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Volcanoes and nuclear war

Rutgers climate scientist Alan Robock at the ICAN Civil Society Forum in Oslo.

Rutgers climate scientist Alan Robock at the ICAN Civil Society Forum in Oslo.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, IPPNW

August 30, 2013

Alan Robock, Distinguished Professor of Climatology at Rutgers University and a consultant with IPPNW on the climate effects of nuclear weapons, has posted an informative blog for the American Geophysical Union on the lessons of volcanoes for both global warming and the catastrophic global cooling that would result from nuclear war.

“While the world has banned cluster munitions, land mines, biological weapons, and chemical weapons,” Prof. Robock concludes, “the worst weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, are still not banned.  They cannot be used, they do not serve as a deterrent, and their use would be suicide.  We can rid the world of nuclear weapons so we have the luxury of working to address global warming without the fear of global catastrophe.  For more information, please visit my website and join the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.”




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