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Nuclear power down in 2012

It will take significant restarts in Japan and new build in China for nuclear power to regain its production levels in the next few years (Image: World Nuclear Association)

20 June 2013

Nuclear power generation suffered its biggest ever one-year fall through 2012 as the bulk of the Japanese fleet remained offline for a full calendar year.

Data from the International Atomic Energy Agency showed that nuclear power plants around the world produced a total of 2346 TWh in 2012 – some 7% fewer than in 2011. The figures illustrate the effects of a full year of mostly-suspended operation in Japan, the loss of eight units in Germany as well as other operational issues around the world.

With a total of 48 operable Japanese reactors producing no power during the year, 2012’s nuclear generation was the lowest since 1999. Problems for Crystal River, Fort Calhoun and the two San Onofre units in the USA meant they produced no power, while in Belgium Doel 3 and Tihange 2 were out of action for half of the year.

Compared to the last full year before the Fukushima accident, 2010, the nuclear industry produced some 11% less electricity in 2012.


Three new reactors started up during 2012: South Korea’s Shin Wolsong 1 and Shin Kori 2, as well as Ningde 1 in China. In Canada two older units came back into operation after refurbishment, Bruce A1 and A2. All this oncoming capacity totalled 4501 MWe, easily outweighing the retirements of the UK’s Oldbury 1 and Wylfa 2, and Canada’s Gentilly 2, which between them generated 1342 MWe. Across the rest of the global fleet, uprates added about 990 MWe in new capacity.

Researched and written
by World Nuclear News


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One hour with the Economic Hitman – John Perkins



Streamed live on 20 Jun 2013

Tonight on Truthloader, we have John Perkins as a guest. He was recruited by the NSA to go into developing countries and economically ruin them so the US could claim their resources. He wrote the book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”.

Link to the books wiki page:…

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Fukushima Rad News 6/20/13: Nuclear Emergency Response Center Opens; Robot Surveys Fuku Reactor


Published on 20 Jun 2013

Robot carries out survey inside Fukushima reactor
A remote-controlled robot with a 7-meter-long arm has carried out a survey inside a reactor building at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Nuclear emergency response center opens
Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has unveiled its new emergency response center.
The facility is designed to be an improvement on the old response center run by the authority’s predecessor, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. The agency’s crisis response during the Fukushima accident was severely criticized.

US releases new guidance on nuclear arms
The US administration has released new guidance on nuclear weapons for the first time in 11 years, calling for reducing reliance on nuclear weapons while maintaining a credible deterrent.
The Defense Department on Wednesday released a report on the US Nuclear Weapons Employment Strategy.

Ohi reactors likely to remain online beyond July
Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority will allow the country’s only 2 running reactors to stay online after new nuclear safety guidelines take effect in July.
The guidelines for the first time oblige utilities to beef up measures against serious accidents like the one that occurred in Fukushima 2 years ago.

Obama calls for further arms cuts
US President Barack Obama is calling for further reductions to US and Russian strategic nuclear weapon stockpiles.
Obama addressed about 6,000 people in front of the Brandenburg Gate in central Berlin on Wednesday.
He stressed the importance for the Untied States and European nations to work together to address global issues, including climate change, terrorism and the economy.

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Shocking new study shows damage from radiation more damaging than at first thought! – Prof.Chris Busby

….This density of events occurring at low doses suggests a mechanism to explain experimental results that show Tritium is a greater mutagenic hazard than ICRP would expect….

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By Arclight2011Part2

20th June 2011

H/t Richard Bramhall ( )

A new review shows the conventional radiation risk model cannot be used to predict health effects of radioactivity inside the body.

On May 22 2013 InTech ( published a review of evidence that DNA damage caused by inhaling and ingesting man-made radioactivity is having serious health effects. This is the first time such a wide-ranging review of the genetic mechanisms of harm from nuclear discharges has been published in the scientific literature.

The review, by Professor Chris Busby, is entitled “Aspects of DNA damage from internal radiation exposures

[1]. It is in a book called “New Research Directions in DNA Repair”.

[2] It vindicates the belief that incorporated (internal) radioactivity is more dangerous than predicted by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). Much of the information reviewed has been in the literature for decades but has been sidelined or ignored.

The evidence shows that ICRP’s use of “absorbed dose” is invalid for many radionuclides when they are internal. “Absorbed dose” is based on an external irradiation paradigm and therefore averages the energy of radioactive decays across large volumes of body tissue.

By contrast, some forms of radioactivity expose DNA to high densities of ionisation. The review defines and discusses situations where genetic damage is massively more likely than from external radiation at the same “dose”;

1) biochemical affinity for DNA,

2) transmutation,

3) hot particles,

4) sequential emitters (“Second Event Theory”),

5) low energy beta emitters, and 6) the “Secondary Photoelectron Effect”:

  1. Some substances (for example Strontium-90 and Uranium) have high biochemical affinity for DNA so a large proportion of what is inside the body will be chemically bound to DNA. For this reason the radiation events associated with them are massively more likely to damage DNA structures than the same dose delivered externally.
  2. Transmutation, where the radioactive decay of a radio-element changes it into a different element (e.g. Carbon-14 changing to Nitrogen), has mutagenic effects far greater than would be expected on the basis of “absorbed dose”. This has been known since the 1960s but it has been ignored by risk agencies such as ICRP, UNSCEAR and BEIR.
  3. Hot particles, especially those which emit very short-range alpha radiation, have obvious implications for high local doses to tissue where they are embedded.


  1. The “Second Event Theory” concerns the decay sequences of some radionuclides which decay to a short-lived daughter. Strontium 90 decaying to Yttrium 90 is an example; the Yttrium 90 has a half-life of 2½ days so the theory is that the first event (decay of Strontium 90) may damage a cell’s DNA which then sets about repairing itself. The repair process is known to be very radiosensitive and there is a finite probability that the second event (the subsequent Yttrium decay) inflicts further damage which cannot be repaired.

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RIP Michael Hastings | Hero journalist


Published on 19 Jun 2013

Abby Martin highlighting the late Michael Hastings as the day’s hero, citing his work as an honest journalist who pulled no punches, and remembers his courageous storytelling.

Update here


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Groundwater near Fukushima found to have radioactive strontium 90

text-radiation(includes video )Radioactive Strontium-90 found in groundwater near Fukushima nuclear reactor Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant reports a toxic substance in groundwater as the country’s new guidelines for nuclear reactivation are approved.’s Dara Brown reports. By Arata Yamamoto, Producer, NBC News  TOKYO, Japan – High levels of toxic Strontium-90 have been found in groundwater at the tsunami-stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant, its operator said Wednesday.

Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), which has been struggling to clean up the plant, said nearly 30 times the permitted level of the radioactive isotope was discovered in a well dug last month outside the turbine hall of Reactor No.2.

The company said it had not detected any rise in the levels of Strontium-90 in sea water, and that it believed the substance was trapped during the initial 2011 nuclear fallout.

It plans to inject chemicals into the ground between the well and shore to prevent any leaks into the ocean…..

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White supremacist pair plotted radiation weapon to kill Muslims

eyes-surprisedNew York men accused of plotting to build radiation weapon By T.G. Branfalt Jr. ALBANY, New York   Jun 19,  13 (Reuters) Two New York men are accused of plotting to produce a lethal radiation weapon and trying to sell it to a Jewish group and the Ku Klux Klan, according to a federal complaint unsealed on Wednesday…..Crawford, who claimed to belong to the white supremacist Klan, described the device as able to emit lethal doses of radiation but that victims would be unaware they were poisoned until several days later, according to the complaint.

The two also used the phrase “disposing of medical waste” to describe killing Muslims, it said.

They were charged with conspiring to provide material support for use in preparation for a weapon of mass destruction. If convicted, they each face the possibility of up to 15 years in prison.

They appeared in U.S. District Court on Wednesday where they were deemed flight risks and ordered held in custody.

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Radioactivity in the trees – Fukushima forest

Fukushima forests found to be radioactive  9 Mar 2013

Two years after the triple calamities of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster ravaged Japan’s northeastern Pacific coast, forests that cover 70 percent of the Fukushima Prefecture have been found to contain high concentrations of radioactive cesium. With traces revealed not only in the fallen leaves and soil, but in the trees themselves, the findings suggest that radiation has permanently found its way into the ecosystem. The government is already spending billions of dollars decontaminating various towns in Fukushima, but the forests continue to emit radioactivity, putting the residents at risk. Scientists suggest cutting down the trees as soon as possible because the cesium will gradually be transferred to the earth itself. Many residents are now suing TEPCO, the nuclear plant’s operator, for the impact the disaster has had on surrounding communities. It is estimated the power company will pay some about $400bn in cleanup costs and compensation. Al Jazeera’s Steve Chao reports from Fukushima.

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Trouble in Malawi, arrests at Paladin Energy’s uranium mine

the development has stunned most workers who think management’s move is aimed at eliminating workers deemed to be fighting for the employees’ welfare.Management already eliminated other employees through “unfair dismissals and retrenchment” of 25th January 2013.

Five held for ‘bomb’ threats at Paladin’s Malawi uranium mine, Nyasa Times  By Nyasa Times Reporter, June 19, 2013   Malawi Police in the northern border district of Karonga are keeping in custody five Kayelekera Uranium Mine workers on allegations they threatened management to blow up the mine.

The five, arrested last Friday, are also suspected of being linked to the theft of explosives worth US$5780.76 (about K2, 150, 600) belonging to China Road and Bridge Construction Company in Chitipa.

There was no immediate comment from Karonga Police as officers said they are “still investigating”. But Nyasa Times sources said the five were arrested on orders from Paladin Energy Limited (owners of Kayelekera). The five, who are production plant operators, are reported to have threatened Kayelekera management that they would blow up the process plant if their salaries were not increased and foreign workers laid off…….. Continue reading

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Cancer cluster near uranium site in Albuquerque

Residents blame cancers on uranium site
 19 Jun 2013,  Elizabeth Alvarez  ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Residents near Milan say there’s been a cluster of cancer cases, and they’re blaming an abandoned uranium mill.

The Albuquerque Journal reports residents in the community west of Grants say action is needed immediately. They’re demanding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency either move the waste from the abandon mill or relocate the owners of about 75 nearby homes.It’s been more than a decade since uranium ore was mined in New Mexico, but two foreign companies are looking to re-open another one this year near Grants.

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USA chemist chain Walgreens goes solar, bigtime

solar-jobAccording to Australian solar provider Energy Matters, if a business is paying more than 20 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity; a commercial solar power system sized to daytime consumption can pay for itself in just a few years – after which, the electricity is essentially free

Walgreens To Add 200+ Solar Power Systems, 20 June 13,  Walgreens, the USA’s largest chemist store chain, says it will expand rooftop solar installations on its stores from 150 to more than 350.

With over 8,000 stores nationally plus distribution centers, Walgreens has substantial rooftop real estate; some of which it is putting to good use in harvesting power from the sun. The company started taking on solar panel projects in 2007.
According to the company, the addition of the 200-plus rooftop solar power systems will generate an estimated 13.5 million kilowatt hours annually, enough to meet the energy needs of around 1,400 households. Continue reading

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Careless management at radiation lab, leak of radiation

Unfiltered fan ran for three days after radiation leak Japan Times, 19 June 13 A ventilation fan with no filters was used for three days after a radiation leak at an atomic research laboratory in Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture, the lab’s operators said Tuesday.This means that radioactive substances may have continued to escape from the facility after the operators reported the leak to regulators on the night of May 24…..

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Japan, Brazil to restart talks on nuclear deal stalled since Fukushima crisis

“We are protesting the use of public funds for the construction of stadiums, money that should be used for education,” said 18-year-old Matheus Dantas, amid a sea of Brazilian flags.


Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff has promised to “listen to the voices calling for change”.

Jun 20, 2013

Japan Times


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“…The plan to restart them will be included in a joint statement to be issued after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s meeting with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Tokyo on June 27, the source said Wednesday.

A bilateral nuclear agreement confirming the peaceful use of atomic energy must be concluded before any bilateral trade in nuclear technologies can take place. The Abe administration regards exports of nuclear plant equipment as a pillar of its economic growth strategy….”


“…Brazil currently has two nuclear reactors in operation and aims to secure a more stable electricity supply by building more. Energy demand in the country is projected to rise further on the back of rapid economic growth….”

Brazil Protests: Elite Troops Sent To Hot Spots

Brazilian protesters outraged over the costs of hosting next year’s World Cup have clashed with police outside a football stadium, as the government deployed elite forces to contain the unrest.

Violence erupted near the £155m Castelao stadium in the city of Fortaleza where the national side faced Mexico in the Confederations Cup.

Protesters clash with police outside a Confederations Cup match as up to 500,000 people prepare to line the streets of Rio later.

Members of the Brazilian law enforcement troops confront protestors ahead of the Confederations Cup soccer match between Brazil and Mexico outside the stadium of Fortaleza

Video on link : Elite Forces Sent To Brazil Protest

Brazilian protesters outraged over the costs of hosting next year’s World Cup have clashed with police outside a football stadium, as the government deployed elite forces to contain the unrest.

Violence erupted near the £155m Castelao stadium in the city of Fortaleza where the national side faced Mexico in the Confederations Cup.


Some 15,000 demonstrators gathered near the venue – one of several hosting matches in the tournament.

Protesters hurled stones at the police, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Sky Sports News reporter Geraint Hughes, in Fortaleza, said: “Many of (the protesters) tried to gain access to the game. There were some running battles between police and protesters.”

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PLUMEGATE: Hatrick Penry hosts Nuked 117


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Rad Chick

Published on 18 Jun 2013

Tony Muga hosts Nuked Radio and shares his extensive knowledge about what the NRC knew, when they knew, and how they tried to cover their tracks.

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A dangerous nun – Sister Megan Rice

“As much as it pains me to have my friends in jail,” Hutchison explained, “that’s part of the bargain that they contemplated greatly before they went into Y-12. The odds were 50-50 they would be shot. They were prepared to die.”


Peter Rugh reports on the case of an elderly Catholic nun who has been condemned to prison for what will be the rest of her life for anti-nuclear weapons activism.

(From left) Gregory Boertje-Obed, Sister Megan Rice & Michael Walli, 2013 (© Linda Davidson/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

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