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The new Japanese secrecy law takes effect concerning radiation health effects

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15 January 2014

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The Japanese Secrecy Law might actually have begun when the IAEA and the Fukushima Medical University reached an agreement to cover up the future health effects of ionising radiation and toxic/metal poisoning as reported here;

Fukushima Medical University Signed Secrecy Pact With IAEA

Fukushima government refused to our formal request of age breakdown and more detailed information concerning of thyroid cancer victims since March 2011… It was disclosed that Fukushima had the investigation committee had several secret meetings,  I feel the response concerning this issue is unthinkable for a democratic nation.

And  to do this they had to stop any information getting out that might connect future health effects from being connected with the triple meltdowns at the beleaguered Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant.

The Japanese government had already stopped a genetic test that needed to be done within three years of the disaster. In 2013 the Japanese government said they could not do this test as the families might discover illegitimate children and so, the government would need to debate the simple genetic test on grounds of ethical reasons. No such debate has happened since and no genetic test on blood have been done.

The only other way to test for radiation damage and possible future health effects on the population is by an even more simple white blood cell count (WBC) test. This was done but the full results have been blocked from publication although the ultrasound test results have been published, and a link to that is here;



I might point out I found some a report on WBC tests on radiation workers in the fukushima prefecture, where there was some slight findings though mostly non definitive and they also tested for the red blood cell count and Hemoglobin content test or hematocrit test. A link to that 2012 report under this paragraph. (I might point out that the study done in 2010 and 2012 was deeply flawed as it did not input any personal epidemiological data concerning nuclear worker smokers whose white blood cells could swamp any readings relevant to ionising radiation). Also the temporary Yakuza employed homeless would be given the high dose jobs that would quickly get them over the 500 millisievert maximum dose in a very short time so they dont get the regular health checks the more protected full time workers get so the study will be slewed.

The study also says nuclear workers should be regularly tested and better epidemiological practice to be put in place for 2013. In 2013 we found out about various scandals concerning the workers from criminal gangs running operations and employing homeless people (who likely would be smokers?) and disabled people. How could good nuclear health practise be put in place? heres an extract from the legal requirements concerning nuclear workers;

General medical examination is required at the time of employment and once within every year (every 6 months for those engaged in specified work such as radiation work) on a regular basis

So are there health effects? Are there any deaths attributable to the nuclear disaster? We have reported health effects such as polydactyl as well as a raft of symptoms in the local population in the early months of the disaster such as the only epidemiological census that was taken (I will post the video at the bottom of this article).

There appears to be a high incidence of the younger generations dying being reported at the obituaries section of the local Fukushima prefectural newspaper. Below is a sample of the paper showing the ages of people under 58 years of age that died and you can compare that with amount of older deaths. The Japanese population in that area has a large percentage of elderly people

Screenshot from 2014-01-16 01:07:07Obituary page from local news paper covering  Fukushima prefecture



The above are the ages of the youngest and they are highlighted on the above page and show in various places around the Fukushima prefecture.

All the above information is liable to come under the new secrecy act that looks to place Japanese bloggers under threat of a five year prison sentence.

From this link

There will be no hope for the “transparency” that Geraldine Thomas (UK Academic) has called for and I am sure that the IAEA and ICRP will find a statistical way to confound the startlingly high incidence of thyroid cancers in young children.

In todays Democracy Now (15 Jan 2014)  in an interview with David Mc Neil (A UK connected academic/journalist) said that the childrens thyroid  cancer incidence was confounded because no studies have been done in other prefectures . It seems no one wants to admit there is a problem with these confirmed cancer incidences  and the nuclear accident timing is likely to be just a coincidence?

Geraldine Thomas @ 12 mins in;

More info on the plight of the children of Fukushima here;

A health survey in Fukushima covered up by the Japanese national Media?

An independent local news source did what the big boys couldn’t here;


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  1. They don’t censor good news.

    Comment by Kirk McLoren | January 16, 2014 | Reply

    • hi kirk
      whats bad news for one is good news for others..
      The Thyroid Association of the UK (Geraldine Thomas) is likely to make a financial killing on the nuclear killing. The same goes for the Japanese Thyroid Association (Prof Yamashita) ..
      The losers are the children and their families..

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | January 16, 2014 | Reply

  2. […] outcomes, and even deaths not reported.  The new Japanese secrecy law takes effect concerning radiation health effects  TEPCO -Workers deaths are not […]

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