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United Nations works toward legalisation of absolute nuclear disarmament

flag-UN-largeUnited Nations Working on Legalisation of Absolute Nuclear Disarmament Nations is fighting its way to legalise absolute nuclear disarmament. The decision was made after North Korea’s nuclear weapon test in January, as well as the United States’ mock test for more usable nuclear weapons.

rocket launch was carried out by North Korea in the first part of February. They allegedly tested the capability of their long-range missiles. The intercontinental ballistic missile of USA named Minuteman III has also been tested out on Feb. 21, Sunday. In response to this, a small fraction of the international community rose up to express their sentiments on the issue.

While the UN’s Secretary-General commented that wrong weapons would always be wrong, regardless who uses it, the rest of the international community has already shown acceptance of the idea that nuclear weapons can be used to defend a territory.

Despite the acceptance of the major countries of the world, United Nations continues to stigmatize nuclear weapons. The international organization does this by declaring the weapons as unacceptable and immoral,Huffington Post reported.

United Nations is also working on negotiating an international treaty that will prohibit the use of nuclear weapons and they are planning to push through with the idea whether or not the nuclear-armed states approve it. They intend to do this to show other nations that they are making a bold point on the issue.

The nuclear weapon disarmament work starts now as there are more and more headlines regarding the recent tests of North Korea. They have designated a new working group based in Geneva to work separately with this problem,ICANW reported.

United Nations is investing its time and resources in creating legal measures that can legalize nuclear disarmament. They are doing their best to stigmatize nuclear weapons while the nuclear states continue to counter the UN’s strategies.

UN aims to make a nuclear weapon free community by reminding people of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 70 years ago. They aim to show people that this is what nuclear weapons symbolize.

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