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Vaucluse accommodates children of Fukushima, what’s the point of it?

“The experience of hosting Chernobyl children, this kind of experience would have reduced 30% of the amount of radiation in their bodies.

Beaumes-de-Venise / Published Friday, August 16, 2013 at 5:21

Actualités - Vaucluse : accueillir des enfants de Fukushima, à quoi ça sert ?

Junko (Thoughts for Tohoku) and Kazunori Togashi (Ganbalo) jointly organized the arrival of Fukushima children: they are housed at the gate field Bouquet in Beaumes-de-Venise.

Since the disaster, Japanese parents try to keep their children away during the holidays, especially in Vaucluse. A way for the body to rejuvenate and de-stress

Two years after the tsunami followed the explosion of the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan, the region remains highly exposed to radioactivity. The situation of children is of particular concern. Many live confined to their homes or schools, may not play out normally. And in addition to the trauma of the tsunami, they should monitor their health for years.

This is as a mother, as Junko Takase, Japan installed in Beaumes-de-Venise, decided to act. She created the association “Thoughts for Tohoku” to help children. “I could not imagine their plight, there, doing nothing here,” she says. She had the idea of ​​organizing a trip to Provence for some of them. With the hope that they find some lost their immune system.

“The experience of hosting Chernobyl children, this kind of experience would have reduced 30% of the amount of radiation in their bodies. We also wanted to offer a place of rest where they can finally live normally: playing outside, swimming in the sea, the pool or in the river, walking and running in the mountains and it is also an opportunity for enriching cultural exchange for everyone. “.

“These children are the ambassadors of tomorrow”

For its part, Kazunori Togashi, other Japanese living in France, founded the Association Ganbalo (Hold on!) With an additional objective: “The Fukushima disaster is not behind us it will be for years and. years. should organize a system of support and exchange that takes time, so we do not forget, “he says. Filmmaker, he has also made ​​a film “Fukushima Forbidden Land,” which will be screened today at Beaumes.

Junko and Kazunori have teamed up to bring this summer seven Japanese teenagers, all from the Fukushima region. They went through the castle of Leonardo da Vinci to “discover the human genius” by Oradour-sur-Glane, in a preserved state “village to raise awareness among future generations of the tragedy of war, as the is the Dome of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, “said Kazunori. Then, Beaumes-de-Venise, they now spend one week gte farm Bouquet with a toned and athletic program pony rides, getaways to Ventoux. They participated in the work on the farm and learned to cook pizza with an Italian grandmother.

The cost of living was supported by both associations and several partners. Why stay so far and so expensive? “These children are the ambassadors of tomorrow, argues Kazunori. At each stage of the caravan, they found the country but were able to testify as to what they lived on 11 March 2011″.

Martine Quinette

Translated from French


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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) perverts research into radiation and health

IAEA-DraculaThe Nuclear Cancer inside of the United Nations, blog by Jan Hemmer  June 1, 2013 by Mikkai   妊娠中の日本人女性の避難すぐ      ”……The main way in which the “radiation protection industry” has succeeded in hugely underrating the ill-health caused by nuclear power is by insisting on a group of extremely restrictive definitions as to what qualifies as a radiation-caused illness statistic. For example, under IAEA’s criteria:

>    If a radiation-caused cancer is not fatal, it is not counted in the IAEA’s figures

>    If a cancer is initiated by another carcenogen, but accelerated or promoted by exposure to radiation, it is not counted.

>    If an auto-immune disease or any non-cancer is caused by radiation, it isnot counted.

>    Radiation-damaged embryos or foetuses which result in miscarriage or stillbirth do not count

>    A congenitally blind, deaf or malformed child whose illnesses are are radiation-related are not included in the figures because this is not genetic damage, but rather is teratogenic, and will not be passed on later to the child’s offspring.

>    Causing the genetic predisposition to breast cancer or heart disease does not count since it is not a “serious genetic disease” in the Mendelian sense.

>    Even if radiation causes a fatal cancer or serious genetic disease in a live born infant, it is discounted if the estimated radiation dose is below 100 mSv [mSv= millisievert, a measurement of radiation exposure. One hundred millsievert is the equivalent in radiation of about 100 X-Rays].

>    Even if radiation causes a lung cancer, it does not count if the person smokes — in fact whenever there is a possibility of another cause, radiation cannot be blamed.

>    If all else fails, it is possible to claim that radiation below some designated dose does not cause cancer, and then average over the whole body the radiation dose which has actually been received by one part of the body or even organ, as for instance when radio-iodine concentrates in the thyroid. This arbitrary dilution of the dose will ensure that the 100 mSv cut-off point is nowhere near reached. It is a technique used to dismiss the sickness of Gulf War veterans who inhaled small particles of ceramic uranium which stayed in their lungs for more than two years, and in their bodies for more than eight years, irradiating and damaging cells in a particular part of the body.

quote by Dr. Rosalia Bertell, November 1999 issue of The Ecologist, pp. 408-411:


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New plan for Fukushima nuclear reactors – a concrete tomb?

chernobyl_cover 2013Bloomberg: Tepco now in talks to cover Fukushima reactors with concrete for next 75 years — Officials reviewing plan in U.S.

(at left – Chernobyl’s concrete tomb building in progress)

Title: Nagasaki Bomb Maker Offers Lessons for Japan’s Fukushima Cleanup
Source: Bloomberg
Author: Shigeru Sato & Yuji Okada
Date: Aug. 15, 2013 

[… Tepco] has sent engineers on visits to the Hanford site in Washington state this year to learn from decades of work treating millions of gallons of radioactive waste. Hanford also has a method to seal off reactors known as concrete cocooning that could reduce the 11 trillion yen ($112 billion) estimated cost for cleaning up Fukushima. […]

At Hanford, the energy department finished a $65 million cocooning project in June last year, the DOE said in a statement. That involved demolishing the last one of the nine reactor buildings down to the four-foot- (1.2 meter) thick concrete shield around the reactor core.

More concrete was added to the shield, along with a new concrete roof to put the reactor into so-called safe storage for 75 years. This allows radiation levels to decay to safer levels in the core and gives the operator time to determine the final disposal method, according to the statement.

There are three ways to decommission nuclear reactors, said Ishikawa. One is immediate dismantling. Another, used at the wrecked Chernobyl plant in Ukraine, entombed the whole building in concrete. The third is cocooning used at Hanford. Entombing and cocooning cost less than immediate dismantling as it reduces the expense for handling and moving highly radiated material, Ishikawa said.

Tepco is talking with the DOE on whether cocooning could work for the crippled reactors in Fukushima. Sealing them off in concrete for 75 years would allow more focus on cleaning up surrounding areas so that residents could return, said Ishikawa. […]

Published on ENENews ten hours earlier: Nuclear Experts: One century before Japan tries to deal with Fukushima’s melted cores? — “More likely what’s left of reactors will be left in situ for 100 years or more” (VIDEO)

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Lengthy, expensive process of new tomb for Chernobyl’s shattered nuclear reactor

flag-UkraineChernobyl copes with nuclear fallout a quarter-century on, Global Post Jakub Parusinski February 25, 2013  As a new structure around the destroyed nuclear reactor goes up, life for locals remains blighted. The so-called exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was once home to some 120,000 people, who were evacuated following the reactor meltdown at in 1986. Trees that sprouted in living rooms are now pushing through rooftops inside this highly contaminated, sealed off area, while wild horses and wolves roam the woods.

However, there are also some 7,000 people working here, including almost 3,000 at the plant itself.

An international fund managed by theEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development is spending an estimated $2 billion to build a new confinement shelter to protect the world from Chernobyl’s radioactivity for the next 100 years……

chernobyl_cover 2013

Built by a French-led consortium, the 360-foot giant hangar-like casing is being constructed with modern equipment on infrastructure that’s better maintained than in the capital Kyiv, 70 miles to the south. While hundreds in the Ukrainian capital injure themselves every day slipping on ice-covered sidewalks, roads in the exclusion zone are swept clean for a stream of cement trucks….. Completion of the reactor confinement structure, set for 2015, will calm longstanding fears about a collapse of the current sarcophagus. Those living around the zone face a less certain future. …

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Germany- a World Leader in Solar, Wind and Health

 Germany is leading the charge to economic self sufficiency through a massive nationwide network of wind and solar, recycling, high efficiency cars, self-grown food, cultivating wild plants (weeds), respecting nature and sensible living. Raw Food speaker Markus Rothkranz takes you on an inspirational tour of one of the world’s cleanest, most mature advanced countries, on a 200 mph train!

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Japan’s costly nuclear radiation cleanup may not work

The mushrooms that used to provide a livelihood for foragers are now steeped in dangerous levels of caesium

Nothing on the same scale had ever been attempted before. After the Chernobyl accident in 1986, highly contaminated houses were entombed in concrete and the surrounding area was abandoned.

By contrast, Japan’s government is attempting to bring background radiation levels [down]

“Decontamination in the true sense of the word is not being carried out,”     ”I think the government recognises that Fukushima cannot be returned to how it was.” 

text ionisingflag-japanINSIGHT – JAPAN’S NUCLEAR CLEAN-UP: COSTLY, COMPLEX AND AT RISK OF FAILING YAHOO 7 NEWS, 15 AUG 13 BY SOPHIE KNIGHT  KAWAUCHI, Japan (Reuters) – The most ambitious radiation clean-up ever attempted has proved costly, complex and time-consuming since the Japanese government began it more than two years in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. It may also fail.

Doubts are mounting that the effort to decontaminate hotspots in an area the size of Connecticut will succeed in its ultimate aim – luring more than 100,000 nuclear evacuees back home.

If thousands of former residents cannot or will not return, parts of the farming and fishing region could remain an abandoned wilderness for decades. Continue reading

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Report: American nuclear power plants could be a terrorist target: safety inadequate

safety-symbol1Flag-USAU.S. nuclear power plants vulnerable to 9/11-style attacks: report By Timothy Gardner WASHINGTON | Thu Aug 15, 2013   (Reuters) – U.S. nuclear power plants are not adequately protected from threats, including the theft of bomb-grade material that could be used to make weapons and attacks intended to cause a reactor meltdown, a University of Texas report said on Thursday.

Not one of the country’s 104 commercial nuclear reactors or three research reactors is protected against an attack involving multiple players such as the ones carried out by 19 airplane hijackers on 9/11, said the report by the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project, or NPPP, at the University of Texas, Austin The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) only requires power plants to protect against attacks carried out by five or six people, according to the report, entitled Protecting U.S. Nuclear Facilities from Terrorist Attack. In addition, the NRC does not require plants to protect themselves against attacks from high- powered sniper rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

The three research reactors, including one in Gaithersburg, Maryland, 24 miles from the White House, are powered by highly enriched uranium, that if stolen, could be used to make nuclear weapons, the report said.

Power utilities have argued they have done all they can to ensure security at plants without dramatically raising power bills and that it is the responsibility of the U.S. government to defend against attacks, said Alan Kuperman, the NPPP coordinator, and a co-author of the report. “The problem is that’s not occurring,” he said. Continue reading

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Taiwan government subverts Internet Search Results to favour nuclear energy

exclamation-flag-TaiwanTaiwanese Government Alters Search Results to Favor Nuclear Energy Policy Global Voices Advocacy,  by Oiwan Lam   14 August 2013 For several months, activists in Taiwan fighting to prevent the launch of operations at a nuclear plant they argue would be hazardous for public health and the natural environment. Alongside mobilizing public support and lobbying government officials, they are now facing a new challenge: search engine censorship. Over the last few days, searches run on Yahoo! Kimo for the names of various anti-nuclear activists have yielded links to Nuclear Safety, Taiwan Energy [zh], a website run by the Bureau of Energy and Ministry of Economic Affairs, as their top result.

text-nuclear-uranium-liesYesterday, the Ministry of Economic Affairs admitted to Taiwan Apple Daily [zh] that the government had spent 100,000 Taiwanese Yuan (equivalent to USD3500) to alter the search results for 92 keywords on Google and Yahoo! Kimo, the country’s most popular search engine. Among the 92 keywords, 63 are related to nuclear energy and 29 are the names of individuals, many of whom are anti-nuclear activists.

The website Nuclear Safety, Taiwan Energy presents scientific evidence aimed at convincing the public that nuclear energy is safe and the island’s fourth nuclear plant meets international safety standards………… Continue reading

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Preserve our Privacy: No Drone Spying in Maine peace walk

text-Please-NoteSpace For Peace , 14 August 13  We invite you to consider joining the October 10-19 Preserve our Privacy: No Drone Spying in Maine peace walk.   The walk is being organized by the Maine Campaign to Bring Our War $$ Home and Maine Veterans for Peace.

 The peace walk will be led by Buddhist nun Jun-san Yasuda (Grafton, NY) from the Nipponzan Myohoji order.  They are an order from Japan and specialize in doing peace walks all over the world.
We must push back against the expanding use of surveillance drones in the US and weaponized drones around the world that are killing many innocent people.  There is much talk about bringing drones to Maine and making the Presque Isle airport a weaponized drone test center, thus our reason for starting the walk in Aroostook County.
Below you will find the daily walk schedule.  Please note that we will usually begin walking at 8:30 am each day and walk about three miles per hour. Most evening’s local hosts will organize a potluck supper for us around 6:00 pm.  The public is invited to attend any and all events.  On most of the nights a short program will follow the supper.
We would like for you to let us know if you plan to be with us for any part of this peace walk so we can more effectively make our logistical plans.  Contact us at or 207-443-9502 and let us know the date(s) you plan to join us, your name, and contact information for each person…….

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Squabble in Europe over subsidies for nuclear power


Opponents of nuclear power, including environmental groups, say government funding for atomic power would be a breach of EU legal principles and would mark a major shift in policy.

Under EU law, state aid is designed to address problems that the market cannot solve and must not cause unfair competition. It is in principle reserved for technology in its infancy, such as renewable energy. Nuclear generation began more than half a century ago.

Picking up the nuclear energy bill divides the EU Planet Ark, Date: 15-Aug-13 Country: UK/BELGIUM Author: Barbara Lewis and Karolin Schaps European Union rules to be published over the coming weeks could make it easier to justify using taxpayers’ money to fund new nuclear power, which would pitch major EU powers against each other.

The European Commission, the EU executive, says its mind is still open on the topic, but it is under pressure to set a legal framework for state aid to nuclear projects after several member states, including Britain, sought its guidance.

Whatever it lays down, as part of a wider modernization of state aid rules, is likely to widen a rift between anti-nuclear nations, such as Germany and Austria, and those willing to support the technology, including Britain and the Czech Republic.

A Commission spokesman said the executive is not planning to encourage nuclear state aid, but lawyers said a leaked draft of its proposal last month indicated it was leaning towards allowing nuclear financing….. Continue reading

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Regular radioactive releases into water, air are “normal” says nuclear industry

Radiological releases are an inevitable part of the nuclear power industry

“Dilution is not the solution to radioactive pollution,”   “It rather guarantees a chronic exposure over years and decades to tritium, a known cause of cancer, birth defects and genetic damage, to all those who drink Lake Michigan water.”

water-radioactive-from-reacRelease of nuclear plant ‘effluents’ into lake described as part of normal cycle  Opinions differ on safety of practice Harbor Country News By Andrew Lersten  July 17, 2013 COVERT — The May 5 release of about 80 gallons of slightly radioactive water from the Palisades nuclear power plant into Lake Michigan was unusual because it wasn’t planned.

But the incident brought into focus what many Southwest Michigan residents likely didn’t realize: The region’s two nuclear power plants (Palisades and the Donald C. Cook Plant in Lake Township) routinely discharge radioactive material into the air and into Lake Michigan.

In the nuclear industry, it’s called effluents.     The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission allows such releases, as long as they are closely monitored and do not exceed federal radiation release standards set in place by the NRC.
 “Plants need to discharge small amounts of radioactive materials to operate,” said Jack Geissner, branch chief for the regional NRC office. Continue reading

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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) moves from deception to self-deception

Amano-IAEAIt is notable that Mr. Amano made comments that mostly reflect the responsibility of the IAEA to promote nuclear power, but not the responsibility to guarantee safety. Many regulatory bodies have been captured by the industries they are supposed to oversee, but the IAEA doesn’t even have to pretend that it operates at arm’s length from industry. It is the founding mission of the IAEA to promote nuclear power

We could ask what scenario, if any, would prompt the IAEA to give up promotion of nuclear energy and lead the world toward alternatives?

What about ……..the destruction of a spent fuel pool near a large metropolis? 

you can bet that the director general of the IAEA, and every other representative of the nuclear industry, would be feeding the media with statements about how lessons have been learned and nuclear is still a feasible alternative to fossil fuels. 

THE POST-FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR INDUSTRY: A CASE STUDY IN INSTITUTIONAL SELF-DECEPTION , Fukushima Update, 14 August 13,  by Dennis Riches / /    “…....when a man suspects any wrong, it sometimes happens that if he be already involved in the matter, he insensibly strives to cover up his suspicions even from himself…..”

At the recent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ministerial Conference in St. Petersburg (June 2013), director general Yukiya Amano repeated the familiar platitudes about Fukushima that deflect and deny the heavy responsibility of the IAEA and the Japanese nuclear establishment for having failed to prevent the catastrophe – one that every anti-nuclear group in Japan had been warning about for years. In a report on the conference published by The Hindu, Mr. Amano refers to Fukushima as not a disaster, accident or catastrophe, but as a “tragedy,” a word that suggests it was caused by cruel gods rather than human failings. He went on to repeat the familiar trope about “lessons learned” and the effective steps taken to make nuclear power plants safer.

Such statements from the head of the global nuclear establishment are emblematic of what is argued below: in trying to sustain itself against mounting evidence that points to its unacceptable dangers and costs, the nuclear industry has resorted to deceit and self-deception. Psychological experiments have revealed that deceit is soon followed by self-deceit, all the better to make the deception more likely to succeed. Continue reading

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Tepco is concealing the situation of the reactor fuel in reactor 2.

Incapacitation and Protection AGAINST Truth, Blog by Jan Hemmer June 2, 2013 by Mikkai “…..People are amazed by the emission rates given out by TEPCO. But if you compare TEPCO’s officials numbers with normal legal emissions, it seems Fukushima is emitting LESS than before the explosions. How is this possible? TEPCO is criminal. The industry is. If a reactor explodes THEY give out numbers. From the textbook. Not from measurements. You can scale down or up the instruments or put them out of order, or simply conceal. You can do everything. And if independent civilian monitoring stations contradict this, they are called “panic makers”. What we are for people that we tolerate that? Is that pride or courage? Is it more cowardice and stupidity and Slow suicide for our children?

Tepco is concealing the situation of the reactor fuel in reactor 2. it has nothing to to with a technical blackout or “problems”. tepco knows excatly that: situation a) – meltdown much much deeper – or: b) the whole reactor fuel inventory was blown out. if b) is the case, the contamination is so brutal high with actual reactor fuel – that there are no words to describe it. the IAEA supports the cover up and advises them. part of the cover up agenda are the fake fact finding missions. the devil is relying on the bible, from day one.

The Radioactivity and Becquerel Inventory of ONE Reactor
is the Equivalent of one or more Full Scale Nuclear Wars.

It is not “Living in irradiated areas”
It is “dying in irradiated areas
It is not “2 years after Fukushima”
It is “2 years with Fukushima”……

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US West Coast seafoods should be tested for radiation


Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, said that because the Pacific Oceanis such a large body of water, the contaminated water would have already been diluted by the time it reached the West Coast. But he acknowledges that no one knows up until now how contaminated the ocean has become and so a sampling of the US West Coast waters would be helpful, as well as a random sampling of seafood caught from that area.

The immediate concern though is for the people in Fukushima, particularly the fishermen, residents and cleanup crews, who are possibly directly affected by the leaks. There is fear that the spike in levels of strontium 90 which bio-concentrates in the bones of fish and algae. He said the accumulation effect of the radioactive strontium 90 could be extremely dangerous for a pregnant woman who has eaten or drank contaminated materials because the baby will be born with a weak immune system. Joseph Mangano, executive director of the nonprofit Radiation and Public Health Project, said that “a cocktail of more than 100 radioactive chemicals” from Fukushima can bring certain dangers when ingested through food or just breathing contaminated air. Health risks include birth defects and thyroid cancer.

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How the IAEA negates true medical research on nuclear radiation

IAEA-DraculaThe IAEA wants the people make believe, that the main effect of the atomic catastrophe is psychological

The Nuclear Cancer inside of the United Nations, blog by Jan Hemmer, June 1, 2013 by Mikkai   妊娠中の日本人女性の避難す

 22nd July 1946 – Creation of World Health Organiation  (WHO)

10th December 1948 – The UN adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

July 1957 – Creation of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

28th May 1959 – Signing of the Agreement WHA 12-40 between WHO and IAEA.

The UN is divided into 7 organisations, of which two are of interest to us, the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council. The “Economic and Social Council” oversees ALL the United Nations agencies with the exception of the “IAEA”. In fact, the IAEA is the only agency that reports directly to the “Security Council” which is made up of representatives of 15 countries, of which 5 are permanent members of the Council : the United States, the Untied Kingdom, the Russian Federation, China and France. These 5 nations are all nuclear powers, both civil and military, and almost all are exporters of nuclear technology.

The 10 remaining members (or countries) have a mandate which lasts for 2 years.
The influence of these 5 permanent members of the Security Council on policy making within the IAEA is enormous and ongoing. With no counterbalancing power, it is almost impossible to claim that the IAEA has an objective view of the nuclear industry and the consequences of its use.

On 28th May 1959, the IAEA (not yet two years old !) and WHO signed an agreement referred to as “WHA 12-40” which, though it might, on paper, appear balanced and reciprocal, in practice, puts WHO in a subordinate position to the IAEA.

The IAEA wants the people make believe, that the main effect of the atomic catastrophe is psychological. This is made in these steps: Continue reading

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