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Fukushima More Bad News – Earth Softening and Leaks Out Of Control

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Published on 1 Sep 2013

Where do I begin? Expect MORE leaks of highly radioactive water from the hundreds and hundreds of on site storage tanks built piss poor. The entire Pacific Ocean to be fully contaminated in 6 years? Qualification on that story, not sure they are using the right map on that one.. Trouble to remove the Highly Radioactive Damaged spent fuel rods in (simply reactor spent fuel pool #4 ALONE) that contains approx 14,000 Times the radiation from the single Hiroshima Bomb. Pacific Ocean already Boiling?… You’ll just have to see this report to believe all the problems they are having. Not to mention, they are mistreating employees… so they are also going to run out of workers. It’s suggested TEPCO step aside and let the government handle the ongoing crises. The problems they face seem insurmountable to overcome. Too many to even list…. WAY WAY WAY TOO MANY. (way to many to edit today, too)

Latest Headlines:
Contamination levels skyrocket at Fukushima plant, up nearly 2,000% — NHK: Quadrillions of becquerels already released; “Gov’t needs to take charge entirely” (VIDEO)

U.S. Nuclear Insider: Will be challenge to get “what’s left” of Fukushima’s melted fuel — Eventually they want to limit “material in substructure” from escaping (VIDEO)

Japan Official: Fukushima contamination “increasingly seen as international problem… lawsuits may be filed overseas” — “Gov’t should take preventive actions based on a worst-case scenario” says S. Korea newspaper

TV: “Simulation shows ENTIRE Pacific being polluted by radioactive water in just 6 years” after start of Fukushima crisis — “Experts now fear it may become a scary reality” (VIDEO)

BBC website links to report claiming ocean is ‘boiling’ in front of Fukushima Daiichi (PHOTOS)

Experts: Fukushima “literally a matter of national security” — “This is becoming rapidly an international issue” — “Something must be failing” as Japan gov’t not dealing with crisis

“Very clear and present danger”: New push to dump radioactive Fukushima water in Pacific — Or boil it in large kettle and release steam into atmosphere for many years — Or do both says UC Berkeley professor

*Experts on Fukushima Unit 4* CNBC: “Far from under control, could get a lot worse” — Japan Times: “Could very quickly get much worse” — CNN: “Could still get a lot worse” — “Tokyo, Yokohama, even neighboring countries at serious risk” (VIDEO)

Nuclear Consultant on CNN: “Nobody knows how far the molten fuel went through containment” at Fukushima — “Challenges of unprecedented complexity”

Professor: Fukushima disaster “beyond a cover-up” — Japan gov’t thinks they can get away with tricking masses about extent of problem — Officials and Tepco cannot be trusted, they are lying to the camera

NHK: There was a melt-through so Fukushima fuel is definitely down with the groundwater, and that’s flowing into Pacific — Americans need to watch, it gets international very quickly — May already be at West Coast — No ‘immediate’ risk (VIDEO)

TV: Mystery spots on Fukushima cows ignored by gov’t — Veterinarian: It’s extremely important, Japan has to think of what to do with this problem (VIDEO)

Fukushima plant in national emergency says governor — “Severe radioactive contamination with serious health affects on local population” — ‘Global intervention’ suggested

Will Fukushima now officially be referred to as worst nuclear disaster in world history? Study estimates Japan plant released 100 quadrillion becquerels (PBq) of cesium into atmosphere… In a single day

Bloomberg: Japan gov’t needs to understand crisis at Fukushima is a matter of life and death — ABC Interview: “They are slowly killing us… They know full well it’s leaking, but they’ve done nothing” (AUDIO)

UPI: Fukushima plume to reach U.S. West Coast in months; Measurable increase in radioactive material — Study: Prolonged exposure for California lasting 10 years; Hits Hawaii early 2014… may already be surrounded (PHOTO)

Underground water just 4 inches from surface by Fukushima reactor — AP: Groundwater closer to surface than Tepco told officials investigating tank leak

Popular Mechanics: Contaminated water threatens to swamp Fukushima site as it rises to surface — Radioactive liquid will continue entering ocean despite attempts to block it

“Big Problem”: Cracked floors in Fukushima reactors leaking into groundwater that’s rising and rising and rising due to Tepco wall — “Can no longer be stopped from getting in ocean” — “Worse than that… buildings now on mushy land” (AUDIO)

Newspaper: Nations across Pacific are fearing impact from Fukushima — Many expecting cancer will increase in Pacific Rim — Japan exporting their environmental problem to the ocean

SONG by Jonathan Mann called your monster’s come to life song a day # 1338

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  1. People are being deliberately directed away from seeing acting and uniting to Stop and Contain the nuclear killer….nothing else comes close to nuclear’s universal pollution. thank you for this news site it is increasingly important.

    Comment by mariannewildart | September 1, 2013 | Reply

  2. I know when nuclear power will be a dead technology….when everyone is dead from it!
    The World public is being manipulate from their birth until their early death about the benefits of the most deadly, costly, and most exotic “fuel source” that Man could find (so there would be NO competition with the say…free Sun!)

    MAN – the slime that covers the Earth and leaves destruction where ever he goes.

    Comment by Human Dumping | September 2, 2013 | Reply

  3. Me and a friend have figured out how to stop the Fukushima disaster from getting any worse, first you put in a sea wall around the area to stop leakage into the sea dig a trench all the way around for the containment dome that would be placed and built around the plant area that would buy us some time until we can make the “robots” that would go in remove the cores and completely cut out of the ground the meltdowns reactors the whole nuclear plant then lift it onto a space module platform that would be launched off into space towards the sun it would not get to the sun but be vaporized on the way there do you think that would work ?

    Comment by Cairo | September 2, 2013 | Reply

    • it sounds plausibel but tons of mox fuel ejected into space? i would be worried.. also, the foundations of the plant need to be sorted as does the water flow that tepco screwed with.. as long as there are no multiwave earthquakes, and the IAEA does its excellent job of covering up.. we may not notice the hundreds of tons of burning and scattered MOX fuel from unit 4 Spent fuel pool.. As the IAEA says.. we are in cold shutdowm, nothing to worry about.. eat up yer tuna sandwiches with NO worry.. :/

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | September 2, 2013 | Reply

  4. True tell, there is nothing that can stop what is happening, the cooling with the seawater only postpones the explosion of at least three nuclear reactions in China Syndrome. This is very likely an extinction level event, a slow dying of a planet. The boiling seawater means that radioactive steam is now constantly entering the atmosphere as well as the ocean. All the talk of solutions is empty rhetoric to keep the truth from the populace as long as possible. Of course, it must be noted that Fukushima is not the only source of man-made radiation being released around the planet… from leaking reactors to tests to the use of DU, humans have shit in their nest in the worst possible way.

    Comment by Tom Cloud | September 2, 2013 | Reply

  5. Still there are people that remain to defend nuclear industry. Unbelievable…

    Comment by Manu Costa | September 2, 2013 | Reply

  6. We are so fucked.

    Comment by rabbitnexus | September 2, 2013 | Reply

    • While the scientists scratch their heads in despair and politicians try and find a political solution that wont offend anyone or put the nuclear power industry under any uneccessary financial duress, yes Rabbit, we are oh so totally and completely fucked

      Comment by Eric Hallforde | September 2, 2013 | Reply

  7. In the first weeks they should have vaporised the place, this would have vaporised the fuel and spent fuel and stopped the corium breaching containment. The whole lot could have gone up in a big flash and the fission process ended right there and then, too late now, at least one core has melted into the earth and is currently listed as “whereabouts unknown” and the radiation pouring into the atmosphere and ocean is increasin exponentially. Not if but when the spent fuel ponds collapse and ignite/explode it is all over for us all, a global kill shot, all biological matter on the planet will be doomed for a billion years……. Now go back to Miley Cyrus and The Voice, keep grazing on the grass, all is well….

    Comment by Eric Hallforde | September 2, 2013 | Reply

  8. Let’s do some simple math to check Nuclear statistics.
    Also, we will compare TEPCO’s laughable numbers.

    These are facts:
    Water is poured on to a melting core is 30,000 gallons per minute – scientific estimation during emergency meltdown
    – 7 pounds is the weight of a gallon of water.
    – 210,000 pounds of water flow per minute
    – 2,000 pounds equal one ton
    TOTAL WEIGHT of ONE MINUTE of water flowing over a melted core is 105 tons.

    So, the one-hour flow is equal to 6,300 tons of water flow.
    – 151,200 tons of water flow per 24-hour day, 7 days week.
    – 1,058,400 tons of water flow in a 7-day week.
    In one year, 55,036,800 TONS of water flow over ONE reactor.

    Then in one year, 165,110,400 TONS OF WATER FLOW OVER THE THREE MELTED CORES.

    There are 3.5 million tons of water in a cubic mile of ocean.
    To keep it simple –
    – 50 cubic miles of water is run over the 3 melted cores a year.

    TEPCO says that 400 tons water flows over 3 melted cores in a day.
    They are only off by 5,900 tons of water flowing per day over one melted core.
    Or added together – 17,700 tons of water flowing over 3 melted cores!

    So they are also saying that 146,000 tons a year are flowing into the Pacific. They are only off 54,890,800 tons a year of water flowing.

    Even if we cut my numbers by 50%, their numbers ARE STILL not based in any reality!

    Comment by Human Dumping | September 3, 2013 | Reply

  9. […] Fukushima More Bad News – Earth Softening and Leaks Out Of Control ( […]

    Pingback by Fukushima disaster update | Dear Kitty. Some blog | September 6, 2013 | Reply

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