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English speaking activist bloggers in Japan (2 VIDEOS)

Anti-Nuclear Protest with Heavy Police Barricades August 17th 2012 at Japanese PM`s office Tokyo

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“…Occupy Tokyo was police free but near the Japanese PM`s office Tokyo metro police set up heavy barricades and attempted to block protestersaccess along the sidewalk. I even had a little `interaction` with the police. Despite the static from the police, the protesters still protested with the same message; No nuclear power in Japan…”


The moment of Truth Mr. Idogawa, Futaba Mayor talking to JP GVNMT

“..Mr. Idogawa, Mayor of Futaba Town where Fukushima Daiichi located testified about the day of Unit 1′s explosion. Japanese government did not announce SPEEDI data, so Futaba’s citizens evacuated to northwest where radiation drifted. Many citizens of Futaba were exposed to radiation including children. Senator Masako Mori severely questioned to Prime Minister Noda about Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant’s accident….”


More on the questions here, includes Mrs Mori giving Prime minister Noda the third degree!


Mayor in Fukushima Town: “My hair fell off” one woman told me with tears in her eyes — I’m so sorry for them still (VIDEO)

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