water below Fukushima will continue to be problematic for decades if not generations.

    Comment by CaptD | February 25, 2016 | Reply

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