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A sad loss – Bloggers ill health closes down Fukushima news blog!

Op Ed by Arclight2011

26 November 2013

Owing to the loss of the Fukushima Appeal Blog because Mia has some health difficulties to attend to, I would like to thank Mia on behalf of Christina and myself and I presume the readers of this site for her dedication to translating Japanese blogs and articles so that we in the west  and Japan could appreciate her Japanese perspective .

In fact I would like to thank many of the bloggers (English speaking and other) that have strived to get the facts from a country that is slowly slipping into a police state, where freedom of speech is now illegal.

The Big Energy oil and nuclear corporations in Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, France and the UK (largely supported but the media) who have lied and prevaricated all the way through this ongoing disaster and it has been the alternative news groups and individuals that have shone a light onto the seedy side of this buisness.

We have seen the rejection of solar, wind and thermal by Japan as shown in the recent oil report I posted yesterday, the denial of health effects with the support of the Science Media centre in the UK, that is directed by the Department for the environment and Climate Change (The UK government), that use industry supported Proffessors that will only admit to the psychological impacts of the disaster on the seriously affected populations of Fukushima and Myagi Prefectures.

So, thank you Mia for all your hard works over the last two years!

I will list but a few of her posts and encourage you all to research her blog as it is an excellent insight to one bloggers perception of this “hidden” disaster from a Japanese perspective.

Mia has also translated English to Japanese so her countrymen could share these articles that would otherwise not be seen by the Japanese speakers.

Good luck with the future Mia

And a word from Christina (The owner of this blog) about our fellow blogger and contributer, Mia;

“A temporary farewell to  a brilliant blogger

The website  Fukushima Appeal 福島アピール has been running for nearly 2 years now. It is a unique and brilliant site, giving news and insights on the situation at Fukushima..  Now the author is unwell, and needing time off.  But we look forward to recovered health and  the resumption of posts before too long.

Not only are these posts completely on the ball, well written  and timely, but also,with posts in both English and Japanese, readers are given a special view, not provided by any other website.”

TEPCO -Workers deaths are not reported 報道されない原発作業員の死亡について

…“She said that there have been so many workers dead without being reported. Some died during the 2 days break, some didn’t turn up the next morning and were found dead…. Those who died haven’t been measured for how much exposure they got. Tepco doesn’t count and report the dead unless they die during their work hours.” …

Posted by Mia

Fukushima: 100 babies with polydactyly are on the waiting list for operation 福島在住の夫婦、震災以降「多指症」の赤ちゃん誕生。受診すると「多指症の子の手術がいっぱいで100人待」

UNSCEARが被曝による健康被害はなかったという報告を出そうとしている! UNSCEAR is going to publish a report that says there is no health hazards after the Fukushima disaster!

French System For Cleaning Fukushima Water Blamed For Leukemia, Polluted Beaches In Europe フランスによる福島原発汚染水の浄化システムは、ヨーロッパでは(多数の)白血病を生じさせ、浜辺も汚染してしまっている。

Rapid increase in thyroid cancer in Fukushima kids – cover-up of causes 福島の子供たちに甲状腺がんが急増―その原因を隠蔽

Mushrooms and Lake fish contaminated in Chubu area (West of Kanto area) 長野県のきのこ類、群馬県のわかさぎが、放射能汚染されている

The Japanese Government announced in Fukushima “No More Repeating of Decontamination”, “Giving up reducing to 0.23uSv/” 自己管理を提案 福島で政府説明会 再除染応ぜず

Even Belgian delegates got mad at Upcoming UNSCEAR Report ベルギー代表団でさえ怒った9月に出るUNSCEAR国連科学委員会報告書


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  1. Our thoughts a with Mia – we need to make that Skype catch up call soon arclight – peace – seanlookalike

    Comment by Douglas McEwan | November 26, 2013 | Reply

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