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What do Tony Blair, nuclear power, depleted uranium, radioactive tobacco and the Nobel family have in common?

The real point of this wide ranging article is to highlight the international scope of this cover up on contamination issues and allowing high levels in the rest of the world while showing the low levels in japan.

Op Ed by Arclight2011,  9 September 2012

In a previous article I posed the question concerning the whereabouts of Japans contaminated food supply. During my research for this I posed myself the questions

Where is all the contaminated food and tobacco from Kazakhstan and Belarus ending up? The answer is 80 percent to Russia and the WTO and 20 percent directly to Europe, eastern Europe Ukraine etc

What about Japanese Tobacco Corporation?

First though, I had to find out what the internationals standards are concerning contaminants in food and tobacco and this can be found here;


Multiple radionuclides in foods: The guideline levels have been developed with the understanding that there is no need to add contributions from radionuclides in different groups. Each group should be treated independently. However, the activity concentrations of each radionuclide within the same group should be added together


And an interesting collection of USA data concerning radionuclides in food and drink from this prolific blogger…

TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012

“Did the EPA Dramatically Raise The Allowable Level of Beta Emitters in Water?”

And before that I had to find out what trade agreements applied to the slightly radioactive countries.

My search to the IAEA for clarification left me with the impression that the soils of Belarus ansd Kazahkstan were now fit for growing except in very small areas around the disaster areas.

Further research led me to believe that these “fit for purpose” soils would still contain some levels of radionuclides.

The data was a bit thin on the ground but it appears that soil remediation of isotopes is practised in these countries and that the agricultural exports and home use foods and tobaccos might have high levels of isotopes from the soils.

Firstly, concerning global corporations it might be noted that Philip Morris, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco are heavy players in Kazakhstan and Belarus. President Putin in a recent interview cites Belarus and Kazakhstan as a natural trading partners that will benefit from Russia’s joining of the World Trade Organisation.

Secondly, on the above link to the NAFTA article I showed that Japans Agricultural exports to the Americas via NAFTA and direct buying from America was around 80 percent of Japans exports over the last year. The question of mixing down the levels of radioisotopes began to appear concerning confectionary and other processed foods. Contaminated foods would thereby lose the country of origin status.

So, soil remediation and agricultural export of contaminated materials seem to go hand in hand wherever large corporations are involved.

The large corporations are represented by people like Tony Blair who facilitate large corporate deals like nuclear proliferation (peaceful, nearly) and Nobel peace prize awards of course.

Professor Yamashita of the Japanese children’s Thyroid scandal also verified Belarus to be clean and healthy of radionuclide content (like the IAEA) and indeed the Japanese have not released their findings to the international community according to Prof Geraldine Thomas of the Imperial College London in recent correspondence.

Prof Yamashita is renowned for covering up the bad news of Fukushima so that people will not be “worried”. He stopped a crucial health check on 500,000 children because the initial results were too shocking. The cover up extended to the UK when the head of the UK Thyroid Assoc denied in the clearest terms the results connection with the mass release of volatile radionuclides in the first crucial week of releases from Fukushima Daichi NPP or indeed any radioactive source. The American Thyroid Assoc said that they were surprised and concerned at the 36 percent figure from the initial cohort of children.

As we know that the queen has given an award to the president of Kazakhstan and that young royals are often seen with the young rich of Kazakhstan. We know that Tony Blair has his own office in Kazakhstan. And that British support Pr Yamashitas findings of no problems with radiation in these countries. Although Prof Yamashita is always calling for long term funding/investment to run trials that appear to be manipulated.

Here is a link to Kazakh royal connections and Tony Blair promoting Nuclear proliferation in a developing country. And an attempt by the BBC at covering up the effects that Prof Yamashita had already been trying to cover up.

Heres what Greenpeace said about soil remediation efforts to remove isotopes in Belarus


“Lands where agriculture was banned or severely restricted can be safe for growing crops again, the report said, using techniques to minimize the absorption of radioactive particles into produce.

Its conclusions have stirred controversy. Greenpeace denounced it as a whitewash. Even a member of Mr. Lukashenko’s government, Valery L. Gurachevsky, the scientific director of Belarus’s committee on Chernobyl, called parts of the report “too optimistic.”


We also are aware of British American Tobacco in Belarus and Philip Morris and its child slave labour recruitment in working with Kazakhstan’s radioactive tobacco leaves..


The US-based Human Rights Watch has documented 72 cases of child labour, ranging in ages from 10 to 17, on Kazakh farms in the district of Enbekshikazakh, where Philip Morris is the sole purchaser of tobacco.


How does a European farmer compete with child labour rates? And concerning Kazakh nuclear intentions


September 01, 2012

President Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that the need to rid the world of nuclear weapons is all the more pressing because of the enormous potential for nuclear energy to bring positive benefits to humankind in the 21st century: “Many countries resolve their poverty and unemployment issues and problems with supplies by implementing peaceful nuclear energy projects, under the strict control of the UN and IAEA, of course.

That is why our position on a nuclear-free world has nothing in common with a fear of radiation or a utopian desire to once and for all ‘forget’ the secret of atomic energy.


So the UN and IAEA are promoting nuclear in these developing nations and not interested in the contamination or health issues. They are helping to promote the “sharing” of the contaminated lands with the worlds population and increase the chances of more pollution incidents in these areas. And maybe the UK hopes to dump all the plutonium there at some future time?

Now across the water in japan Tobacco is also now buying Fukushima Light cesium for sale to the USA/NAFTA. Especially as the British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco and Phillip Morris have been in on the radioactive leaf game.



From KFB Fukushima Broadcasting Co. (2/5/2012):

Fukushima’s Leaf Tobacco Farmers Secured Contract with Japan Tobacco for 2012 Crop

494 leaf tobacco farmers in Fukushima will grow leaf tobacco this year and sell it to Japan Tobacco (JT), a monopoly in Japan (50% of shares owned by the Ministry of Finance) and the 3rd largest tobacco and cigarettes manufacturer in the world, next to British American Tobacco.


Did you know that there is no national safety standard for radioactive materials in leaf tobacco?

After the nuclear plant accident last year, the tobacco producers’ union in Fukushima Prefecture gave up planting the tobacco. In the next growing season [2012], 494 farms in central, southern and Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture will resume planting on 474 hectares.

By the way, JT will start selling the cigarettes made from 2011 crop. Even though farmers in Fukushima did not grow leaf tobacco last year, farmers in other prefectures did, and the harvest was radioactive


it is worrying that 12 percent of all cigarette sales are on the black market. What limits are on these cigarettes for radionuclides. Also, it might be worth noting that legal releases from NPP`s, Mining and Waste processing create large lead pollution. Pb 210 (radioactive Lead) adheres to the outside of the leaf as well as the cesium strontium etc inside the leaf from root take up.

Of course the principles of tobacco are similar to the food industry and below is all the methodology and links that comprise my research and some thoughts.. the Processed food industry is large and complicated and deserves its own article.

The real point of this wide ranging article is to highlight the international scope of this cover up on contamination issues and allowing high levels in the rest of the world while showing the low levels in japan. Also, the remedial effects of planting tobacco leaves to soak up cesium and pass that onto the consumer. Then the scientists like Prof Yamashita and the IAEA can say that tobacco is a bigger killer that radiation. Indeed the funding this year has ceased for independent researchers covering mobile phones and depleted uranium, a subject connected to this trade in legal radioactive agricultural produce. The funding for causes has largely gone to the tobacco and alcohol studies with the support of the alcohol and tobacco corporations. Fair and balanced research.?

And the main part of the four fold increase in cancer funding research will be going to treatment of cancers.

Kazahkstan has not voted on the depleted uranium issue as it has its own stock

Around 20 countries are thought to have DU weapon systems in their arsenals. Nations known to have produced these weapons are: UK, US, France, Russia, China, and Pakistan.



Belarus operates ex-Soviet tanks which are capable of firing 125mm DU ammunition: the T-80 and T-72. Belarus has long been thought to possess DU ammunition. As with other ex-Soviet states, it is likely to have inherited Soviet DU ammunition following the breakup of the USSR.



Kazakhstan operates ex-Soviet T-72 tanks which are capable of firing 125mm DU ammunition. As with other ex-Soviet states, it may have inherited Soviet DU ammunition following the breakup of the USSR.


and a slight divert to show how Big PR works

Oil rich dictator of Kazakhstan recruits Tony Blair to help win Nobel peace prize


The autocratic leader of oil rich Kazakhstan has recruited Tony Blair as an adviser, believing the former Prime Minister can help him win the Nobel Peace prize.


By Jason Lewis, Investigations Editor9:00PM BST 29 Oct 2011

And heres an Advertisement to the children of Fukushima by one of the Nobel family

Don’t evacuate! Drink apple pectin and it will help, he sort of says (a bit of artistic liscence there)

“Scary”: 1 in 20 children around Fukushima risks developing thyroid cancer from radiation contamination (VIDEO) (Advertisement)

Now that’s what I call Product Placement! With a captive population. And the IAEA doesn’t rate Apple pectin according to some studies?.. read the comments and see the video of him here..

and to show you how the whole system works, this video interview covers a wide range of relevant subjects but


Mr Parsons discusses Depleted Uranium pollution and explains how the diplomatic attaché for the United States told him to shut up about Depleted uranium  weaponary issues! The whole interview considers the corporate powers to effect policies and statements from within the World Health Organisation. Also mentioned is the power of the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA) over the WHO..

Published on May 14, 2012 by drdrwoland

Ditta Rietuma and Chris Busby ask Robert James Parsons (Geneva), about why the World Health Organisation will not address radiation and health.

Depleted Uranium stocks

ABOUT THE STATS: The data below was last updated by WISE on the 21st of April 2008, and remains the latest available, as of January 29th 2012. The United States’ figures are for mid-2000, Russia’s estimate is based on “Depleted Uranium from Enrichment, Uranium Institute, London 1996”, China’s estimate is for the end of 2000, Japan’s estimate is for February 2001, and the rest are based on 1999 year-end estimates.


Japan     Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd.   10,000 tonnes


Is this the reason Japan corporations want the Nuclear Reactors switched back on?

And finally a couple of contradictory reports from Japans Thyroid Association Prof Yamashita probably the next president of the IAEA for services rendered to nuclear..



No Evidence of Radiation Risk for Thyroid Gland among Schoolchildren around Semipalatinsk Nuclear Testing Site.


Endocrine Journal. Jan 2003, Vol. 50, No. 1: 85-89


2010 (pre fukushima/ post funding needs)


“We need much more thorough epidemiological studies before we can make conclusions about cause and effect”, says Shunichi Yamashita, chair of the Atomic Bomb Disease Institute at Nagasaki University, Japan, who has been visiting Semipalatinsk for 15 years.


and is there a connection between Tony Blair and the Japanese Thyroid Association?


Just before Silent Storm’s television release it was revealed in the Bulletin magazine (September 1, 2004) and followed in the European press that Tony Blair had lived in Adelaide during the period of the British Tests in Australia. Blair was three when the British detonated their third atomic device in the Maralinga desert region on 11 October, 1956 and an unanticipated wind change blew the radioactive cloud toward Adelaide.

British medical researcher and toxicologist Dick van Steenis told the Bulletin that the death of Mr Blair’s mother from thyroid cancer could have been caused by the family’s exposure to the radioactive fallout. He said:

“Adelaide in South Australia was plastered with radioactive fallout from 11 to 16 October, 1956. As a youngster in Adelaide drinking local milk, Tony Blair is very likely to be at risk of bone cancer himself.”

Blair’s mother, Hazel Blair, died 19 years after the blast following a long battle with thyroid cancer.


Of course Tony Blair will receive the best oncology treatment available if the worst was to happen.. And in connection with that there was a study that looked at the cognitive effects of radiation from a clinical perspective but I have not time to go there.. Suffice to say, if there are mental defects they will not be so easy to cure..

Silent Storm (Documentary) preview

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