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Speculating on other possible nuclear or uranium targets for Stuxnet computer worm

Dragons, Tigers, Pearls, and Yellowcake: 4 Stuxnet Targeting Scenarios, Forbes, Nov. 22 2010 –  by Jeffrey CarrIn all of the thousands of words that have been printed about Stuxnet, and the many interviews given, there’s been almost no discussion of alternative targeting scenarios for the Stuxnet worm….

I’ve written a white paper ”Dragons, Tigers, Pearls, and Yellowcake: 4 Stuxnet Targeting Scenarios“, in which I describe four possible Stuxnet scenarios by examining the relationships that connect the “victim” states – a kind of cyber victomology. The title comes, in part, from the traditional animal symbolism of China and India – the dragon and the tiger.

The four scenarios are:

  1. Rare-Earth Metals Producing States
  2. Uranium-Producing States
  3. Corporate Sabotage To Discredit Siemens AG
  4. Protecting The Malacca Straits (the String of Pearls)……

what follows is a condensed version of the second scenario – an attack against uranium-producing states.Attack Scenario #2: Uranium Producing States (Asia)

The list of states in Asia who are engaged in mining Uranium as well Uranium enrichment and fuel fabrication closely aligns with the list of states reporting Stuxnet infections….

Stuxnet has frequently been classified as a state or state-sponsored attack however starting in 2009 there’s been a marked increase of anti-nuclear power protests in Germany, Russia, Finland, and France by activist organizations like Ecodefense, ECOperestroika, Greenpeace, the Green League, and Ydinverkosto, a movement in northern Finland which opposes uranium mining and nuclear power. Finland is of particular interest since one of the two frequency convertor drives that Stuxnet issues commands to is made by a Finnish company, Vacon PLC. Some of the above-mentioned groups self-identify as anarchists and are on various law enforcement watchlists for engaging in acts of ecoterorism

Whether members of these groups have the requisite technical skill or the funds to create Stuxnet or similar malware is a matter for the respective state agencies to investigate……….

Dragons, Tigers, Pearls, and Yellowcake: 4 Stuxnet Targeting Scenarios – The Firewall – the world of security – Forbes


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