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Germany, India, France, getting uncomfortable for the nuclear industry

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The nuclear resuscitation could be falling apart faster than anticipated.

India has been the big hope for USA’s struggling nuclear salesman, Westinghouse and others. But its new Liability Bill does not give them the certainty from financial accountability – they wanted to never  have to pay up, (just like Union Carbide didn’t have to pay up for the Bhopal gas disaster).  They might have to pull out!

Germany – Angela Merkel’s government is on the line, as opposition grows within and without Germany, to the continuance of their old nuclear reactors.  And the nuclear lobby so desperately wants to stomp on Germany’s success with renewable energy!

France – well, Areva’s and EDF’s  the much touted new gee whiz nuclear reactors in Finland and France are becoming an embarrassment with their delays and soaring costs, and the UK is not too keen on their product either.  And France was the poster boy for nuclear!

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Retirement time for Germany’s old nuclear reactors

Nearly two thirds of German citizens oppose nuclear power, and 150,000 people participated in the recent big demonstration against it. It remains to be seen whether the government has the power or the mandate to force through its wishes.

Time for Germany’s nuclear reactors to retire | Greenpeace International, by jmckeati – September 7, 2010 So, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced at the weekend that her government will seek extension to the country’s nuclear reactors’ lifetimes of between 8 and 14 years. Germany’s reactors are the nuclear old men of Europe, more than ready for retirement. All nuclear reactors are dangerous and the older they are the more dangerous they become. Frau Merkel is making a grave mistake by seeking to extend the operating life of Germany´s nuclear reactors. Continue reading

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Election battle looms over Merkel’s plan to extend nuclear power in Germany

Opposition parties and environmentalists have vowed to fight the planned extension in the lifetime of Germany’s 17 nuclear reactors….the opposition has vowed to challenge this in Germany’s highest court…..Even if the extension becomes law, the opposition Social Democrats (SPD), co-authors with the Greens of 2000’s decision to exit nuclear power, said they will reverse Merkel’s changes if they return to power.

Merkel sets stage for nuclear power battle, Google hosted news, By Simon Sturdee (AFP) – 7 Sept 10, BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday hailed government proposals to postpone Germany’s exit from nuclear power as a “revolution,” setting up what one opposition MP called a “fiery autumn” of protests……. Continue reading

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USA’s nuclear salesmen in a turmoil over India’s Nuclear Liability Bill

The US India Business Council, representing 300 top US companies doing business with India, wanted India to adopt a nuclear liability regime “channelling absolute and exclusive liability to nuclear power plant operators, [not to the USA nuclear reactor suppliers]

US fears Indian nuclear liability law may deter foreign suppliers – The Economic Times, 7 Sept 10, WASHINGTON: The passage of a nuclear liability bill by Parliament making suppliers of nuclear equipment also potentially liable threatens to cast a long shadow over India’s plans to open an estimated $150 billion nuclear market to foreign companies. Continue reading

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USA plays musical chairs with cancer-causing nuclear wastes moving from California to Utah

“significant amounts of soil contaminated with carcinogenic dioxins, heavy metals and radioactive materials” will be removed from the site and taken to licensed waste dumps, including one in Utah,

Santa Susana Nuclear Site’s Toxic Dirt to be Shipped to Utah : Clean Ups : Curbed LA, September 7, 2010, by Adrian Glick Kudler,The Santa Susana Field Laboratory, home to a Cold War nuclear test site, should be all cleaned up, just 58 years after a partial nuclear meltdown. Continue reading

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Florida residents have to pay up in advance for nuclear plant extensions that are not yet scrutinized

FPL customers set to pay $31 million in 2011 for proposed nuclear projects South Florida, by Julie Patel, 7 Sept 10,  Costs approved before they’re scrutinized by the Public Service Commission The Public Service Commission agreed to allow Florida Power & Light to charge customers $31 million next year to cover costs of planning proposed nuclear plant expansions. Continue reading

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Austrian and Bavarian challenges to extending life of Germany’s old nuclear reactors

Anschober said there had been a “decision for the profit interests of the atomic energy lobby and against safety concerns.”

Nuclear extension sparks Austrian meltdown — The Local. 7 Sept 10, Germany’s plan to extend the lives of its nuclear reactors has upset neighbouring Austria, where a environmental official has warned that a reactor near the border poses clear “safety risks.”
Rudi Anschober, environment minister for the state of Upper Austria, which borders Bavaria, also warned that the Austrian Federal Government was preparing to attack Germany’s plan. Continue reading

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Germany’s local electricity companies the losers if old nuclear plants continue

the average 12-year nuclear plant lifespan extension would cost municipal electricity suppliers 4.5 billion euros.

Local utilities want compensation after German nuclear power deal | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 07.09.2010, Gregg Benzow, Municipal electric utility companies have asked for financial compensation to offset losses they say they will incur from a decision to extend the lifespan of Germany’s nuclear power plants. Continue reading

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New nuclear power plant plans at Hinkley Point unacceptable to local Councils

Somerset councils call EDF nuclear plans  ‘unacceptable’, BBC News 7 September 2010 Two Somerset councils have called the latest plans for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point “unacceptable” and “completely inadequate”.West Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council have both criticised a lack of detail in EDF Energy’s proposals……BBC News – Somerset councils call EDF nuclear plans ‘unacceptable’

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Explosion at Honeywell uranium enrichment plant highlights safety problems

Local community members are claiming that Honeywell is also not properly reporting safety violations at the nuclear facility in Metropolis……The Environmental Protection Agency has also been very critical of the safety record of the uranium enrichment facility.

Explosion Rocks Honeywell Uranium Facility Run by Scab Workers, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Mike Elk, September 7, 2010:  The Metropolis uranium facility is the only one in the United States that can convert U308 into the extremely deadly UF6. Because the plant is the only conversion facility of its kind in the United States, familiarity with the Metropolis plant, and not just generic experience in the field, is essential to ensuring the plant’s safety……….. Continue reading

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New renewable energy investment in China

Surfing China’s Green IPO Wave – Deal Journal – WSJ, 7 Sept 10, By Nisha Gopalan Propelled in part by the backing of powerful Beijing bureaucrats, green-themed Chinese companies are poised to reap billions of dollars from public offerings to new investors in coming months……

Surfing China’s Green IPO Wave – Deal Journal – WSJ

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Slowdown in maintenance of German nuclear reactors

Germany plans to slap an annual 2.3 billion-euro ($2.9 billion) tax on nuclear power plant operators from next year through 2016

RWE May Shelve Power Plant Work, Saying German Nuclear Tax Will Sap Cash, – Bloomberg, By Nicholas Comfort – Sep 7, 2010 RWE AG, Germany’s largest power company, may delay maintenance work at some of its generators to cut costs as a planned tax on the country’s nuclear stations saps cash. Continue reading

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breakdown of Egypt’s nuclear reactor

Egypt nuclear reactor broke down in April: atomic chief, Google hosted news,  (AFP) – 7 Sept 10, CAIRO — An Egyptian nuclear reactor broke down in April but there was no radiation leak, the head of the country’s atomic agency said on Tuesday.”There had been a mechanical failure of the cooling pump when the reactor was switched on,” Mohammed al-Qolali told AFP, saying the reactor was quickly repaired………

AFP: Egypt nuclear reactor broke down in April: atomic chief

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