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Sellafield unions want new Sellafield planning authority

nuclear-worker-it's-a-jobUNIONS WANT DEDICATED PLANNING AUTHORITY SET UP FOR SELLAFIELD, TIMES AND STAR,  By Julian Whittle , 30 August 2013  Sellafield unions are calling for a dedicated planning authority to be set up specifically for the nuclear site and surrounding area. This new body would rule on any proposals for a nuclear power station or underground waste repository, taking over planning powers which are currently held by local authorities.

The call is a reaction to Cumbria County Council’s decision in February to block investigations into the suitability of west Cumbria for a repository and is among 10 recommendations drawn up by the Unite union on behalf of the Sellafield Workers’ Campaign.

Unite’s report asks the Government to “begin a new search” for a suitable site for a geological disposal facility with the search taking place “within the perimeter of the proposed new planning authority”.

The report, Sellafield – at the heart of a low carbon energy future, was launched this morning at Energus at Lillyhall with Copeland MP Jamie Reed as keynote speaker.

It contains a three-point plan to secure 10,000 jobs. This involves building a nuclear power station, exploring the use of Sellafield’s plutonium stocks as fuel for power stations, and pursuing the idea of a waste repository…….

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  1. This Sellafield worker sums it up pretty well….
    I work at Sellafield, and am union member – I’m against this proposal. It’s wrong, and undemocratic. Maybe I can set up my own planning authority to allow me to make changes to my home, disregarding the views of my neighbours? There are some real idiots representing us at work, and in local/national government!

    Posted by Sellafield Worker on 30 August 2013 at 10:49

    Comment by Marianne Birkby | August 31, 2013 | Reply

    • What happened to democracy, this Jamie reed is heading in the direction of some mad dictator with all the signs of desperation and false beliefs. People need to just accept that no to the repository was no, the risk to tourism and the amount of opposition just overpowered Copelands wishes for increasing the nuclear legacy with total disregard for future generations who would have to live in fear of it and then clean it up when it all goes wrong, costing taxpayers forever. What would a new powerstation give Cumbria long term after all the contractors from the North East and elsewhere have gone home, nothing except laughter from London because we have all be conned again.


      Comment by Roy | September 2, 2013 | Reply

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