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Fukushima forests found to be radioactive

News Daily

Published on 30 Apr 2013



“Do NOT come to Fukushima and do NOT eat the food products!” – Support evacuation instead!

“They said they just need to wait patiently and let the land to heal from the radioactive contamination by itself, and hope for the best.
Removing the radioactive contamination from the leaf moulds is impossible. And anyway, getting rid of the leaf moulds would be detrimental to the environment because the most important aspect of the leaf moulds is that the forests water retention capability would be lost if the mould were removed.
Therefore, decontamination of the forest wouldn’t work for us. We would lose our jobs. Fukushima prefecture is 70-80% mountainous. If they decontaminate the land, they need to do all of it (according to what he described, it’s impossible) or Japan admits the extent of the contamination in Fukushima prefecture and acts accordingly. That’s the only way to show the world our sincerity, and then we can only start to gain our trust from the rest of the world.”

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