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Tepco is concealing the situation of the reactor fuel in reactor 2.

Incapacitation and Protection AGAINST Truth, Blog by Jan Hemmer June 2, 2013 by Mikkai “…..People are amazed by the emission rates given out by TEPCO. But if you compare TEPCO’s officials numbers with normal legal emissions, it seems Fukushima is emitting LESS than before the explosions. How is this possible? TEPCO is criminal. The industry is. If a reactor explodes THEY give out numbers. From the textbook. Not from measurements. You can scale down or up the instruments or put them out of order, or simply conceal. You can do everything. And if independent civilian monitoring stations contradict this, they are called “panic makers”. What we are for people that we tolerate that? Is that pride or courage? Is it more cowardice and stupidity and Slow suicide for our children?

Tepco is concealing the situation of the reactor fuel in reactor 2. it has nothing to to with a technical blackout or “problems”. tepco knows excatly that: situation a) – meltdown much much deeper – or: b) the whole reactor fuel inventory was blown out. if b) is the case, the contamination is so brutal high with actual reactor fuel – that there are no words to describe it. the IAEA supports the cover up and advises them. part of the cover up agenda are the fake fact finding missions. the devil is relying on the bible, from day one.

The Radioactivity and Becquerel Inventory of ONE Reactor
is the Equivalent of one or more Full Scale Nuclear Wars.

It is not “Living in irradiated areas”
It is “dying in irradiated areas
It is not “2 years after Fukushima”
It is “2 years with Fukushima”……

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