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Shocking findings on effects of MOX processes on miscarriage and respiratory illness in the UK

29 April 2013

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By Arclight2011

In this article I realise that I am touching on a sensitive subject and one that has impacted many. I hope to treat this subject with a respectful degree of gravitas. But I have some points to note.

“In women lead poisoning can cause stillbirth, miscarriage, premature birth and foetal development problems”

In my research of all things nuclear via the World Wide Web, I came across a set of shocking statistics that were unearthed by another independent researcher on You-tube  (jamnoise72).

That video shows the figures of miscarriages from Watford Hospital London UK, showed an increase in the cases found. These figures from the hospital came with a year on year (more or less) increase in respiratory admissions to ICU accident and emergency admissions. here is the video for that!

The miscarriage rates were shocking and I wanted to see if there were any other reasons that could have contributed to it.

“Miscarriage statistics aren’t well-publicized. Miscarriage would be much easier if a weight of silence did not hang over the topic. Miscarriage remains an uncomfortable subject in our society. The silence permeating the topic causes more psychological pain for the grieving mother since she is unable to mourn openly and properly.

But apparently at least 50 percent of all miscarriages are from “unknown causes” and the other common causes/factors have steady proportions. The total amounts are reported in the medical and miscarriage support blogs as being at a steady rate with no particular increase or decrease because they are only a statistical average and not based on the actual numbers!

Image source ;

Concerning the expensive research that has gone on around this field, into causation, there seems to be no consensus as to what is really causing it. I saw words like “might be” “is possible”, with no definitive statistics for things like alcohol, caffeine, having sex etc. etc..

And while other countries have seen a fall in stillbirths, the UK’s record is one of the worst, with no improvement in 10 years, ranking us 33rd worst in the world.”

Some studies though were more in depth and actually looking at issues such as changes in their concentrations within coagulation (also known to be caused by ionising radiation in Chernobyl) causing 15 percent of miscarriages and the unknowns causing 50 percent of miscarriages. And This through the early and late stages.. most would be lost in the early stages but I found evidence that late stage pregnancies were on the increase in the UK (it should be safer as the pregnancy progresses).

“This issue is complicated in humans by the high natural spontaneous abortion rate of 15-30%, which makes determining the specific reproductive effects in humans difficult without studying large groups. “

So why don’t they collect the data nationally? Using the expensive computer system they have? Is it because they don’t want the actual numbers, because they have a blind faith in statistics? This is huge problem found in many areas of science and research. For instance, the Japanese study on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in dogs from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident that was commissioned. At the same time when the Japanese Thyroid Association was doing NO research on the impact of the nuclear disaster on humans.

Screenshot from 2013-04-30 08:41:01

Image source ; 28 doctors in Aomori prefecture made this poster showing radiological/toxic damage.

Meanwhile somewhere in Japan a genetics laboratory staff are still awaiting even a single blood sample from the Fukushima residents so they can test for ionising radiation damage (there is a test for this type of damage but it is not being used!).

“Births, terminations and stillbirths are recorded by law, but the birth of a child before 24 weeks may not be because it is called a miscarriage and there is simply no official audit of miscarriages.”

The Japanese government on year 2 of the disaster are just commissioning a report on the ethics of using genetic research and the time is running out for these tests to be accurate. This shows how science can be manipulated avoiding real numbers for corporate profits. The science community relies instead on the likes of Ricahrd Wakeford (ex BNFL Sellafield) and his handy statistical equations.

So why did I draw your attention to Japan? The UK is complicit in covering up the effects of ionising radiation. The world science community relies on UK scientists to make their biased claims via peer reviewed article (70 percent of which are likely faulty reports in some way according to a recent stunning report) and the vast media presence of the BBC. This criminal use of science media and politics is responsible for the cover up on the effects on the people living in contaminated areas in Japan.

“We postulate that chronic low-level ecological and professional ionizing radiation exposure were causal for haemostasiological imbalance and impaired the cell-cell communication”

Why does the UK and the USA want to increase the amount of allowable contamination into our environment? Is it because our background radiation and more relevantly, our air quality has been polluted with the increased atmospheric emission coming from the new MOX fuel and waste disposal of nuclear materials, nuclear reactor emissions, weapons discharges and uranium/gold mining processes? And this is spreading micro-particles with ionising and toxic effects!

This is a short article of my impression of my findings. I wanted to share these thoughts with you all and ask the questions. Now its up to you to do some research and ask your own questions. Military and governmental research accounts for a large proportion of a universities income.. there is little independent research allowed or funded for. Can we trust our scientists? Do they work for us or for corporate profits? You decide?

The increase in the 2009 to 2010 was likely caused by this;

H1N1 vaccines contributed to 3587 miscarriages and stillbirths in 2009.

By On September 17, 2010

I have embedded 2 videos showing the statistics with some preliminary thoughts I had on the findings and below is a list of links i used to compile the above article. I will leave a useful link to a book/PDF at the top of the links for women who might need advise on miscarriage issues, though it is a bit dated it was compiled by women who have experienced miscarriage and I thought it informative if dated.

UK – Shocking increase in respiratory problems due to Nuclear incidents from Fukushima and The Budapest Medical Isotope Inst.

The planet’s quiet, unspoken crisis of increasing radiation pollution

Breaking! Sellafield, the BBC and EURDEP lie to cover up contamination incident! Irish coast hit!

UK censored? Drinking water standards cover up!

Serious long lasting contamination found in hungary!

“..Iodine 125 with a half life of 60 days found in grass clippings near the institute of
Hungarian production of radioisotopes…”

“..CRIIRAD warned in its letter of 15 November 2011 on the need quickly determine the source of contamination “because people close to the source could have been and still be exposed to large doses…” “

Air Quality Warning for NE Europe – Contamination from Sellafield Nuclear site 11 April 2013

Corrupt, useless and weak EPA new guidelines for radiological attacks

I put this in because it ties with us in the UK getting the particulates from this fire later in September and the increase in ICU intake increases sharply to 80 for that months count for respiratory admissions at Watford Hospital.

Fears Russian wildfires could drive radioactive Chernobyl waste towards Moscow

The Irish Princess: St Bega and Sellafield Reprocessing..


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