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Lawsuit alleges Nuclear Regulatory Commission cover-up

justiceNRC sued over documents related to Oconee Nuclear Greenville , 30 Aug 13 A n advocacy group for public employees is suing federal nuclear regulators over documents they say are unlawfully withheld — documents they say would prove Duke Energy and the government have been covering up concern over what would happen to Oconee Nuclear Station should the Jocassee Dam ever fail.

The lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility against the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission……..

The suit alleges that the NRC has improperly cited the Freedom of Information Act to withhold internal communications that show just how concerned NRC engineers have been over Oconee’s plans for fending off floodwaters unleashed in the unlikely event of a dam failure.

The suit involves FOI requests for 11 records the group filed.

The group alleges that the NRC refused to release some records, released edited versions of others and did so citing concerns over security that the agency couldn’t prove.

Last fall, two NRC whistle-blowers publicly challenged their agency’s secrecy behind two decades worth of concerns. ……

August 31, 2013 - Posted by | Legal, USA

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