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Raids on Traveller sites condemned by campaigners -UK

And so the purge of gypsies has begun in the UK.. a bit of a shame as i have had to become one myself to be able to stay in the UK…. So, i give you this bit of evidence of racial profiling of Irish travelling communities (Pavees) throughout the UK and a the silence of a subservient Irish government (ref the Irish banking tapes)


Triangular patches showed gypsy and other in the concentration camps.. Source Wiki….

I have to wonder how comfortable people are when the UK police and security services have TEMPORA GCHQ to play with?..(and isnt it interesting they targetted the human rights promoters within the Gypsy community. (these activists in the report are not renowned for criminality as they are human rights activists.. not thiefs) [Arclight2011]

UK spy scheme said to be larger than Prism

24.06.13 @ 09:29

Dave Landau, of Traveller Solidarity Network, expressed his very serious concerns about the motivation for the police’s heavyhanded and intimidatory approach:

“I don’t want to be alarmist but I think this is a very serious development. The police’s ‘Operation Elvin’ strikes me as a classic case of ‘racial profiling’ and a useful cover to harass the community. It would be like, say, a couple of Jewish people did a series of robberies and the police raided the Board of Deputies and synagogues looking for the proceeds And the raid on Grattan must surely be an attempt to silence the most prominent champion of Travellers’ rights and intimidate our movement.”




first they came for travellers

In the last week several Traveller communities as well as Traveller rights campaigners have been subjected to police raids. The police claim the “Operation Elven” series of raids, including one at Smithy Fen Traveller site in Cambridge, supposedly concern thefts of Chinese artefacts and rhinoceros horn from museums and auction houses across England and Ireland. However, police have been accused of serial heavy-handedness and faulty intelligence.

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